Russian Kamila Valieva Says Her Sure Medication Test Was Because Of Granddad’s Prescription

Lawyers for Russian professional skater Kamila Valieva contended that the prohibited substance trimetazidine entered her framework through medicine that her granddad takes, an individual from the International Olympic Committee affirmed Tuesday.

In a scrum with correspondents after the IOC’s day-by-day press instructions, a journalist inquired as to whether the IOC knew about the clarification that Valieva, 15, proposed to the Russian Anti-Doping Agency in an allure hearing recently.

“I was not in this hearing,” Oswald said. “Her argument was this contamination which happened with a product her grandfather was taking.”

The essence of Valieva’s safeguard had been recently revealed Monday by The Dossier Center, a site run by banished Russian money manager Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The site said it got sound of Valieva’s hearing with RUSADA, which it said kept going an hour and a half.

As indicated by The Dossier Center, Valieva’s lawyer, Anna Kozmenko, contended in the conference that trimetazidine entered the 15-year-old’s body unintentionally, through a sullied item. She likewise contended in the consultation that the item probably had a place with Valieva’s granddad, who takes trimetazidine for heart issues, as per the site.

“There can be completely different ways how it got (into Valieva’s body),” Kozmenko said in the hearing, according to The Dossier Center. “For example, (her) grandfather drank something from a glass, saliva got in (and) this glass was somehow later used by the athlete.”

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Kozmenko, an accomplice at the Swiss-based law office Schellenberg Wittmer, didn’t quickly answer to an email from USA TODAY Sports looking for input. RUSADA additionally didn’t answer to a solicitation for input.

RUSADA temporarily suspended Valieva on Feb. 8 after learning of her certain test, as expected by the World Anti-Doping Agency’s code. Yet, the skater pursued that choice the following day to a RUSADA disciplinary board, which consented to lift her suspension after the previously mentioned hearing.

That choice drove the IOC, WADA and the International Skating Union to take make a difference to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which controlled Monday in support of RUSADA – making room for Valieva to contend in the singular occasion Tuesday.

The Dossier Center likewise distributed the text of WADA’s application to CAS, in which it momentarily definite the contentions that Valieva made to the RUSADA disciplinary board.

“The Athlete’s explanation … was that (i) her grandfather was a regular user of trimetazidine medication and (ii) she must have somehow been inadvertently exposed to that medication before the Doping Control,” WADA wrote.

“No specific scenario for the exposure was advanced.”

CAS still couldn’t seem to deliver the full text of its choice not to suspend Valieva starting at Tuesday evening.

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