Vagabond Season 2 Is Under Process Secretly? Official Release

Is a second season of Vagabond on the way? There are still many unsolved questions for viewers to be answered in the second season. However, according to a production insider, the K-drama Vagabond may return for a second season.

Is There Vagabond Season 2?

Cha Dal-actor gun’s Lee Seung-gi says that Vagabond is a well-known series with many hidden stories to tell. That’s why he’s excited for the upcoming second season of Vagabond.

After season one, Lee Seung-gi told Alkpop, “It’s time for the second season.” “There’s no way the story could have ended there without season 2, based on what you saw at the end of season 1. Many American dramas leave you scratching your head and wondering, “Huh?” when the credits roll. In my opinion, the prospect of a second season is largely dependent on the show’s audience and, of course, its financial viability. I’d love to [work on season 2] if the opportunity arises.”

Vagabond Season 2 may already be in the works, as there have been various reports about the possibility of the second season.

When Cha Dal-(Lee gun’s Seung-gi) nephew (Moon Woo-jin) plane crashes, everyone wants to know who is to blame. In addition, will Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) have a romantic relationship?

Cha Hoon travels to Morocco at the end of Vagabond. He transmits a video to his uncle before the plane takes off. Dal-gun, on the other hand, sees a news story on the same plane disaster that Cha Hoon is on. In the end, it was discovered that the B357 plane crash was not an accident, but rather a premeditated act of violence. Go Hae-ri, a National Intelligence Service assassin, assists Cha Dal-gun. They fall in love as the investigation deepens.

So, What About The Exact Release Date of Vagabond Season 2?

Netflix may take longer than expected to release Vagabond Season 2 since the global entertainment industry is still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no wonder Netflix’s projects have taken so long to get off the ground.

Since it hasn’t been renewed, it’s impossible to say when the second season of Vagabond will air. We’ll let you know if there’s any new information on the K-drama! Until then, keep an eye out!

Who could make a comeback in Season 2 of Vagabond?

The 16-episode K-drama series broadcast on SBS TV from September 20 to November 23 and featured elements of crime, thrill, action, romance, and adventure. Netflix picked the series and made it available to a worldwide audience, which led to its rise in popularity. Because of Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy, Vagabond Season 2 is a must-see for fans.

When it comes to the cast, we can all agree that the two main actors should return. If Netflix brings back Vagabond Season 2, we may expect Lee Sung-Gi and Bae Suzy to resume their roles as Cha Dal-Gun and Go Hae-Ri, respectively.

Vagabond Character List

  • Lee Seung-gi as Cha Dal-gun
  • Hong Soon-Jo’s opponent, Moon Sung-Keun, was Hong Soon-Jo.
  • Gi Tae-Jung is a character from the “Uncontrollably Fond” series, played by actor Sung-Rok.
  • Go Hae-RI will be played by Bae Suzy.
  • A Ki-dong will be played by Kim Jong-soo.
  • Baek Yoon-Sik will play the role of Jung Kook-Pyo.

Second-season trailer for Vagabond

Vegabond season 2 has yet to receive a trailer. In the future, a trailer will be released for the film. This season’s trailer and episodes, as well as the upcoming season’s plot, are now available for you to view.

Something About The Vagabond : Synopsis

According to Dals-gun, a plane crash kills over 200 children playing on a playset due to a fundamental fault. After discovering that the plane his niece flew on to Morocco was the same one he flew on, he is infuriated. To mourn his nephew’s death, Dal-gun comes to Morocco to pay his respects at all the plane crash victims’ graves.

Dal-gun returns home after seeing a supposedly dead cyclist in a video his nephew had sent him. In spite of this, he heads over to meet the stranger. He rapidly realizes that the calamity was not the result of a breakdown in communication.

He is forced to hide the fact that the jet crash wasn’t an accident by the rapid destruction of any evidence he may have found.

What We Can Expect From The Vagabond Season 2?

Vagabond Season 2 is riddled with omens and mysteries. In addition, Korean shows have a reputation for confounding and tense narratives that make it difficult to know what will happen.

The fact that Hae-Ri and Dal-Geon provide their theories for detecting the mastermind behind the plots in season 1 is also interesting. Perhaps the second season will be about finding Edward if it’s released soon enough. Furthermore, Dal-Geon and Hae-encounter Ri’s is still to come.

It is not safe to presume anything about the upcoming season’s vagabond. Despite reports that the show was canceled, there is speculation that it may be picked up again soon.

According to Lee Seung-advice, gi’s everyone is required to observe and pause when an ever different season comes. According to other accounts, Season 1 was only eleven months long. On top of that, there is a bonus for the show’s second season’s upcoming debut. The program is expected to make headlines in the coming year.

According to our sources, the third season of The Boys will be available on Netflix in 2019. While the boys are attempting to rescue their uncle from a superhero rehabilitation facility, they will also face a new threat that may have parallels to how they escaped their domestic home.


Vegabond season 2 is the only thing on our minds right now, thus nothing is set in stone just yet. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions. Season 2 of Vegabond: What do you think? Stay tuned for further information!


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