David Charvet’s Net Worth Shows Baywatch Star Didn’t Need Showbiz Anymore

Baywatch fame David Charvet retired from show business a time ago, but he’s now returned to explain why he did so. Here’s how much he’s worth and what he’s doing now. Fans of the hit ’90s drama adored David’s character, Matt Brody.

Fans were swooned by the young hunk’s enticing appearance and captivating screen presence. As a result, many people were surprised by David’s choice to leave show business.

What Is David Charvet’s Net Worth?

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, the 49-year-old is worth around $30 million.The former actor and pop singer, who was born in France, made the most of his fortune in the entertainment sector. David was born in Lyon, France, and received a green card through the Morrison visa lottery in the early 1990s. His big break as an actor came in 1992 with Baywatch, although he also had a successful singing career.

David returned to France with a five-album deal with Universal Music Group after starring in Baywatch and Melrose Place in the 1990s. During his seven-year musical career, he recorded albums such as David Charvet in 1997, Leap of Faith in 2002, and Se laisser quelque chose in 2004.

Should I Leave, a bilingual smash in French and English, was one of his most popular songs.

Why Did The Baywatch Star Leave His Acting Career?

David previously told Page Six that he decided to leave Hollywood in order to be “a more present father.”

“That means you put your kids to bed every night and get up when they do,” he explained. “I was travelling for five years in 42 countries doing concerts for my music before I had my first child,” the musician stated. “I could never do something like that again.” I needed to give my life a new significance.”

David’s enormous net worth demonstrates that he had amassed sufficient wealth for himself and his family, and he no longer required showbiz. Fans, on the other hand, are nonetheless disappointed by his absence.

In 2011, David married Brooke Burke, an American television star. The couple was married till 2020, and they have two children together. Heaven Rain Charvet is 15 years old, and Shaya Braven Charvet is a year younger.

David now has a second job in addition to being a family guy. He is a home renovator and contractor who now owns and operates The Jones Builders Group, a residential contracting firm based in Los Angeles.

A Look At The Star’s Acting Career

Aside from Baywatch, David’s most well-known acting roles were in Melrose Place, where he played Craig Field. Among his other notable roles are Prisoners of the Sun from 2013, The Perfect Teacher from 2010, Meet Prince Charming from 2002, and Seduced and Betrayed from 1995.


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