YouTube Rolls Out New Design Elements, Product Features

In order to improve the user interface, Google has introduced new design elements and functionality on YouTube. According to the business, in order to reduce distractions, YouTube links in video descriptions were transformed into buttons, and the actions of “like,” “share,” and “download” were structured. The shape of the platform’s subscribe button has altered, and the red colour now contrasts more sharply for improved visibility.

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According to Nate Koechley, UX Director at Youtube, “after launching and testing numerous new product features on earlier this year, we heard from many individuals who were asking when we’d make these more widely available.” According to the business, the pinch-to-zoom function is one of these new capabilities that is available on the platform. On their iOS or Android phones, users can zoom in and out of a video using this capability. The corporation also said that if they release, the footage will remain zoomed in.

According to the firm, additional new capabilities include precision seeking, which gives users the option to drag or swipe up while searching to display a row of thumbnails in the video player and make precise adjustments to quickly access the desired section of each video. “We introduced the ability to seek by long pressing anywhere on the player and skip chapters by double tapping with two fingers. We also included a graph that displays video clips that are commonly watched again, Koechley said.

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Last but not least, the company created an ambient mode to provide a subtle effect so that the app background colour changes to match the movie. It stated that this capability would be accessible via its dark theme on both the web and mobile. Additionally, to make colours jump on the screen, the dark theme has been changed to become even darker.

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