Big Timber Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Storyline Updates!

Big Timber Season 3: In order to obtain the best timber possible, loggers and other crew workers in Canada’s logging business risk their lives every day. The reality television programme “Big Timber” focuses on Wenstob Timber, one of the remaining family-run mills on Vancouver Island, to provide viewers with a realistic look inside the industry. Kevin Weston and Sarah Fleming run the business, which employs powerful equipment and a committed team to move the best logs from a perilous mountainside to the market.

They are also supported in this endeavour by their sons and a trustworthy team who are willing to risk their lives. While “Big Timber” gives us a glimpse into the lives of everyone involved in the process, it also highlights the problems that loggers deal with on a daily basis. The programme, which debuted on October 8, 2020, on the Canadian History channel, was able to amass a considerable fan following from the very beginning.

The show is frequently complimented for its genuineness, and viewers find the plot to be highly compelling. But now that season 2 has begun, viewers are wondering if the network has picked up the reality show for a third season. Let’s investigate to find out.

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Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

The second season of “Big Timber” debuted on the Canadian History Channel in October 2021. However, on July 13, 2022, Netflix made the same completely accessible. Eight entertaining episodes, each with an average runtime of 41–43 minutes, make up “Big Timber’s” second season. We regret to inform you that the History Channel has yet to declare whether or not “Big Timber” will return for a third season.

Fans, however, should not be discouraged because this in no way rules out the possibility of a third season. According to viewership figures, a network determines how important a show is, and “Big Timber” not only has a committed fan following but also is distinctive and very entertaining. Because of this, there is a great probability that the network will soon give the novel reality series the go-ahead. Season 3 of “Big Timber” is anticipated to premiere in July 2023, assuming it is renewed.

Big Timber Season 3 Cast

We can be certain that Kevin Wenstob and his wife, Sarah Fleming, will appear in the probable third instalment of “Big Timber” because the film is centred on their vast logging business. Their sons, millhand Jack Wentob and chief mechanic Erik Wentob, are expected to accompany them. In addition, if season 3 is confirmed, key cast members including grapple yarder operator Tom Verbruzze and Kevin’s right-hand man Coleman Willner are anticipated to return. On the other side, because the mill frequently hires new employees to keep the business operating properly, visitors may anticipate seeing quite a few new faces.

What can be expected from Big Timber Season 3?

It’s impossible to foresee what a reality TV series will reveal next. But the upcoming season is also anticipated to highlight and address logging industry strategies. A new season of the programme is anticipated, and it may move right along to the next phase of acquiring logs. The show also expanded our understanding of how entertainment can be obtained through commerce. The logging industry has a lot of promise, and the show examines all of the available business plans. The third season of Big Timber is anticipated to increase awareness of the timber sector.

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Big Timber Recap

I anticipate that Big Timber Season 3 will share some similarities with Seasons 2 and 1. The programme is based on a real event. Learn about the challenges and difficulties of being a forest ranger in this movie. The television show’s docudrama portrays the costs, risks, and advantages in a ridiculous and uninspired way. At the start of the programme, the crew and the loggers are introduced.

Most of the people who live in the province of British Columbia in Canada devote a large amount of their time and effort to the forestry sector. The entire series gives an overall taste to the events that occur there.

The lives of working-class Canadians and their families are the subject of the Canadian reality television programme Big Timber. Each episode of Big Timber is directed by a different person. In spite of this, Shawn Viens and Chris Wyatt contributed to the superb work on each episode. The series was expertly edited to retain its own identity while being changed into something new.

In this programme, Canadians who had to cut wood in the cold are portrayed. Take a moment this holiday season to express your gratitude to Westnob and his crew for the effort they did putting the timbers in your home while you are cuddling up by the fireplace with loved ones and enjoying the snowfall. In order to produce the show, a significant amount of lumber is used.

Where to watch Big Timber Season 3

The Canadian History channel first aired the show, with the first season debuting in October 2020. Within the first season, the sitcom developed a sizable fan base, and Netflix later decided to air it. The second season, which the streaming behemoth released months after it debuted on the Canadian channel, followed a similar pattern. A third season will probably proceed in a similar manner, debuting on the History Channel before eventually appearing on Netflix.

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