Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery: Breast Reduction, Nose Job, And More


American actress, socialite, and reality TV star Kyle Richards Umansky (born January 11, 1969, as Kyle Egan Richards) was born on January 11, 1969. She started out as a child star, making appearances on Little House on the Prairie and in films like The Car (1977), Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive (1977), and Walt Disney’s The Watcher in the Woods (1980). She is best known for playing Lindsey Wallace in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) and its sequel, Halloween Kills (1980).

She has been a mainstay in the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the show’s inception in 2010, and as of 2022, she is the only original cast member still active on the show. They played for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as she competed on The New Celebrity Apprentice in 2017.

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Kyle Richards’s Early Life

Richards entered this world on January 11th, 1969, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, California. Katherine Mary Richards is the offspring of Kathleen Mary Richards (née Dugan; 1938-2002) and Kenneth Edwin Richards (1917–1998). She takes her name after a former New York Giants quarterback named Kyle Rote.

They divorced in 1972, and Kathleen has since remarried twice. Richards has two half-sisters, Kathy Hilton (born 1959) and Kim Richards (born 1964), both of whom are adults thanks to Richards’s mother’s first marriage to Lawrence Avanzino, and three half-brothers thanks to her father’s first marriage, all of whom were already adults when Richards was born. Both Nicky and Paris Hilton are her nieces.

Kyle Richards’s Personal Life

She was linked to actor C. Thomas Howell in the ’80s. Richards, then 18, wed an Indonesian woman named Guraish Aldjufrie when she was carrying their daughter, Farrah Brittany (born October 31, 1988), but the couple later split and grew apart.
In 1994, Richards wed Mauricio Umansky, a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Umansky’s ancestry is Jewish from both Russia and Greece. He is Estella Sneider’s son.

He has Mexican ancestry and grew up there. In 1996, when Kyle was four months pregnant, the couple tied the knot on January 20. They welcomed a daughter, Alexia Simone, on June 18, 1996. Another daughter, Sophia Kylie, was born on January 18, 2000, and the couple also has a daughter named Portia (born on March 1, 2008). Richards, who was born in the United States but has ancestry in England, Ireland, and Wales, converted to Modern Orthodox Judaism after marrying Umansky.

She is a regular at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. Her family currently resides in Encino, California. Richards, along with her co-star Dorit Kemsley and sister Kathy Hilton, were all reported to have tested positive for COVID-19 in December 2020. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills abruptly halted production on Season 11.

Kyle Richards’ Plastic Surgery

Kyle Richards Before And After
Kyle Richards Before And After

Having access to some of the greatest plastic surgeons in the country, the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is always game for some cosmetic surgery. Kylie Richards has been forthright about the plastic surgery she has undergone, but during an interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, her most recent procedure was accidentally revealed when the presenter asked about a recent hidden breast reduction.

Andy inquired in passing, “How’s the breast reduction working out?” during the broadcast on June 15, 2022. surprisingly oblivious to the fact that Kyle had not yet announced the operation to the general public. After the Bravo star looked down at her low-cut black dress in embarrassment, Andy snidely remarked, “Oh, thank you for letting everyone know. Much obliged.

Andy gave her a terrified expression and said, “Oh! Holy crap! Oh, I thought we covered that already! She exclaimed, “No, no!,” meaning she hadn’t. Now that the secret was out, Kyle continued talking about her operation and asked if she had ever had breast implants. Surgical reduction of my breasts was a choice I made. There are no implants in me. Without implants, I went with a double D. I went in there and told them, “I want smaller boobs and I don’t ever want to wear a bra ever again,” and here I am, without an implant. The truth was outed by Kyle.

The original RHOBH star still had a full chest, as evidenced by her exposing dress, and she said that “you can’t really tell” that she had a breast reduction since “they’re so swollen.” She revealed that she had the treatment “three weeks ago.” Kyle then made the following pledge to the crowd: “I have never lied about anything I’ve done and I never, ever will, just so you guys know.”

Fans of the reality star complained that she looked “strange,” so in 2020 she reportedly had plastic surgery to correct the problem. Kyle posted the following to his Instagram Story: “Since so many of you were wondering what I did or did not do to my face… here is your answer. “I had my nose repaired. The broken bone has been bothering me since I suffered the injury last September. Kyle, who had her first rhinoplasty in 2006, elaborated, “I corrected the bone, repaired my breathing problems, and improved the tip.”

Although in 2015 Kyle did admit to getting “minor” Botox injections, she denied rumors that she had a facelift at the time. The stunning brunette also admitted to having liposuction in 2012. According to an Us Weekly article from 2013, she said, “After having four kids, no matter how much exercise I did, the love handles wouldn’t go away!” She later added, “I’m extremely thrilled with the results!”

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style in 2020, Kyle explained why she has never been shy about sharing her tattoos or piercings with the public. As she put it, “I’m honest about it because we all are so harsh on ourselves as it is,” adding, “When I see people who are looking beautiful and faking like that’s just the way it is, it gives me wrath.”



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