Pipcorn Net Worth: Where Did Pipcorn Come From?

Here we are talking about Pipcorn Net Worth, and Popcorn makes eating it difficult while being a delicious snack. It’s a fantastic source of antioxidants and fibre. It’s also a popular food choice for those trying to consume fewer calories because it’s very filling and reasonably priced.

Your ideas were exactly what the inventors of Pipcorn had in mind, so when they discovered heirloom popcorn kernels that provided all the crunch without any pain, they knew they were onto something.

Pipcorn Net Worth

With Barbara’s assistance after their Shark Tank debut, Pipcorn net worth increased its sales from $200k to $1.1 million in just a few months. Today, the company offers a wide range of goods, including other items besides popcorn.

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With the help of their online store, which was created last year, they could sell everything from cheese puffs to various types of popcorn and corn chips that would go well with any dip.

If you’d like to buy this healthful snack from a store, there are more than 100 Whole Foods, Safeways, and Wegmans locations. Although they now offer to store their goods in Canada, global dominance is still in the works! Pipcorn’s current net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million.

A remarkable improvement from the little kitchen-based firm they were previously. From a production standpoint, the brand currently contracts with partners on the East and West Coasts of the USA for packaging.

The founders could concentrate on other aspects of the company, like internal expansion, as a result. To assist Pipcorn in growing even further, they generated over 40 job vacancies that allowed them to hire individuals with innovative and creative ideas.

Pipcorn Net Worth

Where Did Pipcorn Come From?

The origin of Pipcorn’s story was somewhat accidental, as with most brilliant concepts. A brother and sister team named Jeff and Jen were moving Jen into her new apartment one day in 2012. Teresa, Jeff’s wife, assisted them. They were worn out and hungry at the end of that day after moving hundreds of boxes, bags, and furniture. But as everyone who has ever moved before can attest, they had overlooked an essential item: food.

Jen discovered some bags of heritage popcorn she had purchased through her work at a health food store at the back of a cabinet. The most excellent popcorn they’d ever eaten was produced after they placed them in the microwave.

Crispy, delicious, and with few to no parts that might get lodged in your teeth as you consume. However, how did this happen? The type of corn kernel used held the key. Unlike the more common corn kernels used in traditional popcorn, heirloom popcorn has never undergone genetic modification. This indicated that while it was much smaller than the usual corn, it tasted like corn.

Shark Tank Debuted

Oprah’s Favorite Things existed before Shark Tank. And there was the Smorgasburg Brooklyn Farmers Market before there was Oprah. Once they located the farmer who had supplied the popcorn kernels for that first bag of moving popcorn, their entrepreneurial journey began.

After researching heirloom corn, they developed Pipcorn using their mother’s old spaghetti pot. The first Pipcorn batches were sold to the fortunate residents of Brooklyn, New York, with hand-stamped brown paper bags serving as their packaging and a lot of ambition.

Someone from Oprah’s Favourite Things team ran into them one day as they were operating their table. If you’ve never seen that portion of Oprah’s programme, we can assure you it’s a big deal. Each year, Oprah compiles a list of her top products, dishes, and outfits to share with her audience.

Sales tend to soar if your business appears on a show. Four times, Pipcorn was chosen. Their following increased. They could do this, giving them a loose seal of success, and they expanded into Whole Foods stores all across the US.

Herein lies the value of Shark Tank. Pipcorn had reached a stage where it needed more assistance to continue growing. One of the show’s producers contacted them, and they showed up in season 6 in 2014.

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They requested $200,000 from the sharks in exchange for 10% of their business, and Barbara Corcoran volunteered to accept the offer. Jeff told Food Business News, “We went in wanting to work with Barbara and got a deal, and it’s been a great relationship since.

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