Are Colleen And Matt Still Together: All You Need To Know!

Colleen Reed’s experience in Season 3 of Love Is Blind was difficult because she kept falling for two men who later turned her down in the pods. However, it is said that everything occurs for a reason, and in Colleen’s case, being dumped only gave her the space to fall head-over-heels in love with Matt Bolton. Together, they exited the pods, and as soon as they stepped foot on the ground in Malibu, they could not keep their hands off one another.

They appeared to be one of the more robust couples at the cocktail reception in Episode 4. Their talk flowed quickly, indicating that they had good physical chemistry. While Matt repeatedly declared that he was “in f*cking love with this lady,” Colleen boasted to Zanab Jaffrey about how enjoyable the sex had been. Zanab Jaffrey ultimately dated Colleen’s ex-pod, Cole Barnett.

However, Colleen and Matt’s relationship has some growing pains in the most recent batch of episodes, which premiered on October 26. In Episode 5, Matt appears prepared to call it quits with Colleen due to an erroneous interpretation of their chat in which the two claimed they would be interested in one another “in the real world.” The two overcome that challenge in the end, but Colleen tells Bustle that there is still more to her talk with Cole in the water that we cannot see.

“There was a lot of discussion throughout that chat [about] how there’s a reason why Cole and I didn’t work in the pods… a lot of the statements that are displayed are me [trying] to make a tough conversation for me, more light,” she claims. Additionally, I’m a people-pleaser, so I attempted to be polite. There is no animosity between Cole and Matt’s respective pod companions because Colleen says she has spoken to Zanab “countless times” and still loves her.

Are Colleen And Matt Still Together: All You Need To Know!

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Are Colleen And Matt Still Together

When Matt is disappointed that Colleen left instead of meeting him at home one night, the pair encounters additional conflict in Episode 7. Bartise tries to calm Matt down as he says, “Tell me how to stay because I’m out.” He also questions whether his bond with Colleen is “even real” and if their relationship would endure outside of the “fairytale f*cking realm” of the programme.

In the end, he declares that he will never marry Colleen, but there are still more episodes to go! They’ve also previously resolved a dispute.

Even though they don’t follow each other on Instagram, all traces of their relationships from while they were filming have been removed from their social media accounts.

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