Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death: Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Competitor Has Died At The Age Of 28!

George Ward, better known by the stage name Cherry Valentine, passed away at the age of 28. Unknown as of yet is the reason for death.

The British “Drag Race” adaptation’s second season included Ward, a model and mental health nurse. Ward’s agent Emma Bunning informed Variety of his passing on September 18 and provided them with the following statement from the actor’s family:

The message reads, “It is with the deepest sorrow and heartbreak that we notify you that our George, Cherry Valentine, has suddenly departed.” “Most people will be deeply shocked by this, and we recognise that there is no simple way to convey this.

“As his family, we are still coming to terms with his passing, and it has changed everything in our lives. We are aware of how he is adored and how many lives he has influenced. We only ask for your patience and prayers at this difficult time. Georgie, you are loved.

As his agent, it goes without saying that my heart is broken, said Bunning. George had a great deal of potential and a promising future, making him a genuinely unique individual. Few could forget his contagious laugh, which I will miss greatly. He brightened up a room and impacted the lives of so many people.

Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death: Rupaul's Drag Race UK Competitor Has Died At The Age Of 28!

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Ward was raised in the Traveler community in Darlington, County Durham, but left when he was 18 years old. In the BBC documentary “Gypsy Queen and Proud,” which aired in late January, he talked about his background and identity.

As Ward put it in the documentary, being LGBT or being different from the norm in the community is “very unlucky because it comes from such a traditional position,” he said. Although I say “conventional,” it’s more binary. The phrase “it’s just extremely binary” sums it nicely. There is no middle ground; men are men, and women are women. However, we are aware that there is a lot on both sides and in the middle.

Valentine stated in the introductory video for “Drag Queen” that “she is everything.”

She is glamorous, a club kid, dark, and gothic. I look like a queen, look at me! Valentine stated and added that in 2015, she became certified as a mental health nurse, a job that has helped her have a deeper understanding of other people.

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