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Inside Out 2 is eagerly awaited by moviegoers who love computer-animated comedies. The enormous success of Inside Out in 2015 is thought to pave the door for the production of a second sequel in 2016. There was a total of USD 356.5 million in the US & Canada, and a total of USD 501.1 million worldwide for the first picture. The film’s $175 million budget brought in $857.6 million worldwide.

Director Pete Doctor was asked if the sequel to Inside Out has been in the works, and he said yes. He stated that they have no plans to develop a sequel in the near future. It was reported that on January 14, 2016, he said that he and Pixar will examine the possibility of developing a sequel.

“We’ll see what happens. In my opinion, making a sequel isn’t as straightforward as saying, “We loved it, so let’s do it again.” You don’t create these characters for their physical appearances so much as for their roles as protagonists and supporting characters in a plot. Then we may observe what occurs when we investigate it more, “Peter Doctor remarked this.

In the meanwhile, Walt Disney and Pixar appear to have no plans to make a sequel to Inside Out. The sequel is rumored to be in the works.

Inside Out 2 has a lot of unanswered questions after the previous film’s cliffhanger finish. Riley, a little girl in the first film, is shown as having five personified emotions: joy, sadness, rage, fear, and disgust. Riley is the embodiment of each of these feelings. Riley and her parents travel from Minnesota to San Francisco and begin a new life together.

Riley was 12 years old when the movie concluded, and she has now matured into a young woman. To the public, Riley’s love life remains a mystery. For Inside Out 2, we’ve heard of a red button that reads ‘Puberty,’ which is likely to be investigated.

Upon seeing her daughter’s behavioural shifts as she matured, filmmaker Pete Doctor began filming Inside Out in 2010. As a result of these discussions, the filmmakers tweaked the story to reflect the most recent findings in neuropsychology. Because of human nature, emotions have a profound impact on interpersonal interactions.

There’s no word yet on when Inside Out 2 will be released.

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