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The new 2022 MacBook Air shares the same next-generation M2 as Apple’s 2022 MacBook Pro. The M2 MacBook Pro starts at $1,299 and is already up for preorder at a few stores.

It has a faster 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU than the M1 MacBook Pro and a 13-inch Liquid Retina display. It has a rated battery life of up to 20 hours and supports up to 24GB of unified memory for seamless multitasking and 3x faster transcoding. The M2 MacBook Pro provides two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports for connecting external devices.

Apple developers intentionally positioned the speakers and microphones between the display and keyboard, just like they did with the 2022 MacBook Air. Whether you’re streaming content or making a video conversation, the new four-speaker sound system supports Spatial Audio for better audio.

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The 512GB M2 MacBook Pro starts at $1,499 if you want twice as much capacity for gaming, scripting, graphic design, or video editing. Preorders for the MacBook Pro are supposed to deliver by June 24 according to Best Buy.

How Different From The M1 MacBook Pro Is The M2 MacBook Pro?

Apple asserts that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is over 40% faster than the previous model M1 in several programs. On the M2 MacBook Pro, gaming performance is also 40% faster.

What processor powers the MacBook Pro?

The M2 processor, which has an eighth-generation 8-core CPU, is now included in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Additionally, it has Apple’s new GPU, which has two additional cores than M1 and up to 10 total.

Is macOS Ventura included with the M2 MacBook Pro?

No, macOS Monterey is what the M2 MacBook Pro comes with. However, customers will be able to upgrade to macOS Ventura later this year.

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What Are The M2 MacBook Pro’s Display Specifications?

A 13.3-inch LED-backlit IPS display is available on the M2 MacBook Pro. The display has a maximum brightness of 500 nits and a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels.

How long does the M2 MacBook Pro’s battery last?

According to Apple, the battery life of the MacBook Pro can last up to 20 hours.

Are Touch ID &Touch Bar Included With The M2 MacBook Pro?

Yes, it’s a surprise that Apple has reinstated the TouchBar for the M2 MacBook Pro after removing it from the 14- and 16-inch models introduced in 2021. For added security and convenience, it also provides TouchID.

What RAM & Storage Choices Are Available For The M2 MacBook Pro?

The M2 MacBook Pro has up to 2TB of SSD storage and may be customiZed with up to 24GB of RAM.

What Is The Price Of The M2 MacBook Pro?

The starting price for Apple’s most recent MacBook Pro is Rs 1,29,900. The MacBook Pro starts at Rs. 1,19,900 for students.

When Will The M2 MacBook Pro Be Released & Where Can You Pre-order One?

Customers can order it from the Apple Online Store and Apple Authorized Resellers. Beginning on June 24, the M2 MacBook Pro should be accessible.

Final Lines

Pre-orders for Apple’s most recent MacBook Pro are now open in India. The brand-new M2 CPU is a feature of the laptop, which was announced at WWDC 2022 earlier this month. The MacBook Pro hasn’t undergone any significant upgrades from Apple, but the laptop’s processing speed has increased. The most important information about cost, features, and accessibility is provided here.

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Have you ever wished you could continue a business meeting as you headed home? No? Unfortunately, you will still have that choice. In order to “assist” you continue Webex meetings on your iPhone and through CarPlay, Cisco has created smooth transition options.

By scanning a QR code, Move to Mobile enables you to transfer a call from your desktop to your iPhone, and CarPlay now allows you to carry on a meeting as soon as you plug your iPhone into your car. An upgrade planned in August will give you the opportunity to listen to historical Webex recordings.

You can catch up on a meeting you missed while you’re stuck in traffic, in other words. No matter what meeting you’re listening to, you’ll see your schedule after the call is over. You can join a meeting directly from CarPlay if you’re running late.

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There are practical advantages to these updates. If you work remotely, you can go on errands rather than being confined to your computer. And if you’re back to working in the office, you can still leave early when the team holds a last-minute chat.

Even so, it’s challenging to picture many people getting giddy over seamless Webex calls. After all, there’s a high possibility you consider your automobile a shelter – you probably don’t want work following you on the road.

The future of work is hybrid work, and it is already in existence. The modern workplace is no longer limited to a particular location or gadget. It is adaptable, portable, and connected. Collaboration allows us to work anywhere, at any time, and seamlessly integrate it into our lives.

Through the power of Webex and iOS, we’re excited to announce Move to Mobile, for a seamless transition from desktop to iPhone, as well as updates to Webex on CarPlay. Let me give you a real-life scenario: you take an early Webex Meeting from home, but you need to get on the road to commute to the office.

The transition as you phone in from your iPhone and drop from your Mac has been made simpler. With Move to Mobile integrated into Webex Meetings, switching to your iPhone is as easy as scanning a QR code. No disruption and completely frictionless.

And because you’re hopping in the car, now with Apple CarPlay and Webex Meetings, we’ve made that transition smooth, too. Simply connect your iPhone and voila, your meeting continues! A feature that is exclusive to Webex is the ability to view your upcoming meetings after your call has ended and join directly (in audio-only mode, of course).

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Additionally, you don’t need to look at your phone to stay connected to your meetings! Once you’ve arrived and parked at the office, you may effortlessly continue a meeting on your phone, slip into a conference room and seamlessly transfer the meeting to the Webex device there.

We’ll be expanding the CarPlay connection in August to allow listening to previous Webex recordings, so you can catch up on any meetings you might have missed during the day while stuck in traffic on your way home.

Successful hybrid work means offering flexible, frictionless experiences no matter where employees are working. Earlier this year, Webex by Cisco unveiled the option to use AirPlay on Webex devices, removing the requirement to locate the proper cord or connection while sharing material with coworkers.

We started with an entirely new Webex software for the iPad. Simply establish a wireless connection and share your iPhone, iPad, and Mac’s screen, whether you’re in the same room for a conference or are participating remotely via video chat.

Now, by updating Webex on CarPlay, we’re delivering even more flexibility that today’s workers need and want.

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It has been simple to move your WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android for several months, but doing it the other way around is trickier. However, rest assured that this will soon change.

In fact, WhatsApp will now make it simpler to move your messages and chat history from Android to iOS. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (the organization that owns the well-known messenger), made the announcement in a post on Facebook on Monday, June 13, 2022. Keep in mind that the beta version of this functionality is currently accessible.

And how does it operate? WhatsApp and Apple have partnered to use the Move to iOS app to streamline the process. This program, among other things, can move contacts, message history, pictures, videos, email addresses, and calendar entries from an Android handset to an iPhone.

Additionally, it makes it simple to download all of your apps in their iOS versions because the App Store’s app icons are displayed right on your iPhone’s home screen. To begin the installation, simply click on it.

Whatsapp Messages may now be transferred much more easily from Android to iOS

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Additionally, as of this coming Tuesday, June 14, Move to iOS integration will be made available on WhatsApp. In other words, WhatsApp will show up as a data source when you use the programme to move all of your data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone.

So, everything (including messages and conversation history) will be transferred to your iPhone. Then, to verify the transfer, simply download the WhatsApp app on your brand-new iPhone (or restore it to factory settings) and sign in with the same phone number that you used on Android.

It should be noted that in order to complete the operation, a smartphone running Android 5.0 or later is required, as well as an iPhone running iOS 15.5. Additionally, your Android device data will instantly replace any existing iOS WhatsApp chat history.

WhatsApp integrated with ‘Move to iOS’

According to Engadget, WhatsApp will soon be a transferable app option when moving your data via Move to iOS. When you choose WhatsApp, it will launch instantly and request your consent to transfer your data.

Apple will also pre-load the app onto your home page; all you need to do is tap it to complete the iPhone installation. Don’t rush this because the Move to iOS transfer procedure can take some time. I’ve used the app before, and it took around an hour, even though I just sent a small amount.

When you initially launch WhatsApp on your iPhone, you will also need to authenticate, according to Engadget. Before the data is decrypted, this must be completed. Your WhatsApp conversation history should be securely stored on your new smartphone once you’ve finished.

Use iCloud To Backup Your Chats

Additionally, you should backup your communications to iCloud as an extra measure of security. To do this, visit:

Select “Settings” > “Tap on your name” > iCloud

Toggle WhatsApp on by scrolling down and finding it there to make sure it’s saved in your subsequent backup. Stay on the same menu and select “iCloud Backup” to make sure your iPhone backs itself up to the cloud. You can choose “iCloud Backup” to alter or view the date of your most recent iCloud backup. It should say On or Off.

For details on how to install the beta, see WABetaInfo There is no word yet on when all users will be able to use this service.

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The Curiosity Mars Rover from NASA has found strange rock formations on Mars that look like small, twisted towers. The SETI Institute, a group that looks for signs of alien intelligence, posted a picture of the rock formations on Twitter last month. The picture was taken by one of the rover’s cameras on May 15 and sent back to Earth.

At first glance, the strange vertical formations look like they might be made of wood because they look like they are almost living things. Some people may have also been interested in the fact that the photo was shared by the SETI Institute. But the tweet from the SETI Institute quickly ruled out any organic or alien origins.

“Here is another cool rock at Gale crater on Mars,” the organization said. “The spikes are most likely the cemented fillings of ancient fractures in sedimentary rock. The rest of the rock was made of softer material and was eroded away.”

On NASA’s website, you can see a raw black-and-white picture.

Erosion is a well-known natural process in which solid surfaces break down over time. Erosion can happen here on Earth because of things like rain, running water, ice, and wind. Mars doesn’t have running water, but there is a lot of wind.

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Scientists have already written about how the winds on Mars have created valley systems and other natural features by blowing away surface material that isn’t very well stuck together.

Erosion can also make structures that are smaller and more complicated. NASA shared a picture of a strange rock formation that looked like a flower earlier this year.

The rock formation, which Curiosity also took a picture of and posted on March 9, is smaller than a penny and has several protruding parts.

“It would be a big fine if the rock really was a fossilized flower from ancient Mars, but there are other, less exciting, and more likely explanations for its strange shape,” the space agency said in an online post.

People think that water seeping through cracks in the rock deposited minerals in the shape of a flower at some point in the past. This made a hard structure that will stay even if the rock on the outside wears away.

People tend to be interested in photos taken by robotic rovers on the surface of Mars, especially when they show cool rock formations. This year, a rocky “doorway” on the surface of Mars made headlines, and other stories focused on what was thought to be a “alien figure” lying down on a rock in the background of a Perseverance photo.

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Choosing the right internet plan is important since that’s how you’ll get a sound connection without any hassle. However, most people don’t know how to pick the right internet plan for their needs and end up choosing a bad one.

But not to fret as we’re here to give insights into some tips that will help you in choosing the right internet plan from various choices. These insights will navigate your choice while illustrating the importance of various elements. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Pick the Right Speed

One of the many reasons why people end up with bad plan choices is because they don’t navigate their decisions carefully, especially in terms of internet speed. This happens when people don’t know how much speed will be good enough for them.

That is why one should assimilate this idea before even opting for a plan. However, it can also be assimilated when looking for plans from a provider. For instance, AT&T Internet plans offer insights into different packages that are designed to entertain different needs of the users.

Each plan comes with a specified speed, which makes it easier to know whether it’ll entertain the needs or not. In case the plans look confusing, you can reach out to AT&T customer service and get acquainted with the right plan of your choice.

With that said, make sure to choose the right internet plan that comes with ample speed because, in the end, your internet speed will provide the most benefit.

Choose the Best Internet Provider

Another important factor to consider is the internet provider offering the services. Most users don’t bother to look for the best internet provider near them and go on acquiring services from the one working in their vicinity.

However, this shouldn’t be the way since a good internet provider can offer reliable services without any hassle. For starters, it’ll ensure consistency and competence throughout the services. You’ll find their team to be professional and facilitative in almost every manner.

Plus, the services you’ll be getting should be top-notch too. We’ve already mentioned one of the top names above and you can find others by simply searching for a service-based internet provider near you.

Pick The Best Available Service

In addition to looking for the best internet company in your area, you should also look for the best service available near you. In most cases, some internet companies often advertise offering certain internet solutions such as fiber optics.

However, these aren’t implemented to a full scale in the first place, which is what most users often face difficulty with. Plus, in many cases, the internet companies aren’t offering complete services in the given area, which makes it difficult to get the desired services from the potential choice.

That is why make sure that the provider you’re getting your internet plan from offers the best available service, equal if not better than the competitors. It should adhere to the factors mentioned above and should provide complete utility as well, making your plan a solid choice.

Choose A Bundle Offer

Another great tip is to check out various bundles and deals that are offered by internet companies. These deals are formed to offer multiple services to the customers at discounted prices. As a result, one can get several services from one provider at reduced costs.

If you’re looking for an internet plan and want to buy additional services such as phone, TV, wireless, etc. then it’s a good thing that you pick a bundle. Not only will you acquire multiple services from one provider, but you’ll surely find them at an affordable cost.

Also, these bundles do provide several additional perks such as data, coverage, devices, services, etc. One of the many benefits of choosing bundles is that you get amazing perks too, which can benefit you in long term.

Moreover, companies tend to bring promotional offers for clients opting for bundles. They’re aware that certain clients like to enjoy additional services with their internet plan, which is why they provide such deals too.

Check Out Some Perks

We’ve highlighted how some internet bundles offer additional perks that one can consider. Amongst these perks, no data caps and termination fees should lead. With no data cap, you should be able to enjoy seamless internet without worrying about exhausting your data limit.

Some internet providers tend to slow internet speed once the user reaches the data limit. On the other hand, termination fee comes into play when consumers get into contracts with providers of internet services. As a result, they’re bound to get services from the company otherwise they’ll have to pay a termination fee to shift their connection.

In addition to this, additional perks such as free installation services, free connection change, free subscriptions to streaming services, robust customer service, etc. are some exciting perks that one should consider.

Also, check out whether the pricing of the services offered by the provider changes a lot or not. Many times some providers provide promotional discounts. However, once the promo ends, the prices are often doubled, leading customers into trouble. Make sure that the plan you’re choosing sticks with its current pricing for at least a year.

Closing Notes

Choosing your internet plan shouldn’t be a hassle, especially when you have these amazing tips at your disposal. If you focus on these, then you’re surely bound to find the right internet plan as per your needs.

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Before Valve’s Steam Deck came out, we knew that it would be easier to fix yourself than most new electronics. And now it looks like it won’t be hard to find replacement parts either. On Friday night, iFixit leaked a list of parts it will sell for Valve’s handheld game system. The list showed that the company plans to sell replacement parts for almost every part of the Steam Deck, including replacement motherboards with AMD’s custom Aerith chipset built into them for the handheld.

The Verge says that the company will even sell parts that could be thought of as improvements. For example, if you have the 64GB or 256GB model, you can buy the screen from the 512GB model to get the anti-glare screen that comes with that model. You can also pay an extra $5 for a “Fix Kit” that comes with all the tools you need to replace a panel.

 Batteries are one part that iFixit won’t sell right away. Those will be available at a later time. The CEO of iFixit, Kyle Wiens, told The Verge, “We don’t have a solution for battery repairs on day one, but we are committed to working with Valve to keep these devices working as they get older.” “The Steam Deck is going to need new batteries if it is going to last the test of time.”

Touchpads and face buttons on the Stream Deck are two more things that won’t have replacements on day one. Most of the parts are not too expensive. For example, fixing a broken thumbstick will cost you $20. A new motherboard, which costs $350, is the most expensive part on the list. With a Valve handheld starting at $400, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to build your own Steam Deck with parts from iFixit, but the company will have you covered for most repairs.

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GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time, and now the Centre for Computing History has discovered the ultimate way to prevent screen cheating by providing each player with their own independent screen. On Twitter, the Centre for Computing History posted a video of this innovative approach to playing GoldenEye 007 and explained how it came up with the idea for its upcoming 25 Years of GoldenEye Dev Talk Evening.

While the event is sold out, those who have already purchased a ticket will be able to experience the GoldenEye experience on a different screen. Three of GoldenEye’s developers will attend as guests, including Martin Hollis, Dr David Doak, and Brett Jones, and there will be production documents, concept art, and playable versions of GoldenEye Japan and maybe the cancelled GoldenEye Remastered for Xbox 360.

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If you wish to recreate this setup for yourself, the Centre for Computing History cautioned that it would be difficult and costly, requiring approximately £8,000 in video distribution equipment. It also stated that the game was being played on an original N64 with a GoldenEye 007 cartridge. While this may be difficult for most people to duplicate, GoldenEye 007 Xbox Achievements appeared online early this year and may indicate that a new port is on the horizon.

“It’s not classy”

According to Jason Fitzpatrick, CEO and trustee of the Centre for Computing History, the concept for multi-screen GoldenEye arose from a discussion among museum personnel about their problems with split-screen first-person shooters on consoles. “We were talking about it, and they said, ‘The difficulty is that we’re all on the same screen; all you have to do is a glance to the top right and see what they’re doing, and you can counter it,'” Fitzpatrick explained. “

‘Oh, really, we might have a way around that,’ we said. So we just played around with it and felt it was harmless fun.”Because of his daily work at Pure Energy TV and Film Props, where he says he’s frequently called on to set up antique cathode ray tube TVs on set, Fitzpatrick was in an ideal position to break up GoldenEye’s split-screen feed.

He “happens to have a number of pieces of equipment for fiddling around with video,” he explained. Fitzpatrick explained that this is partly because “the original game didn’t look fantastic anyhow” and partly because the CRT’s continuous horizontal line-scanning technology “covers up a multitude of faults.” “We used to watch movies at that quality because old video CDs were 352 288 anyhow,” he remarked.

This type of signal splitting may remind you of the gigantic CRT television walls seen in art installations and old music videos. Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, recommends utilising a video wall controller for this type of processing “It would take hours to set up because you’d have to do each one separately… you wouldn’t have had the fine control over exactly where the [split-screen] area was. That would have just divided the screen into four pieces. It’s possible that certain details were overlooked.”

How should it be played?

In some ways, the multi-screen GoldenEye exhibition this weekend is a high-tech version of the actual screen-hiding strategies used by many players in the 1990s on their single TVs. “When they came to the museum, a lot of people said, ‘Oh, I remember with my brother just putting a piece of cardboard or something over the middle, a sheet, whatever,” Fitzpatrick said. “You could block each other out in a variety of bizarre ways. So, the concept isn’t new.”

Some claim that this is how em>GoldenEye/em> was meant to be perceived all along.
Some think this is how GoldenEye was meant to be seen all along. While some may perceive a multi-monitor GoldenEye as an upgrade, others argue that it interferes with how the game was intended to be played. “

‘Well, you’re actually detracting from the gameplay…’ commented a couple of individuals online. Someone claimed it was like chess; you have to figure out what they’re doing and then counter it. They’ve claimed we’re detracting from it in certain areas, and they’re probably right.”

Though Fitzpatrick and his coworkers are excited to show off their setup during the special event this weekend, there are no plans to make multi-screen GoldenEye a permanent component of the museum at this time. “I’m going to need the equipment back after that,” Fitzpatrick explained.

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Google is releasing a new update to Android Auto, bringing the app up to version 7.6 for all Android users. While the exact version number varies by device, Android Auto 7.6 is the most recent significant update to the service, arriving around a month after the 7.5 release.

The update began rolling out last week, but as of this weekend, it appears to have been broadly distributed to all users. The Android Auto app comes pre-installed on most recent Android smartphones, however, it receives updates from the Play Store rather than full system updates.

While this software does not enable displaying a car-friendly experience on your phone’s screen, it is required to run the experience in supported vehicles. Need the Android Auto app in order to run Android Auto over a wired or wireless connection. It’s best if the app is up to date.

Sometimes, Android Auto updates will add big new features or fixes to the platform. Other updates are smaller and less important. A significant number increase, such as v8.0, would very probably indicate a big update. A lot of changes made in 0.1 aren’t very big, though.

People have been waiting for a new version of Android Auto for a long time. Version 7.6 doesn’t look like it’s going to get that new look. There’s a good chance that this new update is being pushed out to fix problems with apps like Google Assistant and other parts of the Android Auto experience.

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If we had to guess, it may also be helpful with the rollout of fast replies, which began appearing for beta users last week. Android Auto might already be up to date thanks to the Google Play Store. If not, you can click here to check for updates yourself.

How the Quick Reply Feature for Android Auto Works

When you connect your phone to Android Auto, the rapid reply feature suggests at least one response after Google Assistant reads your message aloud. According to the research, the length of the answer options provided to users ranged from three words to one emoji.

Android Auto 7.6 Is Rolling Out
Android Auto 7.6 Is Rolling Out

The report says that this feature allows you to send suggested replies through your favorite messaging app, as well as to send them. This isn’t the only thing the update adds. It also has a “custom reply” option. Reports say that the option lets you leave a message for Google Assistant to read and then answer by voice instead of waiting for suggestions.

Android Auto apparently received a USB Startup Diagnostics tool last month, which can assist users in identifying damaged connectors. If you want to use the USB Startup Diagnostics Tool, you need to connect the USB cable to both your smartphone and your car. Once paired, the tool determines whether the wire is capable of exchanging data between the head unit and the Android smartphone.

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If the device is unable to transfer data properly, it signifies that either one of the ports is damaged or the cable is unsuitable, resulting in a poor connection with Android Auto in the car.

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Roku users can now play Apple Music songs and videos on their TVs, streaming players, and Roku soundbars. The “app will be accessible to download later today,” according to Roku’s announcement on Monday.

One of the most popular smart TV platforms hasn’t been able to use Apple’s music service for a long time. In 2019, it was ported to Amazon’s Fire TV, and it has since been ported to at least one gaming console: the PS5 (but it doesn’t appear to be supported on Xbox or Switch).

Streaming music services, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense on TVs in my opinion. If someone has a nice set of speakers, chances are they’re linked to the TV, and seeing album art on such a widescreen is a delight for most of us who only see it in thumbnail form.

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Unfortunately, Apple Music on Roku will not support lossless or spatial audio “at this time,” according to Roku spokesperson Sophia Economou in an email. Apple doesn’t keep these features only on its own platforms.

They’re available on the Android Apple Music app. They don’t seem to be very common on platforms that are meant to be used with TVs, though. (I couldn’t find any mention of them in the PS5 version of the Apple Music app.) Of course, they are supported by the Apple TV 4K, however, there are some limitations when it comes to the highest-resolution lossless files.

On the one hand, it makes sense, given the wide range of hardware that Roku apps can operate on, as well as the fact that both functionalities would be wasted on TV speakers. However, for anyone who has a sound system connected to their Roku device, this could be a major disappointment.

Roku users will be able to login into the app if they already have an Apple Music membership, or they will be able to subscribe to the service through the Roku channel shop.

At the start, Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus costs $1,199. On the surface, it looks the same as the previous XPS 13, but when you open it up, you’ll notice a new haptic touchpad, a depressed keyboard, and a “capacitive touch function row” that isn’t a touch bar, according to Dell.

What Can I Listen to on Apple Music?

Apple Music has more than 90 million songs and 30,000 playlists. It also has music videos in 4K and live radio. Subscribers can also sing along, tap ahead, or just listen to Apple Music on any device, with lyrics displayed in real-time.

In addition, Apple Music has original shows, concerts, and exclusives, as well as personalized recommendations just for you, so you can find what you like.

How Do I Get Apple Music on My Roku Device?

The Apple Music channel (now available in the Roku Channel Store) will provide you access to your new or existing Apple Music subscription as well as your entire music library across all of your devices. To listen to Apple Music on your Roku player, Roku TV, or Roku premium audio products like the Roku Streambar Pro, simply sign in or establish a new Apple ID.

Apple Music App Is Now Available on Roku Devices
Apple Music App Is Now Available on Roku Devices

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How Much Will Apple Music Cost?

Apple Music is available for $9.99 a month. New customers can get a free month of service for the first time. What will you be listening to first on Apple Music? Make the most of your device with these Roku Streambar tips you should know, no matter what genre or artist you choose.

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If Meta wants to see its metaverse vision become a reality, it needs to get more people into VR headsets – because the majority of the instances of Zuck and Co.’s imagined metaverse that we’ve seen thus far feature completely immersive virtual reality and digital spaces that allow for an infinite number of interactions.

According to a new report based on Meta’s intentions, the company expects to introduce four new VR headsets over the next two years.

According to The Information, “Meta is planning to introduce Project Cambria, a high-end VR and mixed-reality headset it’s billing as a device for the future of work, around September,” according to a source familiar with the situation. Cambria was supposed to come out last year, but it was put back because of problems with the supply chain and other pandemic problems.

Indeed, Meta gave us a first look at the Cambria headset late last year, which appears to be a more enclosed device. According to reports, the Cambria headset will include high-resolution image quality for more granular applications, as well as the ability for the wearer to view their real-world surroundings using outward-facing cameras, which might enable whole new mixed-reality experiences.

Cambria will also be the first of Meta’s headsets to have eye-tracking and facial expression recognition features, which will make it even easier to interact with the digital world. At the moment, it appears that the more advanced model is aimed at professional users, with a specific focus on allowing remote meetings and collaboration while also enabling more general use of VR applications.

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Following the release of the first version of Cambria, Meta is planning to make a more advanced VR headset that will be out in 2024. It will also make two new versions of its popular Quest headset in 2023 and 2024.

At the same time, Meta’s AR glasses, now termed Project Aria, are tentatively scheduled for retail release in 2024, and will essentially expand on its Ray-Ban Stories initial smart glasses release (Note: Meta’s now also referring to its AR glasses as ‘Project Nazare,’ which could suggest that there are two types of these in development as well).

The schedule will see Meta make a large push on VR, in line with its metaverse shift, which will ideally both accelerate VR take-up and help Meta generate more money faster from its next-level digital environments – because right now, Meta shareholders are justifiably concerned about Meta’s decide-out timeline for seeing any significant returns on its metaverse efforts.

As part of Meta’s Q1 earnings report, which was released last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the company’s long-term ambition, as well as how many of its current projects will not pay off for some time.

“We’re now basically paying for product teams to build our future products, two or three versions down the road,” says the company. There are a lot of long-term plans when you’re designing hardware, and you have to figure out how everything will work together over a number of years.

It won’t be until those items really hit the market and scale in a meaningful way, and this market becomes large, that this will be a significant revenue or profit contributor to the business.

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So that’s why I’ve given color on previous calls that I expect us to make later this decade, right? Perhaps most importantly, this is setting the framework for what I believe to be a really exciting 2030s when technology is more established as the major computer platform.”

So Meta is well aware that this is a long-term plan, with the metaverse expected to go through several revisions before becoming the fully functional, immersive engagement experience that the business intends (take note, for all those peddling their NFT projects and similar, claiming that the metaverse is already here).

But it also means that the company’s stockholders will have to hang out for a little longer, as costs and expenses continue to rise, in the hopes that Zuckerberg’s grand vision will come true.

If that’s true, Meta is now looking for ways to cut costs in order to improve its bottom line and push out new products that will help VR become more popular and start making real money from that part of the business. Which is going on. Meta says that people have already spent more than a billion dollars on Quest store content. Quest 2 sales are going up all the time.

Meta Reportedly Plans to Release 4 VR Headsets
Meta Reportedly Plans to Release 4 VR Headsets

The opportunity is definitely evolving, and Meta is now eager to capitalize on it, with the establishment of its first retail store focusing on VR unit sales, as well as this new effort to create new VR headset types to appeal to different use cases.

Meta’s headsets will be in high demand again this holiday season before the company makes its next big move into the metaverse environment. As a result, these new devices will play a role in the metaverse push, with its AR glasses also playing a role. This could make them a key connective device for people who want to take advantage of all the new activity in the metaverse.

Which is what Meta needs. It’s one thing to boast about the next level of involvement, but if there’s nothing particularly engaging in the VR space, no one will care how technologically amazing these new headsets are.

That’s how it feels right now. VR worlds exist, and there is a continually growing range of alternatives accessible in Meta’s digital environment, but it’s not a particularly attractive option, and motion sickness and itchiness from the headgear are additional problems that can restrict the amount of time that individuals will spend in VR in any given session.

Really, Meta could use some more appealing apps and tools, and perhaps Horizon Worlds, its VR creation platform, will become that, while VR adaptations of popular games like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil might also help improve word of mouth and see even more take-up.

There are also mental health problems to consider, which ideally Meta is taking into account as it expands its push, with the more contained VR environment set to be much more destructive than current social networking platforms.

Meta has also announced a VR creator funding program to help feed more unique, next-level experiences, but all of this will take time, and it’s difficult to imagine VR becoming a must-have choice until there’s a truly compelling, critical mass-type reason to check in every day. I think it will happen, but we haven’t seen it yet. When it does arrive, though, you can expect rapid growth in VR adoption, as well as a rise in Meta’s stock price.

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