David Harbour Net Worth

David Harbour Net Worth: Who Is Lily Allen?

A native of the United States, David Kenneth Harbour (April 10, 1975) is an actor. In 2018, he won a Critics’ Choice Television Award for his performance as Jim Hopper in the Netflix science fiction thriller Stranger Things (2016–present). He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe for his performance.

As a supporting actor, Harbour has been in films such as Brokeback Mountain (2005), Quantum of Solace (2007), and Suicide Squad (2015) as well as in other television series and films (2016). Hellboy (2019) and Black Widow’s Red Guardian (2019) were both portrayed by him (2021).

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David Harbour’s Early Life

David Kenneth Harbour was born on April 10th of 1974 in White Plains, New York. Raised by two parents who both worked in real estate, Harbour attended high school with performers such as Sean Maher and Eyal Podell. After graduating, he attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, eventually graduating in 1997.

David Harbour’s Personal Life

Harbour has been seeing singer Lily Allen since the beginning of 2019. The 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards marked its red carpet premiere. On September 7, 2020, just one day after obtaining their marriage licence, they were wedded in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. He has two stepdaughters from his marriage to Allen.

It’s not that Harbour doesn’t believe in the “paranormal” or that individuals are “created with consciousness,” but that he no longer does. Now, after years of believing in ghosts, the man no longer believes in the supernatural. “I don’t know that anyone could disagree with socialist ideology,” Harbour said in a July 2021 interview with The Guardian.

“The idea of a kindergarten-type society where we share things is my ideal society; as opposed to this world where we’re hunting and killing and destroying for our own personal hoarding, our own personal greed,” he added later in the interview. “The actor, who has been sober since his early twenties, has previously battled alcoholism. Harbour was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 26 years old.

David Harbour’s Net Worth

Among the highest-paid actors in the world, David Harbour, an American, commands a six-figure fortune. He is perhaps best known today for his portrayal of Jim Hopper in the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” which has become an internet sensation. David was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his performances in 2018, and he won the Critics’ Choice Award for best actor.

“Stranger Things” isn’t the only picture in which David has been; he has also appeared in Quantum of Solace, The Green Hornet, and Suicide Squad. He also starred in the ill-fated film “Hellboy” in 2019. In the film “Black Widow,” he played the superhero Red Guardian.

David Harbour’s Career

When he first appeared on stage in 1999, David Harbour was cast in “The Rainmaker.” After that, he appeared on an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” featured him in a minor part in 2002. As an AMC series regular, David was nominated for a Tony Award for his portrayal in the stage production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

While working on “Quantum of Solace,” David began to expand out into cinema projects. During the production of this James Bond film, David played a member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). On a $200 million budget, the picture went on to gross about $590 million at the box office. However, critics compared the film to “Casino Royale” and found it to be a disappointment.

After “Revolutionary Road” and “State of Play,” Harbour returned to the Law & Order series with an episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” The Green Hornet, “End of Watch,” and “Between Us” were among the many films he appeared in during the next few years. He has recurrent appearances in shows including “Elementary,” Manhattan and The Newsroom” during this time period.

It wasn’t until 2015 that Harbour landed the part that will go down in history as one of the most significant in his career. He was cast as Chief Jim Hopper in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” at this moment. The show itself was a huge success, and Harbour received a lot of positive feedback for it. This performance has earned him two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe nomination, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2017 for the rest of the “Stranger Things” ensemble.

In addition, the show drew record numbers of Netflix subscribers and swiftly developed a devoted following across the globe. The show got renewed for a fourth season in 2019, and the new season would premiere in the middle of 2022. But it was also revealed that “Stranger Things” will finish after the fourth season or potentially a fifth season of the show.

David Harbour’s Relationship

David Harbour And Lily Allen
David Harbour And Lily Allen

When David Harbour and Lily Allen are together, they can’t help but “smile.” The Stranger Things actor, 47, and singer, 37, hitched the marriage in a Las Vegas wedding in September 2020 after allegations of romance first surfaced in 2019. Allen’s children Marnie Rose and Ethel Mary, whom she has with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, accompanied the pair for the wedding, which was officiated by an Elvis lookalike.

They have continued to show us glimpses of their affection, such as attending red carpets together and speaking highly of each other in interviews, since they became husband and wife. PEOPLE magazine quoted Harbour as saying of Allen in 2021: “I’m so pleased to know that I’m no longer alone and that I have someone I can tell everything to and who can tell me everything.” He says, “We can share this journey of life together.” As a person who has spent the majority of her life alone, “I’m always so grateful for it.”

Are David Harbour And Lily Allen Getting Married?

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the two dated for about a year quarantined together with Allen’s children, Ethel, 9, and Marnie Rose, 8. In the end, Harbour’s decision to propose would be influenced by the two females. Sometime later, when the two of them were pedalling their bikes, “the little one began to call out to her daddy: ‘David! Dad!” He explained to Jimmy Kimmel that the ‘d’ had puzzled her.

When Did David Harbour And Lily Allen Get Married?

In June 2020, the couple got engaged and secretly married in the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on September 7, 2020. Princess of the People married a low-born but kind credit cardholder under ashen skies, which Harbour subsequently documented on Instagram while the world was in the grips of an epidemic. “The wedding was officiated by the King himself, and it was magnificent,” Harbour said two days later.

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