Eric Ortiz Obituary: What Was His Cause of Death?

Eric Ortiz, a former national cheerleading champion, reportedly Died suddenly on October 22. The cause of death hasn’t been made public yet.

According to Reports, Eric Ortiz, 30, cheers for the Gymtyme All-Stars and the University of Louisville. He was a well-known competitor who won two world championships and ten national titles.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Eric Ortiz was a resident of the Bronx at the time of his passing. According to the Miami Herald, he defined himself as a legendary presence in the cheerleading community with his positive and dynamic approach.

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Gymtyme All Stars issued a formal statement in response to Ortiz’s passing, which read:

“Eric Ortiz was a force when he joined our program. He could stunt, tumble, jump, dance, and perform with some of the greatest athletes that have ever stepped a shoe onto a cheer floor. He was captivating as an athlete. He could do it all, and he did. He was a leader at practice and on the competition floor.”

The message explained how Ortiz was revered and adored in the cheering community due to his encouraging attitude.

Gymtyme Allstars Added …

“Eric was an excellent, lovely, and sincere person. There were always plenty of reasons to grin, give hugs, and laugh when he was nearby. His positive attitude benefited from the programme, his friends, and his teammates.

Eric Ortiz Receives Praise From His Contemporaries.

Mackenzie Leigh, another well-known cheerleader, talked about Ortiz’s influence on her. She revealed that he had briefly competed in Connecticut and had just picked up cheerleading again after a break.

Says Leigh:

“Eric Ortiz is someone I’ve known for a very long time. Being a renowned Louisville alumnus and even briefly cheering at my Connecticut gym. Before this past year, when he decided to dust off his cheerleading shoes and join Chrome for Worlds, our paths had never met, even though he was always where I ended up going before I even considered being there.

The star of the Netflix series Cheer, Gabi Butler, mirrored the opinions of her fellow cheerleaders.

Butler stated:

“When you entered a room, it was illuminated by this brilliant light. You exuded happiness, brightness, joy, laughing, and love. I immediately recognised your uniqueness as soon as I saw you.

According to his obituary, Ortiz’s visitation will occur on October 27 at the Sisto Funeral Home in the Bronx, New York City.

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