Is The Finale Of ‘La La Land’ Happy Or Sad?

Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, La La Land is a 2016 romantic musical drama film. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone portray a struggling jazz pianist and an aspiring actress who fall in love while pursuing their individual aspirations in Los Angeles. The supporting cast includes John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt, Finn Wittrock, and J. K. Simmons.

With the help of his fellow Harvard student Justin Hurwitz, Chazelle first came up with the idea for the film while he was a drummer. The script was written by Chazelle after he relocated to Los Angeles in 2010, but the production could not be funded unless he made adjustments to his design. Whiplash director Danny DeVito’s next picture will be produced by Summit Entertainment.

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La La Land Storyline

A frustrated jazz pianist named Sebastian “Seb” Wilder gets the brunt of Amelia “Mia” Dolan’s road rage while delayed in Los Angeles traffic. In the middle of an emotional scene in her audition, the casting director takes a phone call, and Mia’s performance is ruined. After a luxurious dinner in the Hollywood Hills, her roommates promise her that someone in the audience will help her launch a successful professional life.

In the aftermath of having her automobile carted away, she heads home in a state of desolation. Seb improvises jazz during a restaurant job, ignoring the owner’s advice that only traditional Christmas songs should be played. As she walks past, Mia overhears him playing his guitar. She enters the restaurant, moved, and sees Seb being dismissed for his disobedience.

Mia tries to complement him as he storms away, but he dismisses her. Years later, at a party where he is performing in a 1980s hit cover band, she sees Seb again. Despite their obvious chemistry, they go to their cars after the show and “lament wasting a great night together.”

In Mia’s office, Seb is greeted by the barista, who shows him around the Warner Bros. backlot and explains her love for acting. When he brings her to a jazz club to show her how much he loves jazz, he tells her about his plans to build his own club. Mia accepts Seb’s invitation to a screening of Rebel Without a Cause, ignoring her boyfriend Greg’s request.

She skips the second date in favor of seeing a movie, where she runs into Seb just as the credits roll. Evening at the Griffith Observatory and a romantic dance complete their evening. Mia chooses to write a one-woman show with Seb’s assistance after yet another round of failed auditions. They move in together after he starts performing regularly at a jazz club. Ex-classmate Keith offers Seb to join his jazz fusion band as a keyboardist, which will provide him with a consistent source of money.

After overhearing Mia trying to persuade her mother that he is working on his career, despite his distaste for the band’s pop sound, Seb agrees to join the group. Even though the band is a commercial success, Mia is well aware that this is not the style of music Seb prefers. They have a fight on the first tour: she blames him for giving up on his aspirations, while he says that she liked him better as an unfulfilled dreamer.

Seb and Mia Two weeks later, Seb misses Mia’s play because he forgot about a photoshoot. Mia overhears sarcastic remarks about her performance at the play, which is poorly received by the audience. Mia breaks up with Seb and moves back to her hometown of Boulder City, Nevada because she is unable to forgive him for missing the performance and for their earlier dispute.

La La Land
La La Land

By phone, Seb receives an invitation to audition for an upcoming film from a notable casting director who had seen Mia’s performance. He drives her to Boulder City and convinces her to go to the party. He drives her there. Mia is asked to share a story at her audition. So she sings about her late aunt, a former theatre actress who died of alcoholism, who motivated her to pursue her own goals and aspirations. Seb pushes her to pursue acting full-time because he believes her audition went well.

Five years later, Mia is a well-known actress with a daughter from a previous marriage. A jazz bar is where the couple ends up one night. When Mia recognizes the logo she drew years ago, she discovers Seb has launched a jazz club of his own. Seb starts playing their love theme on the piano as soon as he sees Mia in the crowd. In a dream scene, the two fantasize about what their love would have been like if their careers had flourished as well. Before she departs, Seb and Mia exchange a silent grin to show their appreciation for one another.

La La Land Cast And Characters

Emma Stone

“Emma” Stone is an American film and television actress. The Academy, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Golden Globes have all recognized her achievements. In 2017, she was the highest-paid actress in the world, and Time magazine named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Ryan Gosling

The actor Ryan Thomas Gosling hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Although he is best known for his independent work, he has also appeared in a wide range of mainstream blockbusters, earning a whopping $1.9 billion in worldwide box office receipts.

J.K. Simmons

Known as one of the most prolific and well-known character actors of his time, Jonathan Kimble Simmons is an American actor. Since his debut in 1986, he has appeared in more than 200 films and television shows.

Other Casts: John Legend,  Finn Wittrock

La La Land Ending Explained

As of this writing, La La Land has been nominated for a total of 14 Oscars, making it one of the most nominated films of all time, alongside Titanic and All About Eve. If you have watched the Lionsgate film, though, the bittersweet finale may be a disappointment. Aspiring musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and struggling actress Mia (Julianne Moore) are the focus of the film, which aims to build a jazz club of its own (Emma Stone). With big goals, they’re both struggling to get into the industry.

They meet and fall in love over two hours of music and dancing. In the end, they don’t get back together, no matter how hard they try. By the end of the movie, Sebastian has his own jazz club and Mia has a leading role in a film shot in Paris that kick-starts her career as an actress. Sebastian and Mia separate while making their goals come true and never rekindle their romance. Seb’s (Sebastian’s jazz club) is where Mia finds herself when she returns to L.A. after marrying someone else.

Stopping in for a few minutes, Mia smiles at Sebastian and ponders what their life together could have been like had they never met. The fantasy montage is shown to the audience. Mia, on the other hand, heads back to the club, where she exchanges a final glance with Sebastian before leaving. Despite their obvious chemistry, Sebastian and Mia’s relationship is doomed by their desire to succeed in their respective fields.

Fred Berger, the film’s producer, tells The Hollywood Reporter that the original intention was for the two stars to go their own ways. Jazz will always be a part of his life; she will always be an actor; this will always be a love letter to Los Angeles — we’re not moving there, either.”

Rather than rebelling against the Hollywood fairy tale blueprint, their refusal to depart from their vision was to deliver a more realistic story. When others pressured us to change the aspects that would make it connect and feel fresh and new, we felt confident.” Calibration was something we were willing to experiment with.”

La La Land Trailer

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