One Piece Film Red Release Date And Official Trailer Is Here!

One Piece Film Red: A new Japanese animated fantasy action film with the working title One Piece Film Red will be made by Toei Animation and produced by Goro Taniguchi. It is the fifteenth entry in the One Piece film series, which is based on the same-named manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.

It was first made public on November 21, 2021, to mark the release of the One Piece anime series’ 1000th episode. Following the episode’s broadcast that day, a teaser trailer and poster were made available for viewing by the general public.

You can find out all there is to know about the One Piece movie Red in this article, including its release date, cast, synopsis, and other details.

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One Piece Film Red Release Date Will Be

One Piece Film: Red, the next 15th installment in the One Piece movie franchise, is slated for release on August 6, 2022. On November 21, 2021, to coincide with the release of Episode 1000, the movie was originally announced.

One Piece Film Red Cast

The Japanese manga series One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy and his band of Straw Hat Pirates as they explore the globe in search of the fabled “One Piece” treasure. It was first released in 1997. Formerly known as the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger.

The original inspiration for the series was provided by Eiichiro Oda. He is an executive producer for the movie as well as the manga artist for the series. Tsutomu Kuroiwa (who also created the script for One Piece Film: Gold) is responsible for the next film’s screenplay, while Code Geass producer Goro Taniguchi is anticipated to return in that capacity as the movie’s director.

Taniguchi has a history with One Piece; he was the director of the 1998 OVA One Piece: Fight The Pirate Ganzack, which came before the 1999 anime series and, in Oda’s words, made him the first person on earth to have animated versions of every character associated with Luffy.

One Piece Film Red Storyline

The drama takes place on an island, where Uta, the most well-known diva in the world, performs in front of an audience for the first time. People have remarked that Uta’s singing voice, which she employs to conceal her true identity, sounds “out of this world.”

Now that Luffy’s Straw Hat crew, other pirates, the Naval force, and admirers from all around the world who enjoy her voice have arrived, Uta’s voice sounds different. She is Red-Haired Shanks’ “daughter,” which is terrible information to learn at the beginning of the novel.

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Release Date Of One Piece Film Red In Another Country

Release dates for films by nation Premieres

  • Japan: July 22, 2022 (World Premiere) Movie theatres
  • Japan: August 6, 2022
  • France: 10-Aug-2022
  • Fall 2022 in Italy

Where To Watch Red One Piece On Netflix

On Crunchyroll, you may watch One Piece Film Red. The publication date is August 6, 2022.

One Piece Red Trailer

One Piece Film: Red will have its Japanese premiere on August 6, 2022, and will have a global release on a later date. Here is a brief trailer that showcases some of the newest concepts that will be featured in the upcoming movie.

Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

One Piece Film: Red isn’t canon, to put it briefly. Currently, Eiichiro Oda prefers to handle the main plot in his manga, thus the movies serve only to amuse the audience and have no bearing on the main plot.

How Did Shanks Get His Scar?

Before forming his own crew or while still a member of the Roger Pirates, Shanks received his scar from Blackbeard. Shanks stated that they have been battling ever since they met (ep. 434), indicating that he received his scar before taking the helm of the Red Hair Pirates.

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