Sistas Season 5

Sistas Season 5: Renewed Or Cancelled

A group of black girls, all of whom are unmarried, come together to discuss the question, “Why am I single??” Zac (Devale Ellis) and Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett) are well-known characters in this 10-episode, 1-hour-long show about a couple’s love. BET+, the biggest streaming service for African-Americans, has given the go-ahead for the second Tyler Perry spin-off, “Zima,” to be produced.

When it comes to finding love, friendship, and a career, a group of unmarried black ladies faces a rocky road in this one-hour drama. They have to deal with the challenges of social media and unrealistic relationship expectations. Emotional and gut-busting predicaments put the women’s friendship to the test, and Tyler Perry leads viewers on an amazing journey.

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Sistas Season 5 Storyline

When Fatima thinks Hayden is still messing with Zac, she breaks into his house with a baseball and starts robbing him. That is until she finds that there was a snafu in the paperwork. It’s Fatima who always does the most, as Zach points out later on in the show. Taking legal action against her, Hayden has the last laugh.

However, this isn’t their only issue. To Fatima, Zac tells her that three years ago, he was accused of fathering another child. Fatima has her doubts about him because of his reputation as a “hoe” and his infidelity with Karen during their relationship. Fatima doesn’t believe him. Despite this, Zac still finds time to play Cupid and assist Preston in rekindling his romance with Danni.

With her African restauranteur love interest, Bayo, Sabrina is dancing the night away. Even though she claims it’s the best date of her life throughout the show, you can see there’s something off about her demeanor. Surely we’ll find out soon enough.

While hosting the ex-con Q on his couch, Maurice is embroiled in his own personal saga. However, when Q tries to eavesdrop on Maurice’s dreams and sneak into his room, he is met with fierce resistance. Clearly, he’s just trying to avoid being harmed. ‘ In the end, it’s only a matter of time before the two of them get into bed together.

Finally, Aaron, the Sistas’ resident simp, agrees to accompany Karen to what appears to be a doctor’s visit, which is a bit of a letdown. He appears to believe, based on his calculations, that he is the child’s father, and he is most likely correct. It’s possible Karen would be disappointed if she hopes her child will bring her back to Zac.

Sistas Season 5 Cast And Characters

Sistas Season 5 Cast
Sistas Season 5 Cast

KJ Smith 

Marilyn and Ernest Smith reared Smith in Tallahassee, Florida. She attended Florida State University to earn a degree in Business Marketing. She graduated from [citation needed] with a bachelor’s degree and went on to work in the corporate world after graduation. Smith later returned to Florida A&M University, where she studied journalism, to continue her degree.

Ebony Obsidian

She is an American actress who was born Ebony Obsidian on April 16, 1994. Originally from New Paltz, NY, Obsidian now lives in Los Angeles. Eritrean Habesha origin, training at William Esper Studio, and a career in the arts The Vixens and Where Hearts Lie were two of the independent films she appeared in while training at the William Esper Studio.

Chido Nwokocha

He is a Nigerian-American who was born and raised in Sacramento, Calif. During his time in college, he played wide receiver for Ohio University. Before joining the San Jose Sabercats, he was a member of the Arena Football League’s San Jose Thunder. He turned to act when a knee injury ended his football career.

Other Casts: Novi Brown, Crystal Renee Hayslett, Devale Ellis

Sistas Season 5 Release Date

‘Sisters,’ which aired its fourth season in January of 2022, was renewed for a fifth season in March of the same year. Season 5 should premiere in 2023 at the earliest, based on this information. The number of episodes has fluctuated over the course of the first four seasons, thus it’s impossible to pin down an exact figure.

Sistas Season 5 Where To Watch?

Be sure to check out BET’s debut of the series. Here’s where you can watch it. Amazon Prime Video and Vudu both have streaming options for the seasons, although you may have to rent them. It’s time to call it a night. BET has produced a wonderful show.

You won’t want to miss the preview! If you haven’t seen the series yet, you should do so right away. You can begin watching at the beginning of the first season and continue watching until the end of the fourth season has been released.

Sistas Season 5 Trailer

Season 5 of Sistas has yet to receive a trailer from the show’s developers. For now, you may see a preview of the show here:


There are four black women included in the novel, all of whom have relationship doubts of one sort or another. It’s impossible not to be intrigued by the tangled lives of these four young girls. If you enjoy romantic comedies, this film is a must-see for any fan of the genre. Take a look at what happens to these girls. Is it preferable for them to be in a shambolic relationship or to be single? More beyond that, I’m not going to say.

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