How Does Vecna Choose His Victims? Why He Kill Them?

The Duffer Brothers produced the Netflix original series Stranger Things, a science fiction horror drama. Showrunners and executive producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen join the brothers as showrunners and co-executives. On July 15, 2016, Netflix launched the first season of the series. Seasons two, three, and four will be released in October 2017, July 2019, and May and July, respectively, in October and July 2022, in the future.

The final and fifth season of the show was renewed in February 2022. “Stranger Things” takes place in Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, focusing on a multitude of mysteries and mysterious happenings that affect a group of children and adults.

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How Do Vecna Select Victims In Stranger Things Season 4 Vol.1?

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 has focused on Vecna as the most significant danger to Hawkins, which has just seen a string of grisly killings. Deeper research revealed a pattern in how the villain selects the next victim as well as what their symptoms are. At first, they believed it was random.

The killings of Hawkins High School students are a recurring theme in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1. Chrissy Cunningham, the school’s head cheerleader, was the catalyst. In secret, she was dealing with what appeared to be symptoms such as headache, vomiting, nightmares, and images of a clock and monster trailing her.

While Eddie was searching for Chrissy’s medicines, Chrissy fell asleep and Eddie was unable to awaken her. She was found dead in his trailer, her bones fractured, and her eyes popped as she levitated. Fred, on the other hand, had the same identical symptoms. An accident he was involved in just over a year ago has left him plagued by the events of that day ever since.

How Does Vecna Choose His Victims
How Does Vecna Choose His Victims

When Nancy and Fred set out to investigate Chrissy’s death, they became lost in the woods and both died in the middle of the road. As a member of the Hawkins High School basketball team alongside Lucas, Patrick succumbed to his injuries in Lover’s Lake in the same manner.

Max was meant to be a victim of this. When Vecna snuck into the school to look at the records of Ms. Kelly, the school counselor, she had the same symptoms as everyone else. When she found that she had the same symptoms as the other victims, she was relieved to know that she wasn’t the only one experiencing them.

Robin and Nancy arrived just in time to discover that the only way Victor Creel survived Vecna was due to the presence of music. In her final moments, Max heard her favorite music and saw an opening, a path back to Lucas, Dustin, and Steve.

You can see how Vecna selects his prey. In common Chrissy, Fred, Patrick, and Max are all struggling with difficult memories, such as Chrissy’s issues with her mother and Max’s grief over Billy’s death. In the end, Vecna illustrated why it mattered to prey on those who were dealing with a problem in their life.

Vecna’s true identity is at the heart of it all. As you can see, each time Vecna kills someone, he gains strength and power by drawing on memories that elicit both sadness and rage in him – the same memories that he uses to enter the minds of his victims.

Could Vecna’s Victims Help Defeat Him?

By using rat carcasses and kidnapped residents as building materials, the Mind Flayer terrorized the town of Hawkins in Stranger Things season three. They were all melted together into a single lump of gooey, wax-like sludge. Finally, Joyce and Hopper shut the new Upside Down entrance and the creature died of lack of connection to its puppet master elsewhere.

Episodes in season four feature Vecna as the main antagonist, an ex-human telekinetic from Upside Down who can render her victims unconscious before killing them in our world through the use of mental projections. If his human counterpart in Season 4 Chapter 7 is correct, then Vecna and the gloop monster from Season 3 may share a common trait: the ability to absorb their victims. Could Vecna’s victims in Season 4 Vol. II be the key to his downfall?

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