Limitless Season 2: What About The Storyline? Everything You Need To Know?

Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) is still struggling to come to terms with his newfound powers after swallowing a strong drug in the second season of Limitless. The show is a sequel to the 2011 film in which Bradley Cooper starred as Edward Morra. An update on the prospects of an additional run is provided below.

As a result of his success, he becomes involved in the fame that comes with it. As a result of their investigation, the FBI discovers Brian’s true skills. A full-time analyst is hired because he is unaffected by the drug’s negative effects.

Limitless Season 2 Release Date

How long is the second season of Limitless? Season 2 is a long shot at best. Because CBS felt the series had reached its natural end, they decided not to continue it, and this has not altered.

limitless season 2

Limitless Season 2 Plot

The fact that Brian will have no shortage of foes in Season 2 of Limitless might make for some interesting scenarios. Due to his Senate candidacy, Edward Morra’s influence is expected to rise. New political foes may or may not be sympathetic to Brian’s strategy if he wins the election. As a side note, who is Jarrod? There was no formal confirmation of his death, despite the fact that he had been shot and appeared to be dead.

Jennifer Carpenter will also be getting more screen time in the future. At the conclusion of season one, her character, agent Rebecca Harris, forged a deep bond with Brian. And in Season 2, we can expect to see them both leading the charge against criminals with Spelman Boyle by their sides.

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Limitless Season 2 Cast

  • Jake McDorman as Brian Finch
  • Jennifer Carpenter as FBI Special Agent Rebecca Harris
  • Hill Harper as FBI Special Agent Spelman Boyle
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as FBI Special Agent Nasreen Pouran
  • Bradley Cooper as U.S. Senator Edward Morra
  • Analeigh Tipton as Shauna, Brian’s ex-girlfriend
  • Ron Rifkin as Dennis Finch, Brian’s father
  • Desmond Harrington as SWAT Agent Casey Rooks
  • Tom Degnan as FBI Agent Jason Ike
  • Michael James Shaw as FBI Agent Daryl Mike
  • Colin Salmon as Jarrod Sands, a former MI6 officer
  • Georgina Haig as Piper Baird
  • Blair Brown as Marie Finch, Brian’s mother
  • Megan Guinan as Rachel Finch, Brian’s sister
  • Michael Devine as James Padgett

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Final Lines

At this point, the second season of Limitless doesn’t look to be in the cards for the show. Due to the show’s conclusion, CBS decided not to renew it, believing there was little possibility for further twists and turns. As a result, the show has a distinct fan base and identity; it was one of the most beloved on television.

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