Alex Moss Obituary: What Happened To Him?

Alex Moss Obituary: Alex Moss lost his battle with cancer at the Frye Regional Medical Center after a long and valiant battle. For quite some time, he had been a patient at the facility. He had been struggling against his disease for quite some time. Through his bravery and determination in battle, he earned the respect of his fellow warriors. In August, Charles Lee Moss and Patricia Moss, both of the Moss family, became the proud parents of a son.

Patricia and Charles Lee Moss both come from the Moss family. On Earth, he was born in the year that his birth was officially documented, in August. Both his mother and father gave him the surname Moss at birth, following a long-standing family tradition. It could be said that he was his parents’ child in equal measure. The baby was born to his mother. He was his parent’s offspring.

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