Jennie Kim Net Worth 2022: What Is Her Salary?

Born on January 16, 1996, Jennie Kim goes by the moniker “Jennie” as a solo artist in South Korea. Jennie, who was bred and educated in South Korea, spent five years studying in New Zealand before returning to her native country in 2010. In August 2016, she made her debut as a member of the YG Entertainment-created girl group Blackpink. “Solo” was Jennie’s first solo effort, released in November 2018. Both the Gaon Digital Chart and the Billboard World Digital Songs chart topped the song’s commercial success.

When Jennie Kim was born on January 16, 1996, she was the only kid in her family. Cheongdam Elementary School in Seoul was her first educational stop before relocating to New Zealand. With her family, she visited Australia and New Zealand when she was eight years old. Her mother asked her if she liked New Zealand and wanted to stay, and she said “yes.” A year later, she was sent to Waikowhai Intermediate School in Auckland and resided with a home-stay family as she finished her secondary education there.

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Jennie Kim’s Early Life

In the MBC documentary English Must Change to Survive, Jennie talked about her experience learning a new language (2006).  She had always wanted to be a ballerina when she was a kid. As soon as she graduated from high school, she applied to and was accepted to ACG Parnell College. In New Zealand, Jennie first heard of K-pop and became interested in YG Entertainment’s songs. While her mother had intended to send her off to college in Florida when she was 14 to pursue a career as a lawyer or a teacher, she resented the concept and feared she would be unable to find the job she enjoyed while living alone.

Her family accepted her decision, and she relocated back to South Korea in 2010, where she studied at Cheongdam Middle School. YG Entertainment accepted Jennie as a trainee after she auditioned for Rihanna’s “Take a Bow.” High Cut Korea said that she was unable to identify herself during her audition because she was terrified of people and hesitant to take action. Although she began as a singer, the company felt she should take on the role of a rapper because the majority of the songs she covered featured raps and she was the only trainee who could speak the language well.

Jennie Kim’s Personal Life

Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim

Jennie is fluent in Korean, English, and a little bit of Japanese as well. Along the way, she picked up a few phrases in the language. She was born and raised in a wealthy Seoul, South Korea, household. As far as we know, she is a Christian who hails from South Korea and practices her religion. She attended Cheongdam Middle School in Seoul, South Korea, for her primary and secondary education, and Waikowhai Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand, for her postsecondary education.

After that, she went to New Zealand’s ACG Parnell College and got her bachelor’s degree in international relations. Rather than focusing on academics, she’d always been more into extracurricular activities like singing and dancing since she was a toddler. She used to compete in a slew of different events and contests. Jennie Kim is a sexy and beautiful Korean rapper and vocalist.

Jennie is well-known for her good looks and warm demeanor. Jennie has a lovely grin, a slender figure, and a lot of cleavages. In terms of measurements, Jennie has a super-stunning hot figure that measures 34-28-35 inches. In terms of height, Jennie is 5 ft 4 in, and she weighs approximately 55 kg. In addition to her luscious brown hair and enchanting eyes, she is a lovely woman.

Jennie Kim’s Net Worth

With a net worth of $10 million, South Korean rapper and singer Jennie Kim is one of the richest people in the world. In 2016, she became a member of YG Entertainment’s wildly popular girl group ‘BlackPink,’ which she has been a part of since then. In addition to her singing and dancing, Jennie is known for her hip-hop, dance-pop, and k-pop performances.

For her first solo album, she collaborated with YG entertainment and released it in 2018. The singer-songwriter debuted in the music industry in 2012 and continued for two years before taking a break in 2013 and returning in 2016, and she continues to delight her loyal following with her catchy tunes.

Jennie Kim’s Career

Jennie Kim began her singing career in 2010 as a trainee with YG Entertainment for six years. Songs like ‘Special, GG Be, and Black included her as a featured artist in 2013. “Square One” and “Square Two” were her two solo albums released in 2016. These include “Boombayah,” “Whistle,” and, “Playing with Fire.” She also collaborated on “Stay.” In 2017, she was a part of the long-form play ‘BlackPink’. The song “As if it’s Your Last” was written this year. The ‘Blackpink Japan Premium Debut Showcase’ featured the BlackPink this year.

In 2018, she launched her debut solo album, ‘Solo,’ on which she also performed as the lead singer and in the accompanying music video. For SBS, she appeared on the show “Village Survival, the Eight,” in which she was one of the eight cast members. Jennie – Solo Diary’ is a six-episode YouTube reality show that she starred in 2013. BlackPink’s studio album, ‘BlackPink in Your Area,’ was released this year, as well. ‘Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du’ is the name of her single album this year.

Additionally, she performed the full-length play, titled ‘Square Up,’ this year. They collaborated on the song “Kiss and Makeup” this year with Dua Lipa. Earlier this year, BlackPink embarked on a tour of the arenas. On the ‘In Your Area World Tour’, BlackPink toured from 2018 to 2020. BlackPink Arena Tour 2018 ‘Special Final in Kyocera Dome Osaka’ and BlackPink 2018 tour ‘In Your Area’ Seoul were released in the year 2019 as live albums.

She also performed an extended play titled ‘Kill This Love’ this year. As part of their 2019 Welcoming Collection, Blackpink also published a Summer Diary in Hawai’i and a “BlackPink House”. Additionally, she was a member of Blackpink, a popular girl group in South Korea, and went on a number of tour dates and extended plays with the group. She also collaborated with other artists and released a number of singles and promotional singles. In addition, she has served as an ambassador for a number of well-known companies and appeared in numerous commercials.

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