Kingdom Hearts Season 4 Release Date: Next Season Is Coming in 2022?

Is a 2019 action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch? It is the twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series and serves as a culmination of the “Dark Seeker Saga” story arc that began with the original game. Set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, returning protagonist Sora is joined by Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, and Riku in their search for seven guardians of light as they strive to stop Xehanort’s plan to bring about a second Keyblade War. Their quest takes them to meet paths with characters and visit places based on distinct Disney and Pixar intellectual concepts.

Concepts for Kingdom Hearts III originated as early as 2005 with the release of Kingdom Hearts II in Japan, with the game’s development not being disclosed until 2013, following years of rumors and conjecture. Some gameplay elements from the previous games return while others are completely new, including “Attraction Flow” attacks based on Disney Parks attractions and Mickey Mouse cartoon minigames in the style of ’80s LCD games. The game also features five characters instead of the previous four, as well as five new “Attraction Flow” attacks.

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Kingdom Hearts III was released worldwide in January 2019 and was positively welcomed by critics. Critics appreciated its aesthetics, soundtrack, art style, gameplay, and range of combat possibilities, however reception towards its storyline was mixed and presentation. It was the fastest-selling and best-selling game in the series’ history in North America, selling over five million copies in its first week of release. [3] A downloadable content extension of the game dubbed Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[b] was released on January 23, 2020, for PlayStation 4,[4] and on February 25, 2020, for Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Plot

Yen Sid begins preparing seven Keyblade wielders to counteract Master Xehanort’s intention of manufacturing the χ-blade. Sora, joined by Donald Duck and Goofy, resumes his adventures through different worlds to retrieve his “power of waking”, the ability to repair lost hearts, which he lost after nearly being possessed by Xehanort. [c] When members of Organization XIII target the seven Princesses of Heart as replacements while seeking a new recruit for their thirteenth and final spot, they enrage Sora and his friends. Meanwhile, Riku and King Mickey seek the world of darkness for Aqua, while Kairi and Lea train as Keyblade wielders.

Sora and Riku are contacted throughout their travels by Ienzo, who uncovers study papers from Ansem the Wise suggesting that the hearts of Roxas and two others – eventually named Ventus and Xion – are latent within Sora’s heart. Upon discovering that the Organization’s time-traveling members have implanted their hearts into replicas manufactured by Vexen, Sora is motivated to bring Roxas back to life using an artificial replica body. When Vexen saves Ansem the Wise from the Heartless Ansem, who kidnapped him from the domain of darkness after Aqua was sent into the watery abyss, he reveals himself to be a double agent within the Organization. Demyx, a fellow Vexen member, is tasked with bringing Roxas a spare replica.

Aqua, who has been tainted by the evil realm’s influence, attacks Riku and Mickey. Discovering Master Eraqus’s Keyblade on the Destiny Islands, Sora uses it to come to Riku and Mickey’s help, restoring and rescuing Aqua. Aqua then journeys to awaken Ventus at Castle Oblivion, which she transforms back into the Land of Departure. When she is threatened by Vanitas, Sora rediscovers his ability to wake and revives Ventus, who fends Vanitas off.

When the seven Keyblade wielders arrive in the Keyblade Graveyard to face the Organization, they are attacked by a horde of Heartless summoned by Terra’s possession. Sustained by Kairi’s power, Sora awakens in a limbo world called the Final World, where a Chirithy aids him in repairing his fragmented body. He then utilizes the power of waking to resurrect his friends and travel back in time to the moment before their defeat, which is prevented by the intervention of Terra’s lingering will. Terra regains control of his body and reunites with Aqua and Ventus during the guardians’ subsequent struggle against the Organization, while Roxas and Xion – the latter of whom was reinstated as the Organization’s final member – regain their hearts from Sora and reconnect with Lea.

After the other Organization members are destroyed, Xehanort baits Sora into fighting him by killing Kairi’s body, allowing Xehanort to gain the χ-blade and unlock Kingdom Hearts. Donald and Goofy help Sora thwart Xehanort by transferring him to his boyhood home of Scala, where the three Disney heroes eventually defeat the evil magician. In Xehanort’s final moments, Eraqus emerges from Terra as a spirit and convinces Xehanort to surrender the χ-blade. Sora decides to utilize the power of waking to save Kairi after sealing Kingdom Hearts, despite warnings regarding the dire consequences of his actions. Afterward, Sora’s allies regroup in the Destiny Islands, where a restored Kairi stays alongside Sora before he fades away.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Cast And Characters

Kingdom Heart season 4 Cast
Kingdom Heart season 4 Cast

Haley Joe is an American actor. Beginning his career as a child actor, Osment’s role in the comedy-drama film Forrest Gump won him a Young Artist Award.

David Gallagher is an American actor and singer. Beginning a prolific career as a child actor and model at the age of two, Gallagher is a five-time Young Artist Award nominee and Teen Choice Award

Alyson Stoner is an American actress, singer, and dancer. Her film roles include Cheaper by the Dozen, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and the Step Up franchise.

Jason Dohring is an American stage, television, and voice actor who is best known for his role as Logan Echolls on the television show Veronica Mars and the 2014 film continuation as well as his

Other Cast:  Willa Holland, Jesse McCartney, Scott Adsit,  Drake Bell

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

The release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 is still a mystery. Since the game was just revealed, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be available for purchase for at least another two years. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we learn more, so check back often. The official release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 has not been confirmed yet by the developers, but many are hopeful of a 2022 release.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer

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