How to Keep Your Florida Home Cool During the Summer

If you are dreading another hot and humid summer in Florida, have no fear! You can find the top tips to keep you nice and cool all summer long. Here are your best options:

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

It doesn’t matter if your air conditioner has been working nonstop or if it has been quiet for a few months. Either way, it is going to require proper maintenance to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

Keep in mind that if your air conditioner is clogged up or isn’t working properly, then your home won’t cool down as efficiently as you need it to. What’s more, there is a good chance that your air conditioner will be working overtime to produce less cold air which means higher bills for you.

Get New Windows

If it has been a while since you installed new windows, you may want to look into Guelph windows replacement before the temperatures begin to soar. Newer versions come with triple-glazed glass panes which make them more efficient at keeping cold air trapped inside. This keeps your home cooler and helps to save on air conditioning bills.

The other benefit of new Vaughan windows is that they can offer a better fit into your current frames. This ensures a better seal. Once again, it means that less cold air will be escaping your home. There is less chance that hot air will seep in too.

Keep the Blinds Closed

Make a note of how the sun enters your home. During different times of the day, a greater amount of sunlight will come in through some areas than others. Close the blinds in these areas. Continue this practice as the sun changes position.

In doing so, you can guarantee that less sunlight will enter your home and warm things up. As you aren’t closing all the blinds, though, you are still allowing natural light in.

Use Your Doors More Efficiently

If you want to heat up one room more than the others, then make sure to keep this door shut. It will ensure that the cool air is trapped in this area. On the other hand, if you want to cool down all areas of the house but only have an air conditioner in one room, then leave the doors open.

This way, the cool air will travel from one space to another, displacing the hot air. If there are any fans, make sure to keep these on.

Reduce Heat Production

In general, try to reduce how much heat is produced inside the home. Switch off any unnecessary appliances and unplug them too. You will be surprised at how much heat these machines give out.

You should also try to limit how much you use the stove and avoid using the oven completely if possible. Focus on creating meals that require a minimal amount of cooking. If possible, use an outdoor grill to cook most of your meals.

These are the top tactics that you can use to keep your Florida house cool during the summer. Try these and you will love how much more comfortable your home is.

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