Fast And Furious 10: Reasons Why Fast 10 And 11 Could Be Even More Ridiculous

Fast & Furious 10 won’t have Dwayne Johnson, who has made it plain he won’t return. His absence might exacerbate the franchise’s increasing silliness. Johnson made his debut as Luke Hobbs in 2011’s Fast Five, and he has since become one of the franchise’s most popular characters.

There will be a Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw spin-off movie in 2019, however Hobbs will no longer participate in the core series.

A disagreement between Johnson and Vin Diesel has led to his resignation, although the specifics of the disagreement remain unknown. In 2021, Diesel made waves when he invited Johnson to return for Fast 10 and Fast 11’s planned two-part finale through Instagram. On the other hand, Johnson has ruled out any kind of comeback, telling CNN that there’s “no possibility” he’ll return.

Fast 10 and Fast 11 will be without Hobbs, therefore the conclusion will be quite different from how it was initially intended to be. The Rock’s Hobbs has had an unnoticed but vital stabilising influence on the Fast Saga, which has one-upped each film in the series since he joined the team. Because of the absence of Dwayne Johnson, the Fast and the Furious series finale may be even more outrageous than usual.

Reasons Why Fast 10 And 11 Could Be Even More Ridiculous

Fast and Furious’ post-Fast Five makeover has been more outrageous than the previous film, but it hasn’t always been equal for all of the characters participating in the action sequences. When it comes to his car-related antics, Dom’s more like something out of a superhero movie than anything else in the series since he is the face of it. On the other hand, the tale of Johnson’s Hobbs has been a very different one, with a stronger focus on the lawman’s position as a physical fighter.

However, Hobbs has had his share of mad superhuman exploits, including the famous helicopter sequence in Hobbs & Shaw, which was filmed in the 1980s.

At the very least, Johnson as Hobbs attempts to base Hobbs’ power in human capabilities and physics that may be seen as at least somewhat feasible for human beings to understand. Since Fast Five, Hobbs has mostly been responsible for keeping the Fast & Furious films grounded in reality, despite his own superhuman power.

In his absence, there is nothing to counterbalance Dom’s ability to unleash a slew of new talents at will. However, this does not rule out the possibility of further involvement from Hobbs.

In the long run, it’s possible that the franchise may continue to use Hobbs (With Shaw)

Despite the fact that he won’t be appearing in the two-part conclusion to the Fast Saga, Dwayne Johnson will be back for Hobbs & Shaw 2. Hobbs and Shaw did not abstain from participating in stunts such as Hobbs leaping off of a tower to capture an adversary since they were a part of the Fast & Furious series.

Hobbs & Shaw, directed by John Wick co-director David Leitch, was the most concentrated of the series on battle sequences and incorporated real-life stunt work.

Even the sci-fi aspects, such as the cyborg villain Brixton Lore (Idris Elba) and the Eteon terrorist organisation, were not ludicrous.

Hobbs & Shaw is the most realistic of the current Fast & Furious films, in comparison to The Fate of the Furious and F9. The Hobbs & Shaw segment of the Fast & Furious franchise may show how much the main series no longer cares about any passing connection with logic, and it may also show something else, too.

Fast And Furious 10

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The Fast Saga’s Finale Might Have a Different Feel to It Now

The conclusion of the Fast Saga might be quite different from what was initially intended, depending on the date of Hobbs & Shaw 2 and the length of Johnson and Statham’s spin-off team-ups. It is possible that Diesel saw Hobbs as an important and maybe vital character in the two-part finale of the Fast & Furious series.

As a result of Johnson’s refusal to budge on his decision to leave, whatever role Hobbs was supposed to play will now have to be rewritten or given to another character. However, the ramifications extend beyond this.

It would also imply a re-emphasis on Dom’s superpowered automotive action exploits without Hobbs present. Now that F9 has been released, there’s no reason why Fast & Furious can’t become an actual superhero series instead of a fictitious one.

As Roman (Tyrese Gibson) predicted, Fast 10 and Fast 11 may just throw caution to the wind and blatantly expose Dominic Toretto and his crew as the superhumans they are, and with Hobbs’ moderation now away, there’s even less to indicate that’s not how the Fast Saga finale will play off.

Fans of Hobbs’ position as an ally to Dom’s team will no doubt be disappointed that The Rock will not be appearing in the Fast & Furious series finale. However, Johnson’s comments on the reason of his leaving also indicate that it is in everyone’s best interest.

End Lines-

As a result, Hobbs’ exit from the Fast & Furious series is more understandable given that the Hobbs & Shaw side of the brand and the shift the Fast & Furious series has through. Despite the fact that the Fast & Furious series will have to finish without Johnson’s Hobbs, one of the series’ most surprising outcomes may be the full abandonment of any lingering regard for physics, logic, or reality.

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