Giving Your Dog Halloween Treats Safely

From bobbing for apples to trick-or-treating and gathering candy, Halloween is a very exciting time of year for kids and for many adults.

People throw parties, decorate their homes, dress up, and splash money on a range of delicious treats to make the occasion all the more special.

Many people also want to get their dogs involved in the Halloween celebrations, with many pets parading around in costume and enjoying the Halloween party atmosphere.

Many people also love to treat their pets to something special for Halloween, and this includes a range of delicious treats for them to snack on. Unfortunately, some also end up giving their dogs treats that are dangerous for them such as regular chocolate and candy.

This is sometimes done unknowingly, or it could be accidental – for instance, if the chocolate and candy are left within easy reach and your dog simply takes it.

If you want to give your dog treats at Halloween, this is fine as long as they are the right ones. Eating unsuitable treats is one of the reasons many dogs end up at the pet emergency room at Halloween, as the infographic below shows:

Giving Your Dog Halloween Treats Safely

If you want to avoid risking your dog’s health but you want to ensure your pet has a happy and exciting Halloween, you need to think ahead and take some key steps. This includes:

Invest in Doggy Treats

When Halloween comes around, the last thing you want is for your dog to be watching and drooling as his humans tuck into a variety of goodies.

So, make sure you invest in a range of Halloween treats for dogs from the pet store so that your dog can join in the fun and enjoy its own treats while you snack on chocolate and candy.

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Avoid Giving In

As most dog owners know, it can be very difficult to resist those puppy-dog eyes when your dog wants something from you. When you start eating chocolate and candy, the chances are your dog will do whatever it can to tempt you into sharing, but you must ensure you don’t give in.

Instead of sharing your goodies, make sure your pet has doggy ones that it can snack on. This will keep your pet happy and means that you do not put its health at risk.

Keep Goodies Out of Reach

Many people forget to keep chocolate and candy out of reach of desperate paws, but it is important that you do this. Dogs can be very cunning when chocolate is involved, and they will find a way to get to it if it is not properly hidden from them.

So, make sure you keep chocolate and candy hidden away and be sure to tell your kids to do the same. This will reduce the risk of your dog getting its paws on the goodies when you turn your back.

These are a few of the steps that you can take when it comes to your dog and Halloween treats.

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