In Japan, the series Gakuen Alice premiered on October 30, 2004. It has now been a part of the world-famous Anime series for two seasons. Japan’s most popular web series, Anime, is a collection of all the country’s animated shows. These series include Gakuen Alice as well. There are a total of 26 episodes of Gakuen Alice that are based on the manga. Tachibana Higuchi wrote and illustrated these. Children and their school life are the focus of Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy.

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Gakuen Alice Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of Gakuen Alice aired on January 8th, 2005, and has already been distributed. Season 1 ran from January 8 to May 14, 2005, with 18 episodes in total. This shows that more than two-thirds of the episodes in this series are from season two.

Gakuen Alice Season 2 Story

Mikan, the story’s protagonist, lives in the countryside with her grandfather. Her sole best friend, Hotari Imami, secured her admittance to a highly regarded school in Tokyo. The school is well-known solely for the prestige it bestows on the select few students of the upper socioeconomic strata who are accepted there. After seeing the school for the first time, she saw how many phoney images had been created for the institution. Moreover, she was able to enrol in the school. She learned about the Alice Academy’s history as soon as she discovered its truth. Ultimately, it was a friendship with a fellow student that saved her from so-called “high-standard” educational institutions.

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Gakuen Alice Ratings and Reviews

This anime, which initially aired from the 19th of February 2003 to the 20th of June 2013 on Japanese television, was reportedly translated into English in 2008 and broadcast throughout Asia. The official IMDB website gave this show a rating of 7.3 stars out of 10. Gakuen Alice’s fan base grew significantly over time, and the audience began to fall in love with the show.

Gakuen Alice Season 2 Cast

Kana Ueda, who played Mikan Sakora in the anime series Gakuen Alice, is the show’s protagonist. Japanese voice actress and singer Kana Ueda was born June 9th, 1980 in Tokyo. She’s a well-known voice actor in the anime industry. More than 50 anime series have used her voice as a narrator. Nara, Japan, was the setting for Kana Ueda’s formative years. She has a degree in general culture from Kobes College. For her role as Yuki Fukuzawa in MARIA –SAMA GA MITERU, RIN TOHSAKA in FATE/NIGHT STAY, she has become a household name.

Gakuen Alice is written by Higuchi Tachibana, a well-known manga and anime writer and artist. She only came to public attention as a result of the success of the Gakuen Alice television series. Following her debut in 1996, she claimed in an interview that she was a long time behind in writing the Alice Academy.


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