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Brian Kelley: American country singer and guitarist Brian Kelley is best known for being a member of the Florida Georgia Line duo. Like other young people in his generation, Brian loved sports and music while still pursuing his studies. Despite the fact that he had to make a difficult selection between the three possibilities, it is clear which one he chose for a profession now. This is how he made his decision and completed his task.

Brian Kelley Biography

Brian Kelley was born in Ormond Beach, Florida, on August 26, 1985. His parents, Ed and Mary Margaret Kelley are also the parents of Katherine Kelley, Brian’s older sister. Baseball was Brian’s first interest as a young child; he loved playing the game and writing about it. But as he grew older, his tastes and senses developed, and he became more passionate about music and the guitar. His sister Katherine also introduced him to country music around this time. Along with his love of baseball, his passion for the genre increased.

The young baseball player was a star for his high school team, the Sandcrabs, while simultaneously serving as the worship leader for his church while attending Seabreeze High School. He won a scholarship to attend Florida State University where he would play baseball in 2004 after graduating from Seabreeze High School.

As Brian’s baseball career started to take shape, the Miami Marlins unexpectedly informed him that they would be selecting him in the first round. However, he decided against going pro after realising that he would be sitting on the sidelines for the majority of the game. He then decided to transfer from Florida State University to Belmont University so that he could concentrate on his musical career there.


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Brian Kelley Musical career

He first met Tyler Hubbard, the other member of the Florida Georgia Line duet, at Belmont University. After being met through a common friend, the two hit it off right away when they discovered they had a passion for music.

The two moved in together and co-directed their musical careers after graduating from Belmont University. They required a collective stage name, preferably one that reflected their origins—Brian was from Florida and Tyler was from Georgia—as a group. Florida Georgia Line became their stage name as a result. The band’s debut EP, Just Like Me, was released in 2010 to relatively little acclaim, save for the fact that it drew the attention of Nickelback producer Joey Moi.

Their second EP, That’s Exactly What We Do, was published in 2012, and this time they were noticed by major record labels. Their debut track Cruise the First Satellite Radio on The Highway, which did well on iTunes and helped the duo land their first deal with Republic Nashville/Big Machine Label Group, was released in the same year.

Nelly, a rapper, appeared on the Cruise remix, which peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100. With over 7 million copies sold, it also became the most successful country song ever on digital platforms. It also spent six months at the top of the Hot Country Songs chart.

On December 4, 2012, the group’s debut album, Here’s to the Good Times, was made available through Republic Nashville. The trio has published two additional albums after Tout VA, which was released on August 15, 2014, and Dig Your Roots, which was released on August 26, 2016, when their debut album took the sixth position on the list of best-selling albums in 2013.


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Brian Kelley’s Net worth

Brian Kelley found success with the selling of his musical recordings even after his early days of honing his musical abilities. Along with his wife, he also has a clothes business that brings in money. The huge musical wig has a $25 million dollar net worth.

Brian Kelley’s Wife

Brian Kelley, a country music performer, is married to Brittney Marie Cole Kelley. After dating for around six months, the pair were married on December 16, 2013.

Brittney, like her husband, was born in Florida in 1990. The University of Georgia is where the actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman graduated with degrees in accounting and psychology. Tribe Kelley, an apparel and lifestyle company, counts her as its CEO and co-founder. Her spouse, a country artist, is the other creator of the company.

Brian Kelley Wife
Brian Kelley Wife

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