Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Release Date Confirmed And All That You Must Know!

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7: Below Deck Mediterranean will return for a new season. Tuesday saw the announcement of the seventh season’s premiere date and a dramatic sneak peek for the audience. According to Captain Sandy Yawn, she is “ready for a new adventure” in the video. “To be quite honest, this is my first visit to Malta. For me, the start of a new season heralds the arrival of a new ship, a fresh crew, and fresh departmental managers. Take the challenge on!

Three new department leaders have also been added to the new boat’s staff: Chief Stew Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White, and Bosun Raygan Tyler. While Dave proudly tells the cameras that he “loves” and “thrives” under pressure, Natasha quips, “As Chief Stew, when s**t hits the fan, the best thing to do is serve them wine.”

The unforeseen conflict between Chief Stew and the Chef, who initially got along on the boat as coworkers and friends, will likely worsen as the season goes on, according to the press release for the show. Mzi “Zee” Dempers, who has rejoined the team, along with Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell, who are newbies, face difficulties when one of them is unable to manage the rigors of a life of luxury in the Mediterranean.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Release Date Will Be?

A supersized episode of Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean will air on Bravo on Monday, July 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Every episode, starting with the premiere on Monday, July 4, may be seen on Peacock one week before it airs on Bravo. Past seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean are presently viewable on Peacock.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Storyline

Captain Sandy took them to dinner to commemorate the conclusion of a respectable season in the final episode of the previous season. The subsequent event will serve as a means of formally introducing new members because the group is already missing one member. It would be interesting to watch who starts the conflicts and negative feelings in the upcoming season because the staff members are getting along so well at the moment.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7?

Onboard Home this season, Captain Sandy will be joined by Chief Stew Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White, Bosun Raygan Tyler, Stews Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen, as well as Deckhands Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell. One of the sailors that Captain Sandy will know is Mzi “Zee” Dempers, a deckhand from Season 6 of Below Deck Med. This season, he’s back and employed as a deckhand.

Expect outrageous costumes, wild evenings out, and substantial departmental strife; those are just the beginning of what the charter guests for the upcoming season will bring. The fact that one of the groups in the aforementioned clip strips off their bikinis should give you a hint as to how outrageous they will be.

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There seems to be some love despite all the drama this season. This season, romances will be a major topic of conversation as things between Natalya and Storm become more flirty and questions about Natasha and Dave’s friendship arise. And will there be a liaison between a crew member and a charter guest?

  • Sandy Yawn – Captain
  • David White – Chef
  • Natasha “Tasha” Webb – Chief Stewardess
  • Kyle Viljoen – 2nd Steward
  • Natalya Scudder – 3rd Stewardess
  • Raygan Tyler – Bosun
  • Mzi “Zee” Dempers – Deckhand
  • Storm Smith – Deckhand
  • Courtney Veale – Deckhand

Hannah Ferrier Left Below Deck Mediterranean: Will She Come Back?

Hannah Ferrier’s termination by Captain Sandy Yawn during Season 5 of “Below Deck Mediterranean” was one of the show’s most stunning scenes. Malia White, another crew member, claimed that Ferrier was in possession of a CBD vape pen and a Valium. Captain Sandy said to Us Weekly that Ferrier was “still upset” with her for ending her five-season career on the show in such a way, despite the fact that the dismissal occurred more than a year ago.

Ferrier spoke with Peninsula Living, according to the Daily Mail. “It was very upsetting at the time, especially after spending so much time on the programme and realising that it wasn’t a secret that I had anxiety and was on anti-anxiety medicine. Because I dislike that stigma, I didn’t like that it was implied that I had narcotics on board.”

Ferrier, however, has given birth and is engaged to Josh Roberts since the end of the show. According to Bravo, the family resides in Sydney, Australia. Contrary to the fact that the cast was seen filming for Season 7 of the show in Malta, Ferrier was reportedly seen apparently in charge of her own crew aboard a yacht in Australia, according to a September story from the Daily Mail. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up that Ferrier would be returning to the series, as the newspaper advised.

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