Adele Intends to Take a Musical Break After Her Las Vegas Concert

After finishing her Las Vegas residency, Adele says she expects to take it easy. Adele reportedly told fans what she plans to do after finishing her residency at the Los Angeles premiere of her new music video for “I Drink Wine” on Tuesday. The musician plans to study English literature instead of recording her next album.

I guess I would have been a teacher if I hadn’t made it as a singer. At the party, Adele revealed, “I guess I’d be an English lit teacher.” “I believe that my interest in English literature is put to good use in my work. It’s not like I’d be able to use my degree to obtain a job, but I still wish I’d gone to college for the experience.

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The “Oh My God” singer made it clear that she plans to take classes online and work with a tutor from a distance. “That’s my goal for 2025,” she reportedly told the Sun. “I’m just trying to fulfill the prerequisites.” Adele has stated that she wants to act as well as get a degree. She admitted that she had contacted Baz Luhrmann, director of “Elvis,” about collaborating on a future project.

‘I wish I was in this movie, please don’t retire, let me do something,’ she implored her adoring public. She continued, “But I wouldn’t sing in it.” I’d do it, but just for one film. For one movie, I would come, give it my all, and then leave. Adele, holding a glass of rosé, floats down a river in a fantasy country in the recently released music video for “I Drink Wine,” which also features the “Insecure” heartthrob Kendrick Sampson.

While celebrating the video’s premiere, Adele talked about how she and her pals tried to “drink her sorrows away” after the breakup with her ex-husband Simon Konecki. The “30” singer is currently dating Rich Paul, a sports agent. Adele said during Tuesday’s Q&A, “I can’t drink anymore, I’m not making any f— progress, I’m just drunk all the f— time.”

Unfortunately, I had to take medication when I felt that way. After a last-minute postponement in January, Adele’s Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace will finally begin on November 18. At the time, the Grammy winner sobbed as she blamed supply delays and a COVID-19 epidemic among her staff for making it “difficult to finish the concert on schedule” in Las Vegas.

I know for some of you it was an awful decision on my behalf, and I will always be sorry for that, but I guarantee you it was the correct one,” Adele stated while announcing new dates for the residency in July. I’ve been looking forward to this all week because we’ll be sharing such a close place each week, and I promise to give you everything I’ve got.

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