Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: Serena Williams Husband?

Alexis Ohanian is best recognised as cofounder and executive chairman of the well-known social media platform Reddit, which he established along with Steve Huffman. Alexis and Steve came up with the concept of MyMobileMenu while they were students at the University of Virginia, and they presented it to Y Combinator. On the other hand, the corporation did not like the initial concept and suggested to the two business owners that they think of something more original.

In the years that followed Reddit’s meteoric rise to prominence, the native of Brooklyn helped establish the venture capital firm Initialized Capital and contributed to the growth of several other online communities, such as Hipmunk and Breadpig.

Alexis Ohanian Early Life

Alexis Kerry was brought into the world on April 24, 1983, in the city of Brooklyn, New York, by her parents, Anke and Chris Ohanian. His grandparents survived the Armenian Genocide and made a new life for themselves in the United States. Ohanian attended Howard High School, located in Ellicott City, Maryland.

At his graduation in 2001, he gave a speech to the other graduates. Alexis Ohanian, a graduate of the University of Virginia in 2005 who studied business and the Internet while in college and was a member of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, began concentrating on these subjects. Ohanian is the founder and CEO of Reddit. He received degrees in both history and business with a double major.

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Alexis Ohanian’s Personal Life

In October 2015, there were whispers that Alexis was involved in a romantic relationship with Serena. Despite this, neither member of the pair ever commented on the rumours. Photos showing the two of them together were challenging to find on the internet. Still, several reports from unnamed “sources” claimed to have information about their developing relationship.

At long last, in 2016, the couple made their relationship official by also revealing that they were engaged. They became parents for the first time in September 2017, and just a few months later, in November 2017, they tied the knot.

Although they have spent years together, Serena and Alexis try to keep the media out of their personal lives. The pair never fails to show public support for one another, yet they rarely offer insight into their personal or family lives.

Alexis Ohanian Wife
Alexis Ohanian Wife

Alexis Ohanian’s Net Worth

Alexis Ohanian is an American entrepreneur in the internet industry with a net worth of $40 million. He is a co-founder of the website known as Reddit. Ohanian is well-known in the public eye due to his marriage to Serena Williams, a famous tennis star.

Alexis Ohanian’s Other Businesses

In 2007, Ohanian founded Breadpig, an internet company that locates or develops “geeky” products and markets them. The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Room to Read initiative, which intends to construct a primary school in Laos, are two examples of charities to which Ohanian distributes 100% of the company’s income. The website has raised more than $150,000 since its launch in 2007.

He has stopped managing Breadpig daily. He also is in charge of marketing for the online travel company Hipmunk. Ohanian founded Das Kapital Capital in June 2010, a company specialising in startup investment, counselling, and guidance. Ohanian was chosen to represent Y Combinator in the East. He was a full-time partner at Y Combinator before leaving in 2016.

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: Serena Williams Husband?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Serena Williams richer than her husband?
As of 2022, Alexis Ohanian, her husband and co-founder of Reddit, is worth $70 million, which is much more than his wife’s net worth. In 2018, she started a clothing line called S by Serena, which is sold directly to customers.

How much is Serena Williams worth?
Because of this, Forbes put her at No. 90 on its list of America’s richest self-made women, with an estimated net worth of $260 million.

Who is richer, Venus or Serena?
Venus or Serena? Who has more money? Serena and Venus have had very successful careers outside of tennis, but Serena is worth $165 million more than her older sister Venus. Venus is worth $95 million.

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