Woman Sends Fake Threat Messages To Get Restraining Order On Her Date

A woman in South Florida is alleged to have created fake threat text messages to a number of people – posing as a man she had met on a dating app in order to get restriction orders against the man.

The woman, Vanessa Restrepo, 25, was apparently unhappy with the man she targeted, prosecutors said.

Restrepo is now a number of charges, including writing and sending threats to kill or injure, perjury, and aggravated stalking.

The prosecutors, in bond court on Tuesday, clarified Restrepo’s deeds that involved crafting texts to make things prominent in a way that would explain how the man was harassing and threatening her after they had met on dates.

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The text messages, as per reports, read: “We followed your sister to work,” “Even when I get to jail I’ll have people get to you,” and “Not afraid of jail.”

The prosecutors stated: “Restrepo also allegedly sent her friend — who Restrepo was living with at a Coral Springs apartment — the ominous text messages. They both reported the messages to police and obtained a restraining order against the man from the dating app.”

This continued, until one day the police realized he was not the man sending the texts but after he had been arrested by the police on the harassment and threatening messages.

“When investigators dug into the cellphone numbers and IP addresses, it turned out the texts were coming from the address where Restrepo was living and Restrepo’s mom’s house”, police said.

Furthermore, prosecutors also charged Restrepo with threatening the judge who was in charge of the restraining order as well as an attorney who represented the man. 

Restrepo has been a similar and ongoing behavioral history against the men she was involved with, police said.  

Prosecutors’ version to the judge in bond court also stated: “Restrepo has an ongoing history of similar behavior against men she has been within any type of relationship.”

Restrepo is currently in police custody on a bond of just under $100,000. A mental health evaluation will also be conducted of Restrepo.  

As per an arrest warrant filed from Broward County, “Restrepo has accused multiple men throughout the years of stalking her and sending her threatening text messages.”


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