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The Google Fi Flexible mobile phone plan is ranked 11th in our Best Cell Phone Plans of 2022, 5th in our Best Prepaid Plans of 2022, and 8th in our Best Family Cell Phone Plans of 2022. If you want an unlimited plan, Google Fi Unlimited is at No. 7 on our list of the best-unlimited cell phone plans of 2022.

Google, Inc., which is best known for its search engine, now provides a wide range of Internet services, from cloud computing to advertising. With Google Fi (formerly known as Project Fi), the corporation made its first foray into the telecoms industry in 2015. Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service that provides calls, short message service (SMS) which is commonly known as text messaging, and mobile broadband via cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Google Fi, as an MVNO, uses T-Mobile and US Cellular networks but is not controlled by them. The Google Fi service is only available to clients in the United States at this time

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Google Fi reduces pricing on its unlimited phone plans

With the “Unlimited Plus” Plan (formerly known as the Unlimited Plan), Google Fi added more premium services like unlimited data at home and abroad to its basic phone plan offering in 2019. Two years later, on the occasion of Google’s sixth birthday, the company announced “Simply Unlimited,” a plan aimed at users who did not require all of the bells and whistles included in the aforementioned plan and instead desired something that covered the essentials at an inexpensive price.
For the second time in a year, Google Fi is making modifications to its unlimited package. For the time being, the price reductions increased high-speed data levels, and new benefits are all part of the company’s effort to offer more value and options to its clients. The following is a list of the changes:

Simply Unlimited Plan
Right now, the “Simply Unlimited” plan offers the best value for money when comes to an unlimited plan. Rates have been reduced from $30 per line per month to $20 per line per month for four or more lines. Additionally, high-speed data increases to 35GB from 22GB and 5GB of hotspot tethering is included. Fi is also giving you free calls to Canada and Mexico as a bonus. A great value for individuals who want only the essentials but wouldn’t mind receiving extra benefits.

Unlimited Plus Plan
For heavy users and frequent travelers, the “Unlimited Plus” plan, which previously cost $45 a month, is now $40 per line for four or more lines. Fi also increases the monthly high-speed data allowance from 22 GB to 50 GB with this plan. With this package, you’ll be able to make free, unlimited phone calls anywhere in Canada or Mexico. With the “Unlimited Plus” plan, you get more than just unlimited high-speed hotspot tethering with up to four devices, 100GB of Google One storage, and calls and data to more than 50 countries.

Flexible Plan
Its good news for individuals who don’t use a lot of data and prefer to only pay for the data they use at home and abroad since Google Fi’s original Flexible Plan will continue to offer discounts while still providing unlimited talk, text, and hotspot tethering to customers. Four lines will cost $17 a month each, with an additional $10 per gigabyte of data used.

Google Fi’s new competitive pricing should meet your budget no matter which option you select. The security features, like spam blocking and a built-in VPN, are also making me rethink my relationship with T-Mobile. I’m not sure if I should make a switch. So if it came with a free subscription to a streaming service like HBO Max or Netflix, I wouldn’t even think about it. But maybe that’s too much.

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