Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Autumn Vacations from Orlando 2022!


The sunshine state is calling you for family vacations Orlando! A holiday in Florida seems like a pleasant plan.

Whether you’re a singlet, a happy bride-to-be, a family, a lovable couple, or someone who wishes to meet someone new, Orlando is the place to be.

There’s a rule that you ought to be 25 or above to rent a cab, but feel free to opt for Under 25 Сar rental Orlando airport services. Orlando embraces everyone with open and loving arms!

Autumn is just right for a trip to Orlando. You can avoid extreme heat, enjoy a beach day, and get a dazzling tan.

Speaking of holidaying in Orlando during autumn, everyone has a budget to abide by. Of course, you would need a car rental at Orlando Airport to give you a budgeted and safe ride. And that’s why before heading to the sunshine state, take a look at this quick article that sheds light on the Top 5 pocket-friendly autumn vacations from Orlando 2022.

5 Best Pocket-Friendly Autumn Orlando Vacations

Let’s begin with the 5 best autumns cheap Orlando vacations. You may need a budget car rental at Orlando airport for a smooth and pocket-friendly ride. If the ride is expensive, your budget would go overboard. So, make a wise pick!

#1 Cocoa Beach

Family-friendly, old-school, and packed with heaps of fun – Cocoa Beach is the place to be for a budgeted holiday.

Simply opt for Orlando airport car rental and let the journey begin.

Head the east of Orlando and reach this beautiful beach town where strangers become best friends and families have a gala time. There are innumerable recreational activities to participate in.

Go saltwater fishing or enjoy a cruise. You can also go deep sea fishing. There’s something for everyone when you are at Cocoa Beach.

When at Cocoa Beach, you must go surfing as it’s the GO-TO town for this water sport!

After a thrilling day at the beach, you need to catch a good night’s rest. Simply opt for vacation beach rentals or one of the fancy hotels that may give away rooms for cheap on certain days.

Family vacations in Orlando FL ought to be well-planned to avoid any mishaps! So, book a cab to Cocoa Beach and a hotel before reaching Orlando airport.

#2 Jacksonville Beach

The tourist crowd likes to head to Jacksonville Beach for many reasons. The credit goes to cheap motels, vacation rentals, and hotels.

In case you get tired of the beach, there are some museums in the area which kids and elderly people would love to visit. And why just kids and elderly people? History lovers can have a productive and educational time at these museums.

Jacksonville Beach is the most relaxing place to sunbathe, swim, and take a long walk with your beloved.

There are plenty of things to do right here, so make a to-do list before you begin your Orlando vacation!

#3 New Smyrna Beach

It takes you an hour to reach New Smyrna Beach from Orlando, but the drive is scenic and the end result is blissful. Orlando car rental airport can help you reach the destination well in time!

New Smyrna Beach is a rare find in the East Coast. You will find cute and quirky shops around and some really good places to catch a bite.

Paddle-boarding, surfing, and swimming are some of the fun water activities you and your family can indulge in.

As for staying options, you do get a chance to rent one of the condos. It’s best to come in a group because that would cut costs and help you have a budget-friendly holiday. Cheap Orlando vacations are as much fun and interesting! You will be pleasantly surprised by the staying options you get at an affordable price!

#4 Marathon

Do you wish to go to a unique and gorgeous place? Head to Maraton for the most memorable yet cheap Orlando vacation! It’s a precious, hidden, and budget-friendly place to be.

Nesting of turtles on the beach and the breathtaking barrier reef – tourists feel like they have reached a place called, ‘paradise.’ Family vacations in Orlando are going to be much more fun and thrilling when you see rare places like Marathon!

If you want to have an affordable beach holiday near Orlando, Marathon is a great place for you. Autumn is a cooler month to visit Marathon, so avoid going here during the peak summer season.

#5 Anastasia State Park

The famous Anastasia State Park is located just outside St. Augustine. There are 1,600 acres of lush and untouched beaches, walking trails, and hiking trails.

There are some good budgeted places to stay near the park, but what makes it interesting is the maritime forests and hammocks.

Admire the colorful, enjoy surfing, fishing, swimming, skimboarding, and paddle boarding. Anastasia State Park also has some cool campsites just a few steps away from the pristine beach.

The sound-crashing waves will make you supremely happy!

If you’re heading to Anastasia State Park, consider a budget car rental Orlando airport to get a smooth and quick ride. You would need someone to drop you at the State Park safely. In case you are traveling with your family, make sure you reach out to car rental at Orlando airport beforehand.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s time to pack your bags and plan a fun-filled autumn Vacation to one of the beaches near Orlando.

Orlando car rental airport will be the best option for you to reach your favorite destination. Family vacations in Orlando FL are on the cards! Ensure that you plan everything ahead – vacation rentals, car rentals, and all the work.


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