Vanessa Marcotte Obituary: What Was Her Cause of Death?

Vanessa Teresa Marcotte was an American woman who was 27 years old when she was assaulted and murdered while running on a remote road near Princeton, Massachusetts. She was born on June 17, 1989, and passed away on August 7, 2016.

Her murder was not solved until April 15, 2017, when authorities in Worcester, Massachusetts, reported that Angelo Colon-Ortiz, age 31, had been arrested for her killing after being linked to the crime by DNA evidence. Prior to that, the case remained unsolved.

Vanessa Marcotte Biography

On June 17, 1989, Vanessa Teresa Marcotte was brought into the world by her parents, John and Rosanna Marcotte, in the town of Leominster, Massachusetts. She is an only child, and she received her education at the Bancroft School in Worcester, Massachusetts. She then continued her education at Boston University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in communications in 2011 with honors.

After that, she launched her professional career and began working at WordStream, an internet marketing software firm located in Boston, as well as the American offices of Vistaprint. Both of these positions were in the United States. She subsequently began working for Google in New York City as an account manager, and she remained employed there until the day she passed away.

Vanessa Marcotte
Vanessa Marcotte

During the period that Marcotte spent living in New York City full-time, she frequently traveled to visit her mother and aunt in Princeton, Massachusetts. Princeton is a rural community in Worcester County that has less than 4,000 people and is considered a tiny town.

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What Was Vanessa Marcotte’s Cause of Death?

Marcotte took a run on Sunday, August 7, 2016, before taking a commuter bus back to New York from her mother’s house on Brooks Station Road in Princeton. When several hours passed with no sign of her, her loved ones called the cops. When they discovered someone was missing, police began looking for them right away. At 8:20 p.m., less than half a mile from her mother’s house, her body was discovered by hikers on a route in a densely wooded area.

The incident was instantly labeled a homicide investigation by authorities. She had no clothing on and was badly burned on her face, feet, and hands. She may have also been sexually abused or strangled before her death. She had a shattered nose and “crushing injuries” to her throat.

A charred sneaker was discovered close to her body, and she was found without her clothing, phone, or headphones. Since her killer apparently didn’t leave behind any of his evidence, it’s assumed that he took her garments with him when he ran. The crime scene also included foreign DNA.

An eyewitness claims that Marcotte was last seen alive at about 1:00 PM on Hubbardston Road, where she had stopped for a drink at the Mountainside Market. An additional eyewitness stated that they had spotted a car following Marcotte, which then allegedly flipped around and began following her back along the same road she had just left. Authorities said Marcotte fought back “very, very hard” throughout the incident, which happened somewhere between 1 and 3 p.m.

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Suspect in 2016 Murder of Vanessa Marcotte in Princeton, Mass., Reaches Plea Deal

The suspect in the 2016 murder of a Google employee visiting family in Massachusetts entered a guilty plea Wednesday. Vanessa Marcotte, 27, was slain while jogging in Princeton on Aug. 7, 2016. She went out for a stroll or jog and didn’t return. Hours later, her body was located nearby. Angelo Colon-Ortiz was arrested and charged in 2017. He pleaded innocent.

Colon-Ortiz was indicted for unarmed robbery on Wednesday in a Worcester courtroom, where he also entered a plea agreement. The murder accusation was reduced to second-degree murder. Colon-Ortiz pleaded guilty to both counts. The accord recommends a 20-year-and-one-day term for unarmed robbery, with credit for pre-trial detention, and a 25-year-to-life penalty for second-degree murder.

Prosecutors say Colon-Ortiz was a delivery driver at the time of the assassination and knew Princeton well. Tuesday, a judge refused a motion to withhold Colon-DNA. Ortiz’s Prosecutors say Colon-DNA Ortiz’s matched Marcotte’s. Marcotte grew raised in Leominster, attended Worcester’s Bancroft School, and graduated from BU in 2011. Marcotte was a Google account executive in New York.

Vanessa Marcotte’s family was in court Wednesday. State troopers who investigated the crime sat behind them. Marcotte’s uncle spoke for her late father during victim impact comments. Marcotte’s father knew about and backed the plea deal, he said. Vanessa’s mother, Rossana Marcotte, says she’s lost a lifetime of milestones.

“The defendant’s cruel and terrible conduct will haunt me forever.” “saying, “I’ll miss Vanessa’s future career and personal successes.” I’ll never see her married. I’ll never be her loving grandmother. Vanessa won’t soothe me as I age.” Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation was formed in 2017 to teach women self-defense, violence prevention, runner safety, boundary setting, and healthy relationships.

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