WatchOS 9, iOS 16 Expected To Bring Upgrades At 2022 WWDC

A source suggests that the future virtual Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 could feature substantial software improvements to iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch. In June, at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, Apple is expected to unveil a slew of new features for iOS 16 and watchOS 9, according to Mark Gurman. Apple initially started conducting virtual WWDC in 2020, and this year will mark its third successful iteration. However, some special people, like students, journalists, and developers, may be able to go to Apple Park in Cupertino to watch a pre-recorded keynote.

Apple is doing very well with sales of hardware. It achieved $123.9 billion in profits scoring record Q1 2022 revenues. So understandably, keeping millions of these gadgets running up to date is high on Apple’s list of priorities. iPhone and iPad users recently experienced battery depletion following the release of iOS 15.4 and iPad OS 15.4. Finally, Apple took care of it quickly by releasing the iOS 15.4.1 software update.

The new update also includes better security improvements, which made Apple devices more secure as well. And during the forthcoming WWDC 2022, Cupertino is set to make the iPhones, Apple Watch, and iPads even more feature-packed. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman explains the new enhancements he anticipates to be included in the forthcoming iOS, watchOS, and also to the iPadOS in his technology newsletter, Power On.

How Apple Plans To Improve The Upcoming IOS 16 And WatchOS 9?

When it comes to iOS 16, which has been code-named Sydney, Gurman predicts “pretty big enhancements across the board.” As an example, the future iOS 16 version may include a new health tracker in addition to an improved notification system. However, Apple is unlikely to receive an “end-to-end revamp of iOS,” so expect the standard layout with some new improvements. Additionally, an always-on display would be a wonderful addition to iOS 16 if it could be implemented by Apple.

The message additionally states that big upgrades are on the way for watchOS 9, codenamed Kincaid. According to Gurman, Apple’s next upgrade is anticipated to increase activity and health tracking in its smartwatches. However, it is quite doubtful that a robust Apple Watch would be announced during WWDC 2022. Significant enhancements to the iPadOS 16 are also on the horizon. Last year, customers did see the iPad get great multitasking capabilities thanks to iPadOS 15. However, the future iPadOS 16 may include features that even power users will love.

People who own iPads often have a problem with the iPadOS and how it slows down the tablet. However, the current leak potentially puts such fears to bed for consumers who want to get the most out of their already overpowered gadget. Gurman also ruled out the idea of a mixed-reality headset being shown. Apple’s new headset could be released during the iOS 16 software cycle before iOS 17 comes out. This is because the upcoming iOS update refers to the headset and gives information about how it works with iPhones. According to Gurman, two new MacBooks from Apple will be unveiled at WWDC 2022. Apple began its shift from Intel to M1 CPUs two years ago during WWDC, so it would be an ideal time to announce some new Macs.

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What about Apple’s MR (mixed reality) headset?

Apple’s Mixed Reality headset is not expected to be unveiled in June, according to him. In spite of rumors and leaks indicating that the headset will be released soon, Gurman says it won’t be at this year’s WWDC. iOS 16 beta versions, code-named Sydney, are reportedly “full of references to the headset and its interactions with the iPhone,” he reported.

“That means that the headset will arrive during the iOS 16 cycle, which takes off in June and will last until iOS 17 releases in the fall of 2023. But it may also hint that Apple could preview some of its planned augmented and virtual reality applications earlier,” he pointed out.

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