Lake County Sheriff Canine Finds Loaded Gun After Accused Attacker Attacks Girlfriend In Waukegan!

A convicted felon from North Chicago is accused of attacking his girlfriend before fleeing the scene and hitting a tree in Waukegan. A loaded gun that he attempted to toss was discovered by a sheriff’s canine in Lake County.

Qvousier M. Redd, 24, of the 1700 block of Barrett Court in North Chicago, was accused of being a felon in possession of a firearm as well as two charges of domestic abuse and two counts of aggravated unauthorised use of a weapon.

Officers from the Waukegan Police Department responded to a call of a domestic dispute at a residence on Saturday, Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Emma Smoler stated at a bond hearing on Sunday. Redd’s girlfriend claimed that she was the victim of an attack and that he brandished a gun at her.

Redd is accused of pushing the girl and hitting her in the face during the assault. Officers saw that she had a wound on her chin that was oozing blood.

Redd had driven away from the incident but had collided with a nearby tree, according to Smoler. According to a witness, Redd fled after the collision after getting out of his car. Smoler claimed that another witness saw the man sprinting while wearing a rucksack.

Redd was apprehended by police after being located. Canine Boomer of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was called to the location to do an item search. Boomer discovered a backpack in a forested area close to the route the criminal took when he escaped, said to Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli.

In Waukegan, the backpack was discovered close to Frolic and Grandville avenues. According to Smoler, the backpack included a loaded Ruger P95 handgun with an extended magazine. The serial number on the gun was scrawled.

The sheriff’s office posted on social media, “Thanks to Boomer, it won’t end up in the hands of a child or someone else who shouldn’t have it!” Redd is a felon with no concealed carry permit or Firearm Owner’s Identification.

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Redd was in possession of a live round of ammunition that matched the calibre of the weapon that was confiscated when he was arrested, according to Smoler. According to court documents, Redd was free on bond when he was detained in North Chicago in April 2021 for gun possession. That matter is still pending.

Redd was required to be detained in the Lake County Jail under a $250,000 umbrella bond by Lake County Judge Jacquelyn Melius. Redd is still being kept in custody and is due back in court on July 6.

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