Paul Boukadakis Net Worth: What Is Actor’s Annual Income?

Technology and media entrepreneur Paul Boukadakis hails from the United States. His company, Wheel, was acquired by Tinder in 2017 and he is the co-founder and CEO of the video-sharing app. As a result of the transaction, he was promoted to the position of vice president of special projects at Tinder. Ana de Armas, the Cuban-Spanish actress with whom he is currently romantically linked, has made Paul a household name. By the year 2022, Paul Boukadakis is expected to have a net worth of $20 million.

Paul Boukadakis early life

Paul Boukadakis was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 9th, 1984. He was the son of Michael Boukadakis and Paula Francis Wagner, his parents being Greek immigrants to America. ENACOMM, his father’s IT firm, was founded by him. He enrolled at Bishop Kelley High School to pursue his education.

Autumn, Joey, and Sunny were Paul’s three siblings. General Specific, the creative strategy consulting firm founded by his brother Joey, was founded by Joey. The Spindle Design Co. owned by Autumn, one of his sisters, is an interior design firm

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Paul Boukadakis Net Worth

By the year 2022, Paul Boukadakis’ net worth is expected to be approximately $20 million. Having worked in the media and technology industries for so long, he’s amassed a sizable fortune.

Wheel was co-founded by Boukadakis in 2015. Ferris was the company’s name at the time. Paul and Chris Shaheen started the company together, with Shaheen serving as the company’s CTO. Two other co-founders of the video-sharing app include his brother, Joey Boukadakis, as well as Brian Daughter. In order to make watching videos on mobile devices more enjoyable, they created the app. Upfront Ventures invested $2 million in the startup in 2015.

In contrast, Wheel, a video-sharing service, failed to break through. Overall, the app garnered 5000 downloads and was ranked 574 in the Photo & Video section of the App Store. Since then, Boukadakis joined Twitter, along with the rest of the original team: Chris Shaheen, Brian Daugherty, Joey Boukadakis and Brian Daugherty

Paul Boukadakis Personal life

Ana de Armas, a well-known actress, introduced Paul Boukadakis to the public eye after they began dating. He’s been seeing Armas, according to rumours, since July 2021. They were first spotted together at JFK Airport in September 2021. Boukadakis and Ana de Armas went out to dinner at The Ivy in London just a few days afterwards.

By way of his pals, Paul got introduced to Armas. Their relationship has blossomed since they first met. To Paul’s surprise, the Cuban actress has been presented to some of his relatives. Ana had a romance with Ben Affleck before to meeting Paul. When asked about her reasons for leaving Los Angeles, Ana said that she had to escape the unwanted attention she was receiving as a result of her previous connection with Ben. In January 2021, Ana and Ben broke up.

Paul Boukadakis Career

Paul was promoted to the position of Tinder’s Vice President of Special Initiatives, while co-founder Shaheen was promoted to the position of Vice President of Engineering. He co-founded OnAirstreaming alongside Wheel, another streaming platform.

This man is also an avid moviegoer in addition to his work in technology. Music videos and commercials have been developed by Paul. His career in entertainment began in 2007, according to reports from a number of media publications. His brother Joey directed his debut short film, Rushers, which was his first film role.

Dinner with Raphael, A Fuchsia Elephant, and Dangerous Worry Dolls are just a few of the films and television shows he has been in since. The Snow Monster and Lucy in the Sky with Diamond are two examples of his short film productions.

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