Project Runway Season 20: Will There Be A New Season In 2022?

One of Bravo’s reality shows, Project Runway premiered on December 1, 2004. Fashion design is the center of the show. Participants compete against each other to produce the greatest outfits while being limited by time, materials, and theme. Each week, one or more of the designers on the show are knocked off by a panel of judges. Contestants are removed one by one in each season until there is just a handful left.

To be showcased at New York Fashion Week, these contenders must create entire looks for their collections. A panel of judges selects the winner following runway shows. Eli Holzman founded Project Runway in 2004 and Heidi Klum served as its host until 2017. The first five seasons were aired on Bravo, followed by eleven seasons on Lifetime.

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Project Runway Season 20 Storyline

It’s all about 16 up-and-coming designers competing for a chance to show the world what they can do with a sewing machine. The contestants are ready to write another exciting chapter in the history of fashion, guided by the judges and mentors who will be there every step of the way.

An additional $50,000 was provided by returning sponsor Pilot in addition to the $250,000 grand prize, and the winner will be featured in Bluprint’s digital series (the official DIY partner of ‘PR.’) They will also be featured in Elle Magazine.

Given the stakes, the designers can’t afford to skimp on their efforts. Career-changing in every way. It’s the makers’ acknowledgment of the importance of inclusivity over the past decade that truly shines. For the first time, a transgender model is part of Team PR,’ as well as the oldest designer to compete in the show. Designers will even be asked to create utilitarian pieces for athletes at the Olympics and Paralympics, as well.

Some things, however, will not change, such as the renowned ‘Siriano Save,’ which allows a participant who has been eliminated to return to the program, and the pièce de résistance, which gives designers the chance to show their final collection at New York Fashion Week.

It’s not just because Christian Siriano has survived another season of Project Runway that he’s pouring himself an extra glass of champagne tonight. Because of his mid-season foretelling, he deserves another serving of thanks for predicting how tonight’s momentous finale might end. It’s hard to believe that no one could have predicted this.

We begin tonight’s episode with the arrival of our remaining designers in New York City—Shantall, Coral, Chasity, and Kristina. When Shantall’s collection was ready, Christian flew across the nation to see the rest of the hopefuls. Her collection, which includes black, white, red, and yellow hues inspired by Mexican mythology’s quetzalcóatl and the art deco architecture of southern Florida, is a sophisticated urban dream as we watch her welcome him to her studio in a sleek white suit.

That’s not to imply that Christian doesn’t have any complaints. Rather than using a woven print, he wants her to use her hands to literally criss-cross the fabric to show off her dexterity and precision. “I’m literally starting from scratch,” she exclaims, her voice trembling. Nonetheless, Christian insists that the problem isn’t the idea; rather, it is the implementation. “The collection is insane if she gets there.”

Project Runway
Project Runway

On his way to Houston to confront Chasity about her lack of progress on her appearance, he dresses up as a sorority “cowboy” in white crocodile boots and a vest. In its current state, all she has to show him is an uncoordinated jumble of black and purple ruffles. “Look at this wonderful person,” Christian says to no one in particular, as he helps the designer decide on a theme for her designs: “the black sheep who flourishes.”

In Los Angeles, he visits Coral, a macrame artist whose open studio is filled to the brim with macrame: planters, citrus packs, and gowns. Christian, a native of Maryland, is envious of her Mexican-inspired collection: “I’m from Maryland. What have I got? “Are those blue crabs?” He gasps when he sees how much she has already completed as she offers him a peek behind the curtain. Even yet, he seems concerned as he surveys all the macrame. Her thoughts are bound to be shocking and awe-inspiring!

Kristina, the “crazy-cool artist,” is waiting for him in Queens. Look at me, Queens! He says this as though it were something out of an absurdist fantasy story, not something he’s actually experiencing. While Kristina says she has more ideas than finished projects, she agrees that her work is technically impressive. Christian thinks it’s fantastic that she worked with a graphic designer to create digital prints that she then Photoshopped onto mock-ups of coats, slacks, and skirts: My first thought was, “Maybe I should try this.” A lime-green celery stem is included in one of her fabrics, which makes me chuckle because the girl is committed to her vegetables.

Project Runway Season 20 Casts And Characters

Anna Zhou comes from a long line of artists. Her father is a sculptor, and she has been studying fine art with him since she was 13 years old. When Anna made the decision to migrate to the United States, she found her fashion voice and a sense of creative freedom. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a degree in fashion design.

They were living in a refugee camp in Pakistan when the Afghan conflict started, and Sabrina and her family had to leave. After her mother’s death, Sabrina’s father was left to raise her and her siblings. Sabrina and her sister were adopted by their great aunt in the United States in 2000, and she now refers to her as “Mom.”

Zayden Skipper was brought up in Chicago by a strong female tribe who ensured that he would make the most of his abilities and potential. When he saw all the wonderful clothing his mother and grandmother made for him and his sisters, he was motivated to start sewing. Zayden moved to Atlanta for his master’s in fashion design after earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Alcorn State University and working in the corporate world.

Other Casts: Chasity Sereal, Aaron Michael

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