Who Is Chloe Bennet Dating Now? Why Chloe And Chandler Dating Was A Hot Topic?

Chloe Bennet Dating: Actress and singer Chloe Bennet is best recognized for her portrayal of Daisy Johnson in the ABC spy series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nostradamus and Valley Girl are two of her other cinematic credits (2018). For Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never Beast, she provided the voice of Chase.

She is also well-known for her many romantic relationships with famous men, for which she is an actress. Her attractiveness and charisma make her impossible to ignore. But is there something else we should know about her partnership? Stop being mystified!

Is Chloe Bennet in a New Relationship?

Chloe Bennet does not have a boyfriend right now. She has had many partners during her life. Let’s reminisce about some of Chloe’s best past relationships. They even stopped following one other on Instagram; your relationship with John Cody didn’t last. Chloe Bennet has been speculated to be dating several A-list stars, although she is single at the moment.

Recently she has been linked to Power actor John Cody. In 2020, John and Chloe were an item. They started dating in the new year of 2020 and posted pictures of their tender moments together. It’s as though none of them ever wants their followers to miss a thing.

This couple made sure everyone knew what was going on between them by constantly updating their followers on social media. However, their brief romance quickly fizzled out. They both ended their relationships in the same year, and it was later revealed that they had stopped following each other on Instagram.

Their romance appeared to die a quick death soon after they began seeing each other. But the cause for the breakup was never discussed. Neither John nor Chloe dated anybody else after their breakup.

Chloe Bennet & Logan Paul’s Relationship

“She became a light for me,” Logan Paul said of Chloe Bennet, who had made a positive impact on his life. The American YouTuber and social media star Logan Paul was the subject of another brief affair between Chloe and a male celebrity. Although Logan and Chloe’s relationship did not last forever, he still considers it a turning point in his life.

Even though Logan and Chloe broke up, he still felt deeply attached to her and said as much in an interview. When asked to elaborate, he said, “and she, in many ways, became a light for me in a period where I did not have one.” As important as their connection appears to be to Logan, what does Chloe make of it? The question is, “How did they initially meet?”

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The same may be said by Chloe. For Chloe’s Twitter, Logan was defined as “kind, creative, witty, vibrantly curious about life, quirky as f**k in all the greatest ways, a giant dork, and he’s one of my best friends.” She wrote the tweet to respond to those who had criticized her choice in a boyfriend, Logan Paul. Someone asked her, “Just curious as to why you would do that.”

After being photographed making out in Hawaii in July 2017, Logan and Chloe made their relationship official in Logan’s vlog. They originally met while filming Valley Girl and quickly became fast friends. Their romance continued all the way up to October of 2018. American model and social media influencer Josie Canseco was the next target for Paul.

There was logic behind Logan’s praise of Chloe. Chloe stood by him when everyone else turned on him for placing a dead body in Aokigahara, Japan’s “suicide forest,” with no regard for the local customs. And she made it clear that he would have to deal with the fallout from his actions.

This behaviour is going to come back to bite you,’ she says. You’re going to crash and burn; I just don’t know how or when. Chloe, on the other hand, seems to be a very tolerant and responsible girlfriend. Although they broke up, the two did not discuss why. However, they did talk about one another. At this point, it appears to be amicable.

Chloe Bennet & Austin Nichols Relationship

For almost four years, Chloe Bennet has been in a relationship with Austin Nichols. At this time, I think we can all agree that Chloe Bennet makes excellent romantic choices. But Logan Paul and John Cody weren’t the only YouTubers included. That means there is still a large list of things to do.

Chloe dated One Tree Hill and The Walking Dead star Austin Nichols before she started seeing Logan. Their surprising longevity in a relationship spans over four years. After starting a relationship in 2013, they broke up in the middle of 2017. They first crossed paths in 2013 on the set of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where Austin had a recurring role as Chloe’s on-screen beau.

Their chemistry was so powerful that it was distracting even when the cameras weren’t rolling. It was disclosed by those who knew them well that they shared “tremendous love and respect for one other” throughout their relationship. Both are quite open about sharing PDA and romantic photos of the two of them with others.

Austin and Chloe both got a lot of appreciation from their fans for how much they shared on social media. Who could ever dislike such a warm and loving couple?! Last time we saw Austin and Chloe was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 29, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

They didn’t tell their followers the main reason they broke up, but they did say that they still get along. Instead, everything worked out great, and agreements were reached amicably.

Sam Palladio & Chloe Relationship

Sam Palladio, a British actor, and I had a solid but brief relationship. It was reported in December 2012 that Chloe Bennet was dating British actor Sam Palladio. Sam has become well-known because to his roles in the hit CMT series Nashville and the Showtime series Episode.

But the time they spent together was brief. Sam and Chloe dated for a total of eight months before breaking up. Moreover, unlike Chloe’s previous relationship, they did not broadcast their newfound love to the world. Sam’s recent interview, in which he claimed to be single, served as the impetus for the spread of the news of the breakup.

I’m single right now, so I don’t have anyone to talk about this with. I have no ties to anyone or anything at this time; I am not married. The actor made the announcement during the Runner Runner premiere.

This couple doesn’t give us much to go on, unfortunately. However, it appeared as though the two were happily together. Despite the fact that both of their profiles grew substantially as a result of their relationship, neither Sam nor Chloe ever had to deal with any unfavourable gossip or unpleasant drama.

Tony Oller & Chloe Relationship

Chloe was also linked to Tony Oller, who played Chucky in The Purge, back in 2012. Tony has appeared in other films outside The Purge, including Teen Nick’s Gigantic and Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings. But now that he’s a member of the successful music group M.K.T.O., Malcolm David Kelley has shifted Tony’s attention to his musical career.

Tony and Chloe were together for an unknown amount of time, yet they are still friends. They also did not discuss the reasons behind the breakup. Chloe apparently never wanted to discuss the details of her breakup with anyone. Since they remained friends after the breakup, it’s likely that it was amicable.

Chloe Bennet And Chandler Parsons Dating Was A Hot Topic

Not every man Chloe has been seen with is an actual boyfriend. There was another man involved in Chloe’s “entanglement” from way back when. There was a notable NBA player named Chandler Parsons. This rumour started spreading at an early stage. In November of 2017, it all started when Chandler and Chloe were spotted at the romantic Italian restaurant Pace in Los Angeles.

Reliable sources claim that Chandler and Chloe were “cuddly, affectionate, and acting like a couple.” Furthermore, the day following their romantic supper, Chloe was observed at one of Chandler’s games, when his club faced the Los Angeles Clippers. Neither the NBA players nor Chloe have addressed the rumour publicly. We couldn’t deny that there was chemistry between them, even if they weren’t dating.

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