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Von Dutch: A Globally Recognized American Brand But What Is It That Makes It So Famous? What Has Changed?



Von Dutch is an American fashion label with a global presence that was named posthumously after Kenny Howard, a.k.a. “Von Dutch,” an American artist and pinstriper linked with the Kustom Kulture movement. Following Howard’s 1992 death, his daughters authorised Ed Boswell to manufacture Von Dutch-inspired items.

In 2000, Mike Cassell and Bobby Vaughn acquired the trademark rights. Christian Audigier, a French designer, assisted in the brand’s promotion in the early 2000s. Von Dutch was repurchased by Groupe Royer S.A. in 2009 via its Luxembourg company Royer brands International S.a.r.l.

In the United States, the clothing brand soon gained popularity, attracting celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, and Eric Church.

Kenny Howard

Kenneth Robert Howard was an American motorcycle mechanic, artist, pinstriper, metal fabricator, knifemaker, and gunsmith. After Howard’s death, his daughters Lisa and Lorna inspired the clothing brand. They gave him the artistic title Von Dutch; “Dutch” was a family nickname for Howard since he was known for being “as stubborn as a Dutchman.”

Howard was an avid automobile and motorcycle enthusiast. Additionally, he created special effects for Hollywood films and provided consulting services for other period films. In 1955, at the 1955 Motorama, he spent 10 days stripping a 1927 Studebaker. Howard is now widely credited with inventing modern pin-striping.

He was well-known for his indifference to his work’s rights, referring to copyright and patent protection as a “ego trip.”

He sold his Von Dutch nickname to fellow pinstriper Steve Kafka for $5,000. Howard died in 1992 as a result of liver disease brought on by excessive drinking.

Origins of the company-

Ed Boswell, a Los Angeles-based art collector, began selling Von Dutch patches in the 1990s after receiving the Von Dutch trademark from Howard’s children. He met Michael Cassel, a former drug dealer, and professional surfer Bobby Vaughn at a trade show, and the three decided to create a firm together, first focused on a clothing line of garage-themed jeans and workwear.

Cassel and Vaughn subsequently acquired the company from Boswell and recruited entrepreneur and investor Tonny Srensen as CEO and investor.

Srensen hired Christian Audigier to design for the firm in 2002. Audigier pioneered the trucker hat, borrowing influence from historical Americana such as Marlon Brando’s motorcycle helmet in The Wild One.

Von Dutch


The early 2000s were the heyday of the corporation. Von Dutch jackets, t-shirts, and, most notably, trucker hats have been seen on celebrities. Von Dutch’s career was aided by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Audigier met Spears in Los Angeles in 2002 and convinced her to wear the label.

Soon after, Spears and Timberlake’s separation made national news, and they were seen on the cover of People magazine sporting Von Dutch trucker helmets. The attention contributed in the brand’s development, which finally began to sell.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ashton Kutcher, and Beyoncé have all been seen wearing the $100 trucker hat. Kutcher was often seen wearing Von Dutch in the early 2000s, most notably on episodes of Punk’d. Von Dutch reached its height of success in 2003, when it sold more than $33 million worth of items.

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Behind-the-scenes of Tumult-

Srensen fired Vaughn and became sole owner in 2002. Additionally, he began demoting Cassel to the role of designer in favour of Audigier. Vaughn and Cassel developed open enmity against Srensen; at one point, Cassel hired the grandson of drug lord Pablo Escobar to scare him into selling his stake in the corporation for $500,000, which Srensen refused.

Meanwhile, Vaughn sought to force Cassel into relinquishing his business shares, accusing him of calling the police in response to his refusal.

Vaughn was arrested in February 2005 on first-degree murder charges after shooting and killing childhood friend Mark Rivas, whom he claimed struck him with a smashed bottle. He was acquitted in 2006.


By the late 2000s, Von Dutch’s market share has plummeted due to trademark saturation and copying. In May 2004, Boswell, who was enraged with Cassel and Vaughn for buying him out of the firm just as it was achieving popularity, disclosed to the public a letter written by Howard in 1992, in which the late artist made various racist and antisemitic statements and expressed sympathy for Nazi Germany.

Despite the fact that Boswell had nothing to do with the clothing line, this letter effectively damaged the company’s remaining appeal; by 2004, the fashion press had derisively dubbed the brand “Von Douche.” [15] [18] Audigier left the business in 2007. In 2009, Sorenson sold the brand to Groupe Royer, a French footwear company. [19]

End Lines-

Von Dutch made a reappearance in 2016 after Kylie Jenner was seen wearing the brand’s iconic trucker hats, coats, and two-piece sets.

Von Dutch hired Ed Goldman as general manager in 2019, and he immediately began cultivating relationships with Los Angeles’ hip-hop community; rappers such as Travis Scott, Saweetie, and Megan Thee Stallion began wearing the brand on Instagram, and the company partnered with Young Thug to launch a streetwear collection in 2021.

Von Dutch was also a hit with Internet celebrities such as Emma Chamberlain and Addison Rae.

As of 2021, Earl Pickens will serve as executive director of design.

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Vin Diesel Twin: Everyone Out I Talking About Vin’s Twin But Who Is He? Shocking Details Revealed Here!



Vin Diesel Twin

When it comes to music singers, fans are often unaware of their personal lives since it’s all about the release date of their next album or a slew of controversies.

While the lives and families of certain celebrities are well-known, it is also true that the families of some of the most beloved stars are less well-known.

Vin Diesel, who has been in several action films, is said to have a twin brother, according to rumors. Is this identical twin possible? For additional details, continue reading below.

The Question Is, Who Is Vin Diesel’s Twin?

Vin Diesel’s rise from obscurity to superstardom in the 21st century has been well-documented by anybody who pays attention to modern pop culture.

However, he was not alone on his journey. Many people may be shocked to learn that Diesel has a twin, despite the fact that he has always been vocal about his love for his family. In an effort to keep his private life out of the public eye, Diesel’s twin, Paul Vincent, serves as a model. Soon, everyone knows who Vin Diesel is.

According to IMDB, a man with a silver spoon in his mouth set Diesel up for success. In the short film Multi-Facial, the wannabe actor caught my eye. To show how much he admired Spielberg’s work, the film’s director and actor, Diesel, sent a letter to the legendary filmmaker. His professional life would never be the same again. After voicing The Iron Giant, Diesel featured in Pitch Black the next year.

With the success of Pitch Black, xXx, and The Fast and the Furious, he quickly became a franchise juggernaut.

As a result of the film’s popularity, Diesel swiftly rose to stardom. He quickly became a fixture in action flicks, family comedies, animated children’s movies, and even a few light-hearted dramas..

After a brief appearance in Tokyo Drift, Diesel left the Fast & Furious franchise. After his comeback in 2011, however, he saw his career take off even further as the series previously founded on illicit auto racing became the action franchise that it is today. While he returned to Riddick and xXx, Diesel’s lifeline is the Furious flicks.

Although his voice career took off even more, Diesel’s Groot role in multiple MCU films helped propel him even farther. For this phrase, he had to state the same thing in numerous languages, but with a completely different emphasis on the message. Diesel has a number of future projects, including F9: The Fast Saga, a Riddick sequel, and additional appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, in the shadows, there is a guy who, with his brother, shared the stage from the moment they were born.

The Co-star Who Is The Oldest In The Vin Diesel Cast-

Diesel’s twin brother, Paul Vincent, may come as a surprise to those who have followed his life’s journey closely. While Vincent has a passing resemblance to his action-hero sibling, he has a full head of greying hair and a less muscular build, making it difficult to tell that he was born to one of the world’s most famous action heroes.

Mark Sinclair Vincent, the father of Paul and Vin, was raised by a single mother. Aside from claiming a mixed-race background they’ve never met their biological father, they’re quite proud of their so-called “multi-racial heritage.” Vincent, on the other hand, remains a mystery to many admirers despite his well-known brother. What we do know is that he has no plans to follow in the footsteps of Donnie Wahlberg or Stephen Baldwin, at least not yet.

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Paul, The Other One

In the wake of Paul Walker’s death, Diesel turned to Facebook to pay tribute to his non-fraternal brother. One of the earliest public appearances of Diesel’s long-rumored twin, the late Walker, was highlighted in the post. However, even Diesel’s most ardent admirers are baffled by the actor’s decision to make his brother public.

In spite of his profession, Paul is often referred to as a film editor and sound engineer in many media. IMDb lists him as having appeared in only one other film, his brother’s Multi-Facial. When it comes to becoming noticed, though, his family-oriented brother would have found a way. Paul seemed pleased to sit back and watch while his brother enjoys fame while he goes about his daily routine.

It’s worth remembering, though, that although though Vin Diesel came into this world all by himself, his identical twin was there to assist him along the route that he finally chose.

End Lines-

Beyond his popularity, Diesel has a distinctive appearance. Twins roaming the streets anonymously is an interesting development, but it illustrates that some superstars find creative methods to keep their personal light out of the public view.

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