Emma Chamberlain Eating Disorder

Emma Chamberlain Eating Disorder: What Is The Big Deal About Her?

Emma has been losing weight for the previous two or three years. In 2019, she was practicing SoulCycle and experimenting with becoming vegan, so to the average person, she appeared to be simply getting more active and healthy. That could be the case, but I believe the ed began around that time (though she admitted to having ed before this). How did it all begin?

It could have been the stress of being in the public glare and having her beauty scrutinized constantly. It could have been a combination of covid and isolation (i noticed an alarming amount of weight loss in the past year in particular). But, in most cases, eds are fueled by a lack of control in some way. Before the weight decrease, Emma was a healthy weight.

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She didn’t need to lose weight because she wasn’t overweight. There was no requirement for her to be so conscientious about what she ate and how much she exercised. But before you know it, you’re eliminating things from your diet, experimenting with new fasting regimens, and working out nonstop.

So, how did you figure that out? Perhaps you’re thinking. since that’s how I began as well. I was a healthy weight, and one day I became more mindful of what I was eating; a few pounds naturally dropped off, and then things spiraled out of control. I went from a BMI of 15 to losing my period. I didn’t realize I was on a destructive path until it was too late.

I watch Emma’s videos because I’ve struggled with ed and I can tell right away. I’m sure of it. It breaks my heart since her body isn’t supposed to be like that. It’s quite risky, whether she realizes it or not. Some of you may be offended by my statement, but she is also endangering her audience; it is impossible to achieve a figure like that without severely controlling your diet and working out vigorously.

Emma Chamberlain
Emma Chamberlain

I was told in therapy that once you lose the majority of your body fat, you begin to lose muscle. Your heart is made up of muscles. It is fatal to eat a small amount of food, fast for a long time without eating, and exercise when you are already underweight. Your organs struggle to operate, which is why anorexics lose hair, become pale, feel chilly, stop having periods, and have digestive problems, among other things, because their bodies are failing and those things aren’t vital right now—your body is focused on keeping you alive.

You become less sensible the longer you do this to yourself. All of these concerns are overshadowed by the fear of gaining weight. This is why people with eating problems can reach dangerously low levels and still believe they are fine. At first, I was in complete denial. Emma’s excuses of being a vegetarian, forgetting to eat, anxiety/depression, working out more, stomach problems that prevent her from eating a variety of foods, and so on are plainly a ruse.

Yes, these things can and do help you lose weight. But not to such an extent—getting to the point where Emma is today is very impossible if you eat three big meals per day. Unless she has Crohn’s disease, which I doubt she has. I also find it odd that she complains about stomach issues but still drinks ten cups of coffee every day.

YOUR BODY IS SENDING YOU A SIGN, Emma. Your digestive troubles are most likely caused by your restrictive eating and significant coffee use (which is renowned for being an appetite suppressant and not aiding stomach issues). When I was at my worst, my stomach pained when I ate my first meal after going so long without eating.

The longer you continue to indulge in these behaviors, the worse it will become. Once you hit BMI 16 (which I’m presuming Emma is at right now), things start to go downhill quickly. I’m worried about her. If reaching out for help is too frightening right now, I hope she can strive to lose weight.

Eating Disorder Signs:

  • Two modest meals a day, mainly consisting of veggies or eggs
  • I’m obsessed with cooking shows.
  • She cooks all the time but only eats a little portion of what she prepares.
  • going to the supermarket to look at the food but not buy it
  • stomach problems
  • coffee in high quantities to decrease appetite
  • In her lookbook videos, she has a considerable weight decrease, almost as if she is body-checking.
  • When she doesn’t want to but has to, she works out.
  • She walked aimlessly around New York for hours till she reached a total of 20k steps (maybe to burn off the bagel she ate)

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