Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled? Latest Updates

Chimpanzees in their infancy exhibit the most irrational behavior. Right from the outset of BBC America’s Baby Chimp Rescue documentary series, it’s evident that this is an issue. But it’s also clear that chimpanzees have a great capacity for love and caring, given that every single one of them has survived. Prior to entering the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection home, all of these baby chimpanzees had witnessed their moms being killed for bushmeat before they arrived.

Following their abduction, many of the newborns were shot and shrapnel wounds and fractured bones. They were then illegally sold as pets. When you see all these lovely baby chimps, the first thing you think is: I want one. It’s a difficult but vital aspect of this story. Despite this, the series points out that chimpanzees become increasingly difficult to control as they become older and stronger, which sometimes results in the deaths of those who adopt them as pets. That’s unacceptable in a region where the species has suffered a population decline of almost 80%, making it critically endangered.

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Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Storyline

Mini-docuseries Baby Chimp Rescue will air on Animal Life in 2020. In this BBC premiere, a sanctuary for orphaned baby chimps rescued from the illicit pet trade is shown caring for and feeding the chimpanzees. Jim and Jenny Desmond, the home’s owners and parents, are concerned that their house will not be large enough to accommodate their 28 growing children.

In no time, the kids will be causing mayhem everywhere. With the help of a chimpanzee specialist, Dr. Ben Garrod, the couple sets up a refuge for their newborns and takes on the duty of teaching them how to thrive in the wild. Adoptive parents, who just have their family in mind, will teach their children everything they lost out on from their birth parents, who were wild and careless. Because of their sad background, they’ve decided to set up a sanctuary for chimpanzees and let their children grow up in the natural habitat of the species.

Dr. Ben Garrod and a cadre of local specialists and caretakers, along with the Desmonds, form the core of the series’ special school. Our understanding of Desmond’s involvement in wildlife rescue missions and his purpose of educating his community about the plight of endangered species and the necessity to avoid harming the animals by shooting, eating, or keeping them as pets is furthered by the series. It’s possible that the species will be extinct for good if we don’t pay attention to these simple facts.

Baby Chimp Rescue
Baby Chimp Rescue

A home filled with infant chimpanzees and a kind heart. Jenny and Jim Desmond, husband, and wife, have adopted 21 orphaned baby chimpanzees and raised them as their own. This raucous group of animals is quickly outgrowing their Liberian habitat. For the sake of their unorthodox family, the Desmonds are establishing a woodland sanctuary where they can live as close to nature as possible. These orphans, on the other hand, must first learn how to exist as wild chimpanzees.

Jim, Jenny, a group of local caretakers, and chimp specialist Ben Garrod are on hand to teach the newest generation of chimpanzees at Baby Chimp School. A standout student is Max, a cheeky future alpha male who is notoriously bad at concentrating in class. They say that Ella is an excellent student because she’s so young. It’s Lucy who teaches the others how to do it.

The Desmonds’ work with wildlife authorities to rescue endangered chimps and educate the public about the dangers of keeping them as pets or eating them is also included in the show. Chimpanzees are in a race against time to change people’s perceptions of them before they’re extinct for good.

Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Casts And Characters

Jim Desmond

Jim Desmond is a San Diego County Board of Supervisors member from the 5th district. He is an American politician, businessman, and pilot. From 2006 until 2014, he served as mayor of San Marcos, California, a position he held for seven years. He’s a Democrat.

Ben Garrod

He is an English evolutionary biologist, primatologist, and television personality. Since 2019, he has served as the University of East Anglia’s Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Science Engagement.

Other Casts: Jenny Desmond

Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Release Date

Baby Chimp Rescue was not renewed for a second season by BBC Two. As a result, BBC Two has decided to discontinue Baby Chimp Rescue. If BBC Two decides to bring Baby Chimp Rescue back for another season, we’ll be sure to update this page. So, guys, we’re sorry to bring the unpleasant news to your attention. Keep an eye out for new content. Please let us know if anything has changed.

Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Trailer

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