Fresh Ending Explained: Is Noa Able To Survive In The End?

Mimi Cave, making her debut as a film director, will helm the American black comedic thriller film Fresh in 2022. The screenplay for the film was written by Lauryn Kahn. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan play lead roles in the movie. Adam McKay and Kevin J. Messick served in the producing roles for the movie, which was a co-production between Hyperobject Industries and Legendary Pictures.

Fresh was presented to the public for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2022. The film was distributed by Searchlight Pictures and made available on Hulu on March 4, 2022. The majority of reviews that were written about the movie were favorable.

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Fresh Storyline

The unpleasant men she meets on online dating sites are making Noa, a Portlander, increasingly disillusioned. Steve flirts with her at the grocery one day and they end up exchanging phone numbers. They have sex on their first date, which is a good sign. Steve invites Noa to a weekend away with him after a few dates. Noa accepts the trip against the warnings of her best friend Mollie.

Noa spends the night at Steve’s luxurious home because she intends to leave early the next morning. Noa is rendered unconscious after Steve injects narcotics into her drink. Noa regains consciousness while shackled to the floor. It is Steve’s job to slaughter people and sell their flesh to affluent patrons, as well as eat it himself. The meat they prefer to eat is young women, therefore he often takes them for dates and then abducts them.

While Noa is still alive, he promises to surgically remove various parts of her body to keep her meat fresh for as long as feasible. As soon as Steve permits Noa to take the shower, she tries to get out of his hands and run away. As a kind of retribution, Steve kidnaps her and uses her buttocks as a weapon. In an adjacent room, Noa converses with a woman named Penny who is being held, hostage.

The investigation into Noa’s disappearance begins with Mollie’s buddy Paul, a bartender who served Steve and Noa drinks on their first date and has become concerned about her whereabouts. It turns out that Steve’s real name is Brendan, although Mollie doesn’t know it. He is married to Ann, and they have at least one kid together.

Mollie visits Ann with her worries that Peter is cheating on her. Brendan shows up during their discussion and denies knowing anything about Noa when confronted by Mollie. Mollie contacts Noa’s phone, which begins ringing in Brendan’s pocket as she leaves. Mollie is knocked unconscious by Ann, who is revealed to be Brendan’s accomplice. When Brendan falls for Ann, he discovers that she has a prosthetic leg and that she was one of his victims.

Brendan is won over by Noa’s flirtatious behavior and pretense of curiosity about the flavor of human flesh. When Brendan invites her over for supper, he convinces her to try human meat, which Noa pretends to enjoy, only to vomit in her cell afterward. Mollie, meantime, is being harvested by Brendan. Noa is given a pink dress as a gift by Brendan when he asks her for another supper.


Before supper, Brendan reveals to Noa a secret compartment packed with the victims’ belongings. The breast meat he feeds Noa may taste “familiar,” according to Brendan. Mollie’s phone is one of the stolen victims that Noa recognizes. Afterward, Noa convinces Brendan to have intercourse with her and allows her to perform fellatio on him; she bites off his testicles instead. Mollie and Penny escape from their rooms with the help of Noa, who is still pursuing Brendan.

A gun-wielding Brendan pursues the three as they flee into the woods, where they struggle and flee. Noa takes the gun and shoots Brendan to death in retaliation. When Ann gets to the house, she discovers Brendan dead on the floor. Ann tries to strangle Noa in the woods, but Noa stabs her in the neck with a set of car keys. Mollie bludgeons Ann with a shovel as she recovers and tries to strangle Noa once more.

Noa receives a text message from a man she went out with at the beginning of the film when she and Mollie finally relax. Five of Brendan’s clients are shown in a white room during the credits, sitting at a table with bloodied human meat in the center. The end credits show a Satanic emblem, which indicates that Brendan and his clients are members of a Satanic organization.

Fresh Cast And Characters

Sebastian Stan

A Romanian-American actor, Sebastian Stan, is known for his roles. Since 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, he’s been known as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daisy Edgar-Jones

Daisy The actress Jessica Edgar-Jones hails from the UK. As Marianne Sheridan in the miniseries Normal People, she was nominated for a Golden Globe and a British Academy Television Award. In addition to Cold Feet and War of the Worlds, she has appeared in numerous other television series.

Charlotte Le Bon

A former model and television personality, Charlotte Le Bon is now an actor and artist in her native Canada. Aside from Yves Saint Laurent, The Hundred-Foot Journey, and The Walk, she is well-known for her work on the Canal+ conversation show Le Grand Journal.

Other Casts: Brett Dier,  Andrea Bang

Fresh Ending Explained

Both parties exchange phone numbers after a deliciously awkward back-and-forth over cotton candy-flavored grapes, and Noa’s love life appears to be looking good for the first time in years. It was a night of sex, dead parents, and maraschino cherries at the bar, where they bonded over their shared experience.

If she can, Noa keeps her best friend Mollie (Jojo T. Gibbs) informed about her new love interest, but Mollie is wary of the newcomer to their group. The absence of a social media presence is suspicious. No, not in the modern era. Steve has a skewed personality.

As the story unfolds, Mollie’s suspicions about Steve are confirmed, and we come to see that he is indeed acting strangely. A weekend visit to Cottage Grove is the perfect way to keep things fresh in the relationship between Steve and Noa, who is still very much in love. When Mollie feared that Noa was moving too quickly, Noa immediately texted her and proceeded to enjoy an evening of cocktails with Steve in his charming vacation home.

When Steve gives Noa a drink laced with ecstasy, things begin to go sideways for her. And it’s at this point that things start to become dangerous. Noa is startled when she discovers she’s shackled to a wall after waking up on a mattress. If you don’t know it already, Steve is creepy as hell now that he’s dressed up in a turtleneck. He also tells the audience that “I’m going to reveal my plans, but you’ll be terrified.”

On top of everything else, he tells her that he will be selling both of her body parts (her meat and her hair) to his wealthy, cannibalistic patrons since it is “a thing.” In other words, Noa is going to die. Yes, but it won’t be for a while. Because that’s how the meat stays fresh, he’ll progressively harvest different limbs of her while she’s still alive.

Noa and Penny, another of Steve’s captives who’s lost track of how long she’s been held hostage and…slowly eaten, form a bond across the wall throughout the film. You may be wondering, “Why aren’t these victims’ families concerned?” Unlike you, Steve has a head start and recruits only ladies he believes have little or no family.

Mollie’s fear for her pal is only growing as she returns to the real world. She conducts a few cursory internet searches in an attempt to learn more about Steve. Nothing else was known about Noa except that he was a plastic surgeon and that they were headed to Cottage Grove.

Not even Noa’s texts can be trusted by Mollie because they don’t seem to be in keeping with how Noa generally communicates. When Mollie asked her what was wrong with the service, she said she needed a “vacation” from technology, and they’d talk about it later. Noa sends her a picture of a waterfall she claims to have taken in Cottage Grove to help her relax. Mollie uses Google to find out that the image is only a stock photo of a waterfall from a website that she dragged and dropped into the search engine.

Finally, Mollie sends “love you” to “Noa,” and “Noa” responds with a heart emoji as the last test. This is a huge thing for Mollie, and she sees it as the final straw for Noa. This phone call would have ended with “love you more” if it was indeed Noa on the other end of it, as the two have been doing throughout the entire film.

Ann discovers her husband’s corpse, although she isn’t very disturbed by it. She wants to put his body on ice as her top priority, she says. She encounters Noa in the woods for the first time and pretends to be one of the victims with him. But her devotion swiftly turns into strangulation as she expresses gratitude to Noa for sparing her life.

A shovel is used to smash Noa in the neck, while Steve’s keys are stabbed into her torso by Mollie. What? “, answers Noa incredulously when Mollie adds that Ann is (or was) Steve’s wife. Does he have a wife? Mollie and Noa rest against a tree at the end of this strange film.

It begins with “I f*cking love you, Mollie,” and ends with “I love you more.” Text messages from the garbage guy Noa went out with at the beginning of the movie, which read “U up?” lit up Noa’s phone. The next meet-cute should, hopefully, not be a meat-cute.

Does Noa Survive In The End?

If you’ve never seen a cannibal horror film before and aren’t sure what to expect from Mimi Cave’s debut, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find in her film, “Fresh.” For its fun and conscientious handling of cannibalism and modern dating at the Sundance Film Festival in 2022, the film was widely praised by critics. Ready or Not (2019), one of my favorite horror-comedy flicks, almost made me feel as eager and entertained as the time I saw it.

Searchlight Pictures bought the distribution rights to this picture well before its festival presentation. Fresh, which clocks in at 114 minutes, is currently available to stream on Hulu. It’s a colorful, heartwarming, and downright sinister film, and I highly recommend seeing it first before continuing to read. After all, the next paragraphs are packed with spoilers.

The film is not for the faint of heart, so keep that in mind. Human meat can be converted into a variety of foods, and Cave is not ashamed to show us how. For a romantic meal, how about spaghetti topped with a massive meatball (made of human flesh, of course) and accompanied by cheese and wine? For horror aficionados, the film is aware of how enthralling the subject can be. Because of this, it goes to great lengths to add a smattering of black comedy.

30 minutes in, I realized that both the horror and dark comedy genres were in for a rough ride. Fresh, on the other hand, never comes out as forced or excessive. The action in the picture is kept moving along by an interesting tune and magnificent images. Even more so, it has a terrific performance from Sebastian Stan that entices you to join in the fun. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to turn away from the sea of hungry lips.

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