Tokyo Mew Mew New Release Date Status Is Officially Confirmed Check Out Here!

A new episode of Tokyo Mew Mew called Tokyo Mew Mew New is set to air on July 5, 2022. Tokyo Mew Mew New will be available to stream on HIDIVE this summer thanks to Sentai’s acquisition of the show.

Reiko Yoshida and Mia Ikumi are the authors and illustrators of the Japanese manga series Tokyo Mew Mew. The manga was serialized in Nakayoshi, a shojo manga magazine published by Kodansha, from September 2000 to February 2003. Kodansha has compiled the manga’s chapters into seven tankobon volumes.

Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode, a two-volume sequel to the manga, was serialized in Nakayoshi from February 2002 to January 2003. In this sequel, Berry Shirayuki (White Snow Berry), a new character, made his debut as the Mew Mews’ interim commander.

TV Aichi, We’ve Inc. Tokyu Agency, and Studio Pierrot worked together to create the anime series adaption of Tokyo Mew Mew. The animation ran for fifty-two episodes on TV Aichi and TV Tokyo in Japan from February 3, 2002, to March 29, 2003.

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Fans Of Cats & Magical Girls Should Check Out Tokyo Mew Mew New

The narrative opens with a young girl named Ichigo Momomiya deciding to accompany her crush Masaya Aoyama to an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, about endangered species. A unexpected earthquake occurs while they are out on a date, and Ichigo and the other four females are enveloped in an odd magical light. Ichigo sees a cat that enters her body when she is sleeping, but the next day she begins acting like a cat and makes puns about cats.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Cast

  • Mirai Hinata as Mint Aizawa.
  • Momoka Ishii as Zakuro Fujiwara.
  • Rian Toda as Pudding Fong.
  • Ryōko Jūni as Lettuce Midorikawa.
  • Yūki Tenma as Ichigo Momomiya.
  • Daiki Yamashita as Tart.
  • Kaori Ishihara as Masha.
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Quiche.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Storyline

To research endangered animals, Ichigo and Masaya relocate to England. The aliens’ leftover Chimera Animas are still being destroyed by the remaining Mew Mews. The Saint Rose Crusaders, a group of gifted humans who want to take over the remaining Chimera Animas and rule the planet while establishing a utopia, pose a new challenge to them.

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As the sixth Mew Mew, Berry Shirayuki temporarily succeeds Ichigo as leader. The Andean mountain cat and the Amami rabbit, two endangered species, have had their DNA injected into Berry, the first Mew Mew to do so. Two of the Crusaders attack Berry at school since she is one of the strongest Mew Mews. Ichigo makes a comeback to aid in this conflict.

Two Crusaders mesmerise Tokyo residents and direct them to fight the Mew Mews in their final assault. Berry and Tasuku Meguro, a childhood friend, use their newly discovered feelings of love to undo the hypnosis and influence the Crusaders to alter their minds.

When did Tokyo Mew Mew come out?

The manga series with the same name, written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi, is called Tokyo Mew Mew. On February 1, 2001, it was first published as an official manga. From that point on, it was serialized each month until April 4, 2003, when the last volume was published.

Where can I watch Tokyo Mew Mew new?

Crunchyroll – Groups – Tokyo Mew Mew.

Is Tokyo Mew Mew Kid friendly?

Ichigo is now known as Tokyo Mew Mew, a cat girl who fights crime and has to stop evil aliens from exploiting animals to take over the entire planet! Ichigo needs to track down the final four girls. I heartily recommend this if you enjoy adorable and lighthearted shoujo series! All ages are welcome.

Why Was Mew Mew Power Canceled?

Mew Mew Power ran for 23 episodes when 4Kids was unable to secure the licence for the remaining episodes, leading to the cancellation of the show. Mew Mew Power’s whole 26-episode run broadcast on YTV in Canada in 2005 and on Pop Girl in the UK in 2008.

What animals are the Mew Mews?

She becomes the first Mew Mew to contain the genetic material of two threatened species, the Amami Black Rabbit and the Andes Mountain Cat. She is provided with a robot companion, Ucha, who, like Ichigo, offers advice and can change into the staff Berry uses to combat.

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