Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery: With hits like “With You,” “Take My Breath Away,” “I Think I’m in Love with You,” and “These Boots Are Made for Walkin,” Jessica Simpson became a major pop artist in the 1990s, selling over 25 million albums and picking up several awards. The blonde beauty had her own MTV reality program in 2003, titled Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which chronicled her life after she married Nick Lachey. Three years later, in 2006, she and Lachey filed for divorce.

The Irresistible singer-songwriter, who dated John Mayer, was famous for her great body during her prime and was praised for avoiding undergoing plastic surgery as many other stars do when they become famous.  Let’s move below and find out all information about Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery.

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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery: Since her meteoric rise to prominence following the publication of her debut album Sweet Kisses in 1999, followed by Irresistible in 2001, and five more studio albums, Jessica Simpson’s career has undergone several transformations. Since then, she has become an actress, author, and controversial figure who frequently discusses her private life in the media.

As a matter of fact, she has been shockingly open about the plastic surgery she has had throughout her time in the limelight. The procedure wasn’t performed with weight loss in mind. When I decided to get surgery, I weighed a mere 107 pounds. The Employee of the Month star continued, “I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks and slack skin [induced by pregnancy].

The Texan said, “At this time, I was so embarrassed by my physique that I wouldn’t even let [husband Eric Johnson] see me without a white T-shirt on.” Having s*x and taking a shower while wearing it was both no problem at all. I was too ashamed to gaze in the mirror.

Jessica’s initial belly tuck went well, but she wasn’t quite happy with the results and so she decided to get another one two months later. She recalled how “cruel” people had been to her because of her appearance in the past and wrote, “I still had loose skin that hung over my pants.”

Jessica said she experienced bullying because she wore size 4 “mom jeans” at 120 pounds. The “Come On Over” singer continued, “[I wasn’t] ready to confront that laugh-and-point nastiness again.”

Did Jessica Simpson Admit To Cosmetic Work?

Did Jessica Simpson Admit To Cosmetic Work
Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

Simpson, who hails from Texas, freely revealed that she did end up seeing a plastic surgeon after beginning to struggle with her body image in her upcoming 2020 memoir, Open Book. Simpson said that she had two stomach tucks after her first two pregnancies, despite her partnership with weight loss company WeightWatchers at the time, which led the public to believe that she had lost the weight through diet alone.

Simpson had made a contract to promote WeightWatchers in the hopes of convincing her supporters that the program had helped her lose pregnancy weight. The ex-reality star claims in her book that she had such a difficult time shedding the weight after appearing on the show that she ultimately opted to have plastic surgery to avoid the public shaming she knew was coming.

At first, Simpson said that she didn’t want a tummy tuck to lose weight, but rather to remove the loose skin and stretch marks that had appeared on her stomach as a result of carrying her children. During this time, she was “so ashamed of my body that I wouldn’t allow” her husband, Eric Johnson, “see me without a white T-shirt on,” she said. I wore it while having s*x. I wear it everywhere, even in the shower. I was too ashamed to gaze in the mirror.

Why Was Jessica Unhappy With Her Body?

Simpson stated she felt “completely different” after giving birth twice and that her body had been ravaged. After her first and second pregnancies, she decided to have a belly tuck because she loathed the excess saggy skin and thought it would be difficult to get back in shape while managing parenting and a profession.

Simpson went on to explain that she respected women who celebrated their “imperfections,” such as stretch marks from childbirth. She finally opted to consult a surgeon because she wasn’t mentally capable of seeing things from that vantage point earlier.

“I hope that if you have stretch marks from pregnancy, you may take pride in the fact that your body created life,” she continued. The truth is, I lacked the necessary strength. I felt like my deepest, darkest fears had been exposed.

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