John Aniston Illness: His Age, Life History, Spouse, And Children

Greek ancestry was represented by American actor John Anthony Aniston. His most well-known character was Victor Kiriakis, which originated in July 1985 and played on the NBC daytime drama serial Days of Our Lives continuously for 37 years until his death in 2022.

For the performance, he was nominated in 2017 for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. He later received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. He was the father of the actress Jennifer Aniston.

John Aniston Illness

When she announced his passing, his daughter omitted any information about the cause of death. The following is what she wrote in her post: Sweet Daddy, John Anthony Aniston remarked. You were one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.


I’m overjoyed that you passed peacefully and quietly into the heavenly realms. even more so on 11/11! You always have perfect timing. That number will always mean even more to me than I already do, and I’ll love you until the end of time.

John Aniston’s age

He was born on July 24, 1933, in Chania, Greece, and died on November 11, 2022. When he passed away, he was 89 years old.

John Aniston Illness

Life history of Aniston

On the Greek island of Crete, Stella Joanne and Antonios Anastassakis welcomed Aniston into the world. Aniston’s family moved to the United States from Crete when he was two years old, and his father anglicised the surnames. The family settled in Chester, Pennsylvania, opened a restaurant and resided there.

Aniston earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from Pennsylvania State University. He joined the fraternity Alpha, Chi-Rho, at Pennsylvania State University.

After completing his degree, he joined the United States Navy as an intelligence officer, first on active duty in Panama and then in the reserve, eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant commander.

John Aniston’s spouse

John Aniston was married twice during his lifetime. His first wife was Nancy Dow. Nancy Dow made a few minor film and television appearances. She was a West Hartford, Connecticut native and one of Louise and Gordon McLean Dow’s six daughters. She also had English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry, as well as an Italian immigrant as her maternal grandfather named Louis Grieco. Sally, Joan, Linda, Martha, and Jean were her five sisters. His second wife is Sherry Rooney.


Children of John Aniston

John Aniston had two children while he lived on the planet. The daughter he had with Nancy, his first wife, is named Jennifer. The male child who is the second child is called Alexander.

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