Triad Princess Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This is one of the first shows from Taiwan that Netflix has made available for streaming, and it’s gaining a lot of attention throughout Asia. Fans from outside Taiwan, particularly those who are devoted to K-drama, have begun to emerge. And one of the reasons Taiwanese dramas are garnering so much attention right now is that they tend to emphasize romance over thrillers and crime dramas.

As of December 6, 2019, there are six episodes in Triad Princess’ first season available to stream on Netflix. When it comes to the second season, it’s fascinating to see how excited the fans are. It’s the best location to stay up to date on the next chapter if you’re one of those enthusiasts.
However, if you’ve never heard of the show before, we’d be pleased to fill you in on the basic premise of the show. To be clear, this article contains spoilers, so be sure to read at your own discretion.

Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date

While Triad Princess has a devoted following in Asia, the same cannot be said for shows from the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, we don’t know when the next season will air or how long it will take to produce it.
Triad Princess’ first season debuted on Netflix on December 6, 2019. Because of this, we should not expect the second season to air anytime soon. Season 2 of the show appears to be dead in the water, based on the show’s lack of publicity.

What Is the Plot of Triad Princess? (Spoilers Ahead!)

Young Angie Ni (Eugenie Liu) is the daughter of triad boss Ni Kun (Michael Huang), head of the Cosmos, a dangerous gang. The tale revolves around Angie and her mother, Ni Kun (Eugenie Liu). By age 25, she’s had enough of being under her father’s thumb, so she finally chooses to break free and start her own life.
To avoid being recognized as the daughter of a convicted felon, Angie adopts a false identity and works as an undercover bodyguard for a well-known actress. Her celebrity crush, named Xu Yi Hang, is one of the first people she meets as she begins a new life.
On the other hand, Xu Yi Hang doesn’t appear to be anything like the man on camera or in the paparazzi, but he enjoys being himself around Angie. A snowball of passion and feelings begins to slide down the snowy mountain as soon as Hang gets an eye-opener on Angie’s unlimited brightness and innocence.

With Angie’s criminal past, Hang and Angie’s love story is like that of Romeo and Juliet. With the media and paparazzi all eyes on her due of Hang, Angie is essentially treading water when it comes to disclosing her father’s business and Cosmos’ activities. What Angie and Hang’s love is put to the test is what we’ve seen over the years, which always works out.

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Who’s in Triad Princess (Cast)?

Eugenie Liu portrays Ni An Qi (commonly known as Angie), the film’s lead female character. Some of her other credits include “Good Times,” “Behind Your Smile,” and “Fan Club.” She is an accomplished actress. There are a number of movies she’s appeared in as well; her most recent one is called “Mon. Mon. Mon. MONSTERSS,” and it was released in 2017.

Despite the fact that she is the daughter of actor Liu Ming-tze, Eugenie had other plans for her future than acting, including journalism and athletics. She considered merging her two passions as a student in order to become a sports writer, but in light of the current state of affairs, she ultimately decided to become an actress.

The male protagonist Xu Yi Hang is played by Jasper Liu, a well-known Taiwanese musician, and model who made his acting debut in 2011 in the film “In Time with You” as a supporting actor. Since then, Liu has been in a number of popular television shows and films. The Patisserie with No Name, for which he received critical acclaim, is only one of many notable roles he’s played. Others include “Take Me to the Moon,” “When I See You Again,” “Once Upon a Love,” and “Pleasantly Surprised.”

Other actors that are part of the show’s supporting cast include:

●     Michael JQ Huang as Angie’s father
●     Chang Shu-Wei as Wang Jin Guo
●     Amanda Liu
●     Tien Hsin
●     Lee Lee-zen
●     Tsao Yu-Ning
●     Hung Yan-siang
●     Chang Zhang-xing
●     Cecilia Choi


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