Ray Donovan Season 8: Is It Officially Canceled?

The film “Ray Donovan” is a fascinating intellectual journey that changes moods and tones effortlessly. Ann Biderman, the show’s creator, sold the show to Showtime after it premiered on the network. One of Ray Donovan’s main roles is to arrange for evidence tampering, threats, bribery, and other illegal acts on behalf of high-profile clients.

Ray does a great job because he is meticulous and exacting in his approach. His wife and brother’s relationship is strained, and he cherishes his time with his children. When Ray’s nasty father is unexpectedly released from prison, trouble is right around the corner.

For seven seasons, the show has been on the air. Both the reviewers and the general public have praised Live Schreiber and Jon Voight for their remarkable performances and the show’s unique premise.

After the season 7 cliffhanger, speculation is rife as to whether or not the network would bring the show back. The public is eager to see more of Ray and his family.

If you’re curious about when the rumored film ‘Ray Donovan‘ will be released, we’ve got you covered.

Ray Donovan Season Released-

Ray Donovan’s seventh season began airing on November 17th, 2019 and ended on January 19th, 2020. The show’s makers have hinted at the potential of a ninth season due to the dire circumstances in which it has been running.

An additional point to consider is that the show’s creators have been talking about a second season. Those hoping for a new season have nothing to look forward to, which is a bummer for the fans.

Ray Donovan Season Plot-

Season 7 of “Ray Donovan” concludes with the Donovan family coming to grips with their traumatic past and preparing for an uncertain future in the shadow of the Sullivans.

It doesn’t take Ray long after learning the truth about Bridget’s death to wreck the family’s finances. At one point in the conflict, Daryll comes dangerously close to killing Mickey’s father as well as Smitty and Declan.

Events that took place shortly following the completion of the seventh season are scheduled to be featured in the final chapter. An enraged Ray intends to stop Mickey from causing any more harm on himself and others.

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Ray Donovan Season 3 Cast-

  • Liev Schreiber as Raymond
  • Paula Malcomson as Abigail
  • Eddie Marsan as Terrence
  • Pooch Hall as Daryll Donovan
  • Steven Bauer as Avi Rudin
  • Katherine Moennig as Lena Burnham
  • Kerris Dorsey as Bridget Donovan
  • Devon Bagby as Conor Donovan,
  • Jon Voight as Michael “Mickey”
  • Susan Sarandon as Samantha “Sam”


In the upcoming feature film, the Donovan/Sullivan debate will be retraced back to Mickey’s genesis myth, which will be juxtaposed with present events.

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