Kylie Jenner Pregnancy: A Latest Updates Like Due Date, Name Are Here!

There is a second kid on the way for Kylie and Travis, and they aren’t holding back the news. Sources close to the pair have provided some information about Stormi’s upcoming sibling, but the family has decided to keep other things hidden. Everything we’ve learned up to this point is collected in one place.

Is The Rumour about Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy True?

The rumour mills are correct! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have made it public that they are expecting their second child, and the news has been widely reported. On September 8th, the 24-year-old shared an emotional and cute video on Instagram to reveal the news (IST). With heart and pregnant woman emoticons, she uploaded it on her Instagram profile.

Throughout the video, Kylie reveals that she and Travis Scott are expecting a second child. Stormi, Stormi’s three-year-old sister, may be seen in the background of the photo. There are also video of Kris Jenner getting the news, as well as visits to the doctor and a few precious moments with Stormi Webster.

Kylie Jenner Pregnanc

First off, we see Kylie proudly revealing her pregnancy to an ecstatic Travis while holding up a pregnancy test. The action then turns to the couple’s trip to the doctor, when they eventually receive the happy news, along with their daughter Stormi.

An emotional Kris is shown ultrasound images by Kylie and Stormi and responds, “This is one of the finest days of my life.” Among other things, the film includes clips from Kylie’s 24th birthday, hearing the baby’s heartbeat at another scan, and Stormi caressing her mother’s baby belly.

Travis and Kylie haven’t made a public announcement about the expected arrival of their child, although Kylie did say in August that she was “a few months along.”

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Haven’t Revealed Due Date Publicly

There are, nevertheless, some suggestions to be found: ‘Kylie is a few months along,’ a source told People on August 20. She’s pregnant, and it’s adorable. She is ecstatic. She’s been hoping to have a sibling for Stormi for a long time, and now she can. As you can expect, she adores her role as a mother. That she and Travis are expecting their second child is making her happy. She’s been keeping her pregnancy a secret so she can enjoy it. So far, she’s only spent time with intimate friends and family members.”

Kylie has revealed a few glimpses of her pregnancy on Instagram, noting how the baby is developing in the comments.

For The Sake Of The Surprise of Kylie Jenner Pregnency Haven’t Picked A Name For The Kid.

In her Vogue 73 Questions video, Kylie stated that she and Travis are keeping the gender a secret even for themselves. In order to pick a name, “We chose to wait till we know the gender,” she stated.

Stormi is “thrilled” about the prospect of having a younger brother or sister.

Her three-year-old daughter, Stormi, “is extremely happy to be a big sister,” Kylie revealed in the Vogue video.

Early in September, an anonymous source spoke to Entertainment Tonight and expressed the same view. Stormi is “over the moon delighted” about having a sibling, according to a source.

Travis and Kylie are working to gradually incorporate Stormi into their plans, such as allowing her to help design the nursery. As a result of their efforts, she’s learning how much she’s loved and getting ready to be a big sister.

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The Pregnant Kylie Jenner Has Desires For Both Salty And Sweet Foods.

Frozen yoghurt and In-N-Out are two of Kylie Jenner’s favourite foods throughout her pregnancy, she said in a video for Vogue. According to her, she’s been “very into sweets,” which is a generic statement about her snacking habits.

When Kylie and Travis are ready to have a family again, they’re back together.

This time around, Kylie and Travis are back together as a couple and ready to start a family after a year-long break (Kylie declared they were just friends in October 2019). According to E!, the pair has reunited and spends most evenings together. It’s stated they share a lot of affection for one other. She sees a future with Travis, who Kylie adores. When they concluded that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, rather than apart… It is only the pregnancy that has brought them closer together.”

Despite her initial plans to make the announcement at the Met Gala, Kylie confirmed her pregnancy on Sept. 7 through Instagram.

When Kylie learned she was pregnant, she documented the experience in a video.

According to E!, Kylie initially intended to make her pregnancy announcement on the red carpet at the Met Gala in September 2021, according to the insider. As the source put it, “[The outcome] was not what she had hoped for”. Even though Kylie wasn’t there, her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were. For New York Fashion Week, Kylie brought her pregnant style to many events.

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A Harper’s Bazaar interview published in March 2020 was the first time Kylie talked about wanting to give Stormi a brother or sister.

Then she stated, “My friends all push me about it,” at the time. “Stormi is adored by them all. There’s a lot of pressure on me to give her a brother, but I have no concrete plans.” In spite of the fact that she and Travis were no longer an item, she still referred to him as her “best buddy.”

Travis and Kylie have a terrific connection, Kylie remarked. “It’s like we’ve known one other for a long time.” Both of us care deeply about Stormi and want nothing but the best for her. We’re always in sync and linked. When Stormi is in trouble, I imagine what [my parents] would do. As a child, they were extremely hands-on with me, and I want the same for Stormi”

While waiting for their second child to arrive, they are “in love” with each other.

Scott and Kendall Jenner are “very in love,” a source tells US Weekly in late December, as they await the arrival of their second child.

‘She feels tremendously secure and is so happy about extending her family and being a new mom again,’ according to her source,

Further, “Kylie’s never felt more ready for anything in her whole life,” they continued to state. To be back on this journey with one other is an incredible feeling for Kylie and Travis. There is no doubt in my mind that these two are in love with each other. As parents, they enjoy a unique relationship that no one else can match.”

Scott and Jenner’s relationship has been speculated to be everything it appears to be in recent months, but a source adds that “both have their own professions and allow one other that space,” but “they are both incredibly hands-on and keep their family at the forefront at all times.”

Speculation is rife that Jenner has already given birth.

On Instagram, TikToker @EmilyCShwartz discovered that Jenner was pregnant based on the colour of her nails in a post by the Kardashians. A follow-up tweet from Schwartz has followers wondering if Jenner has already given baby.

According to TMZ, photos of Jenner boarding an aircraft while shrouded in cloth suggest that she may be concealing her newborn, and it’s not suggested that a pregnant woman fly at all.

Normal restrictions may not apply to the Kardashians and Jenners, who frequently travel by private jet. Other evidence, on the other hand, strengthens the argument.

When Travis Barker posted a picture of himself holding a baby bottle on Instagram, some speculated that the singer was pregnant. On the other hand, there are evidence that Jenner may have been aware of her pregnancy as early as April 23, which would place her due date at the end of December.

There were no images from her family’s annual Christmas gathering, and Jenner appeared to be remaining in bed. Are they all the hints we need?

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