Clermont Twins Before And After: How Does The Twins Look After Plastic Surgery?

In addition to being models, fashion designers, and television personalities, Shannon and Shannade “Clermont twins” (born March 21, 1994) are also known as the Clermont twins. There has been a significant increase in their online and social media exposure following their performances on the fourteenth season of Bad Girls Club in 2015. The identical twins, the youngest of five children — one sister and two brothers — were born on March 21, 1994, in Montclair, New Jersey.

Their mother is from Jamaica and ran a daycare, and their father is from Haiti and had a moving company. They are both immigrants. They had characterized their family as “hard-working, working-class” and moved to Dallas, Georgia when they were nine. – At the tender age of 14, they began working as stand-ins for television programs such as Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, after winning a six-month acting and modeling school program.

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Who Are The Clermont Twins?

Aspiring fashionistas, the Clermont twins, have made their mark in Hollywood. Their aunt is a fashion designer, so the two of them moved from Georgia to New York to live with her. In an interview, the sisters recalled how their aunt used to take them to New York fashion shows when they were kids.

Our attention was drawn to the fact that she was able to sew her own clothes.” This is the closest two sets of twins may possibly be near one another! Because they spend much of their time in the same place, they have many of the same characteristics. They claimed in an interview that they “know how the other feels.” We’re inseparable because of our very essence.”

Clermont Twins Before and After

The Clermont twins, former stars of reality television who are now full-time models, have an Instagram following of 1.4 million people. They’ve taken a number of measures to secure their success in Hollywood in their quest for stardom.” What inspired them to change their life and become Instagram celebrities?

A few months following the 14th season of The Bad Girls Club, the Clermont Twins disappeared from public view, only to resurface in an entirely different manner. Changes in appearance that included skin bleaching, Botox injections to the lips, and nose surgery surprised their fans.

Clermont Twins Before And After Plastic Surgery

Clermont Twins Before and After Plastic Surgery
Clermont Twins Before and After Plastic Surgery

Audience Reaction To Clermont Twins’ Plastic Surgery

“There is no doubt in the minds of Clermont twins that the more surgery they have, the more attention they receive. It’s all done on purpose and for financial gain “told me, “The Dosage Brand,”

“The Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and others are always shifting and altering, which worries me. Because things will go wrong, I want them to believe they have a sufficient amount of Woozy face on them “Added @officialtaygray to the list of accounts to follow.

“Is it okay if I tell you the truth? They’re infatuated with the bimbofication look. They’re doing a fantastic job, despite any skepticism. I doubt they’re going for a “natural” aesthetic “tweeted @thedigitaldash_.

The Clermont twins were two of the sassiest gals on the reality TV show The Bad Gals Club. They made headlines when they appeared on the show half-naked and were expelled for causing property damage. Seven episodes into their run, the crazy twins had already enthralled viewers! They immediately gained 15,000 followers on Instagram after combining their accounts.

A screaming match between Shannade and her housemate Lauren escalated into a physical altercation that involved punches and hair-pulling. Bad Girls Mansion was destroyed in episode 7 after they went too far in their destruction of the mansion and were forced out of the program. In one incident, the Happerle twins were attacked with a flour bag and beaten by other cast members until they were covered in bruises. In the hospital, they called their father and launched a lawsuit against Oxygen, claiming abuse and emotional suffering, and they won!

How Old Are The Clermont Twins Now?

The Clermont twins were born in Montclair, New Jersey, on March 21, 1994, to immigrant parents. Currently, they are 28 years old. The twins want to be famous, so they relocated from Georgia to New York to live with their fashion designer aunt while they pursue their dream of becoming stars in Hollywood. Auntie is a role model for them because she introduced them to fashion. They loved going to fashion events in New York with her and making their own clothing, which she did herself when they were little.

Shannade Clermont Controversy

When Shannade became entangled in a disagreement with a real estate broker over a terrible night, she was at the peak of her success. After a night of drinking, partying, and drug use, she found the real estate broker passed out. His debit card information was stolen, and she used it to make a cash withdrawal from a nearby ATM. However, it eventually emerged that the real estate broker had died.

Shannade Clermont was sentenced to one year in prison for stealing USD$20,000 from a deceased broker’s account. Even though they live thousands of miles apart, the two sisters have a yearning for recognition and renown. There are oatmeal and avocado treatments in the prison beauty regimen, Shannade told the Washington Post. “I was able to try out foods and whatnot.” Clermont’s Instagram account continued to grow even after the controversy and their imprisonment.

Where Are The Clermont Twins Now?

As a result of their success on BGC14, the two were invited to work as models for none other than Kanye West himself! Kanye West’s Yeezy clothing line required Kim Kardashian lookalikes in 2018, and who better than the Clermont twins to fill the role? To commemorate her release from prison, Shannon’s sister Shannade posted a heartwarming video on Instagram showing the two of them reunited.

While Shannade has been freed from prison, her three-year probationary sentence will include a drug and alcohol treatment program. The 1.7 million Instagram followers of the Clermont twins led to a wave of corporate collaborations. On Instagram, they provide makeup tutorials and risqué modeling photos.

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