Call The Midwife Season 12 Potential Release Date, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

What a hasty pace. In the season finale of Call the Midwife, the destiny of favourite characters was up in the air after a train catastrophe. As their predicament deteriorated, the good doctor and Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) found themselves in a hazardous position. Their lives were in jeopardy due to a head injury and a possible heart attack.

Additionally, the raven of doom had been ticking away in the back of viewers’ minds like a bomb waiting to go off, foreshadowing the worst possible scenario. It was a terrible combination.

The driver, whose pregnant wife was about to give birth, was killed in the crash. Fortunately, the two were unharmed.

Nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George), who had departed Nonnatus House in episode five, was left to deal with the pandemonium without Sister Julienne at the helm of their ship.

As soon as Linda Bassett’s character, Nurse Phyllis Crane, returned from her vacation, she leaped into action to save the day (and assuage the viewers’ fears).

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. While we discuss the future of Call The Midwife, it’s best to relax with a cup of tea and a biccie.

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Call the Midwife season 12 potential release date: When’s it on?

Although the raven may have predicted bad news, renewals have always brought good news. The BBC has renewed the show for a 12th season in 2023, and it has also been granted the go-ahead for a 13th season, which will air in 2024.

In an interview, the show’s creator, writer, and executive producer, Heidi Thomas, said:

“When we reflect back on a decade of Call the Midwife, it’s an enormous honour to know that our journey is far from done. For the next few years, we’ll be doing what we love!

“We, like Nonnatus House, have a rich history, but we also have an exciting future ahead of us, full of familiar faces, newcomers, longer skirts, and fresh perspectives. Each and every one of the stories we tell is like a child to us; they keep coming, we cherish them, and we promise to do our best for each and every one.”

Season 12 will have eight one-hour episodes, as well as a special Christmas episode.

While 2023 may seem like a long ways away, fans can look forward to a Christmas Special in Season 11, which will air in December of this year.

Call the Midwife season 12 cast: Who will be coming back?

We can expect Agutter’s Sister Julienne to return for season 12 despite her recent brush with mortality.

As well as Nurse Nancy Corrigan (Megan Cusack) and Sister Frances (Ella Bruccoleri) she is likely to be accompanied by Sister Hilda (Fenella Woolgar) Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) and Miss Higgins (Megan Cusack) (Georgie Glen). In addition to Leonie Elliott’s Nurse Lucille Robinson, Zephryn Taitte’s Cyril Robinson (often known as Cy) is expected to make an appearance.

Only Trixie Franklin, the vivacious nurse who had a bad period and had to quit the show mid-season, is left among our regular cast members. A sick aunt in Italy left Helen George’s character with little choice but to go and care for her. Trixie, on the other hand, is actually pregnant with her own child. George made the comment when discussing her pregnancy with her.

“So you’ll see me walk across the screen in unusual fashion, or sit down frequently, or wear a lot of capes because I was pregnant at the time. “Moreover, it was a poor choice of the scenario for the character to take part in. Trixie’s pregnancy was inappropriate. So we just tried to hide it as best we could.” For the time being, Trixie is taking a six-month leave of absence from Nonnatus House and will return in due course. Dr. Turner and his family, including his wife, Shelagh Turner (Laura Main), and son Timothy Turner, are expected to return (Max Macmillan).

Matthew Aylward (Olly Rix), the single parent who had a kiss with Trixie during the season, is also a character we’d like to see more of. Regulars For now, Fred Buckle (Cliff Parisi), Violet Buckle (Annabelle Apsion), and Reggie Jackson (Daniel Laurie) are practically part of the scenery. The Call the Midwife creative team has stated that there will be more babies and more turmoil. According to Neal Street Productions’ executive producer Pippa Harris (as quoted by the Express),

With this support from the BBC, we look forward to bringing more laughs, tears, and babies to our faithful fans.”

Call the Midwife season 12 plot: What will happen?

“The stories we tell are like babies – they never stop arriving, we love them all, and we swear to do our best for each and every one of them,” the author says. Fans should expect a lot of character development in Trixie’s recuperation in the upcoming season. McGann told Digital Spy and other media outlets the following regarding the show’s future: “I think it’s safe to say that everyone here is quite pleased with the direction things are taking. We’ve always said that it’s been there… It seems to follow a logical pattern throughout history.

“Ultimately, there will be an end to this. It won’t last forever if you stick to historical accuracy, because it didn’t back then. As a result, there must be an end to it. I think (the creative team) is far too brilliant A) to not know when that would happen, or B) to make it fit within the framework of history..

Call the Midwife season 12 trailer: When can I watch it?

May you tell me when I can see the new series of Call the Midwife?


There is still a long way to go before the first trailer for season 12 is out, so keep checking back. We’ll let you know as soon as it arrives. Call the Midwife is a BBC One show that airs.


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